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Evidence-Based Transgender Debate

No more gender-religious ideology. Some people are transgender and we can all learn to get along. Criticizing or critiquing the movement doesn't make you 'transphobic' or a 'TERF'. We need to ask the questions some are afraid to confront, especially the issues surrounding children who want to transition. Most transgenders want to live their lives in peace without a lot of drama. A few seem bent on creating and preserving drama, often tinged with an unhealthy dollop of old-fashioned misogyny. Girlfriends, we need to talk!

Candy Cotton
Gender Dysphoria Alliance wants to introduce some rational-based thinking back into the conversation. They support sex-based rights and include those who choose to detransition, regret or resist. 

There's a terrific interview of GDA founder Aaron Kimberly, a mental health clinician and longtime transman on Meghan Daum's Unspeakable podcast. He speaks of the many issues challenging the trans community and the rigid ideology of some. Kimberly transitioned long before it became 'cool' and his responses are compassionate and supportive of transfolk while asking the questions many of us are asking.
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