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Girl with Helmet

Take back your power, take the initiative and work to remove whatever's holding you back. Strengthen your resolve, exercise your will and pump up your inner badass! Inoculate your most interesting organ to serve you, not work against you, as you seek your dreams.

I've found five stellar resources to help women identify their psychological weaknesses and inoculate themselves against the sort of toxic man who manipulates and abuses, but also to better understand men and thereby become better partners themselves.
Dina McMillan's powerful book But He Says He Loves Me: How to Avoid Being Trapped in a Manipulative Relationship was published in 2007 but few seem to have gotten the memo. It's THE book for women in, who've been in, and who have not yet entered manipulative, abusive relationships
Your brain is like a computer network. One attacker can bring down the whole system if he finds your vulnerability first. It's up to you to patch your vulnerabilities.
The misogyny backlash is here. The government won't help. It's up to women to avoid violent men. Listen to your big brother.
It's time to confront victim feminism's self-imposed disempowerment. Who's truly holding us back? What important questions can we ask to make ourselves stronger? 
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