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Reality Is Not Transphobic

Updated: Mar 12, 2023

But the trans movement sure has become a gynophobic, homophobic word salad. It's time to reclaim our words and meanings.

Transwoman with flowers in her hair and a big grin with a glass of Evian
Public domain photo by petcor80 on Flickr

The wheels are beginning to fall off the transgender bus.

Maybe it's because of new management at Twitter, now run by a 'free speech absolutist' except when he's not. He doesn't seem much interested in refereeing trans battles even though he's got a trans kid. And he's probably too preoccupied at the moment crying into his MyPillow about his lost $200B.

Gender identity critics are getting bolder, and women are directly challenging angry men who watch too many Kardashian and makeup how-to videos who arrogantly continue to tell women who is and isn't a woman, and to lecture lesbians to get over their vaginal 'genital fetish' and suck some (lady)dick already.

It's finally turning into a long-awaited 'Emperor's New Clothes' awareness except people are pointing and saying, "The Empress has a dick."

In case you haven't gotten the latest news from TransWorld, gender dysphoria is no longer a prerequisite to being 'trans'.

Tweet saying you don't have to be gender dysphoric to be trans, you can just be gender congruent.

What's 'gender incongruence', you ask? I didn't know either.

It means pretty much the same thing as 'gender dysphoria', except it doesn't have 'dysphoria' in the label, so if you're feeling, you know, more 'incongruent' than 'dysphoric' you can still be trans and drive your family crazy with 'another goddamn label' when you come over for dinner.

The increased language fuzziness points to continuing efforts to groom those of us who aren't 'trans' into accepting broader and broader (ar ar) definitions of 'female' and 'male' (but mostly female) as well as what's considered 'gay' and lesbian', leading to a joint complaint from natal women and gay people of both genders that the trans set is trying to 'erase' us all and tell us who we 'should' sleep with.

Them. Men. As always, it's mostly 'trans women' with their original equipment complaining.

Interestingly, the gender identity set has 'identified' 68+ labels for various gender identities and expressions, which may now require a handbook to keep up at your next LGBTQ2+2=5XYZPDQ Pride Parade and TERF punching riot.

Gender-benders are a distributed processing random label generator.

Woman in tight high black underwear grabbing her butt. Or maybe a man is. Not really sure.
If you need a new label, they'll pull one out somewhere. Image by Karolina Grabowska from Pexels.

The push to 'deconstruct' language has been a function of the social justice Left for years and is rooted in post-modern French philosophers like Jacques Derrida who introduced language 'deconstruction' in 1967. He declared a veritable war on words and rejected the notion that words contained commonly-understood meanings and that they should mean what they do. According to Cynical Theories: How Activist Scholarship Made Everything About Race, Gender and Identity (2020), Derrida believed "...words refer only to other words and to the ways in which they differ from one another, thus forming chains of 'signifiers', which can go off in all directions with no anchor," and that meaning is 'relational and deferred, and can never be reached and exists only in relation to the discourse in which it is embedded."

Perfectly clear now, right? Okay, let's summarize this academic jargonbabble:

It's clear the self-appointed 'masters' are the brand new management, same as the old: Men who decide.

1950s vintage ad for swishing household cleaner up one's hoochy-koo. Apparently, men in pre-feminist America were obsessed with the 'cleanliness' of women's genitals and couldn't abide any odors, on penalty of getting divorced or something.
1950s vintage ad for swishing household cleaner up one's hoochy-koo. Apparently, men in pre-feminist America were obsessed with the 'cleanliness' of women's genitals and couldn't abide any odors, on penalty of getting divorced or something. CC0 2.0 image by Erica Firment on Flickr

Trans oral sex with an orange

'Lesbian' transwomen have been encouraging, pushing and pressuring vadge-loving lesbians to 'get over' their 'genital fetishism' and 'accept' that 'some lesbians have penises'.

It's funny how 'lesbian transwomen' never seem nearly as interested in expanding their own boundaries and moving beyond their own 'genital fetishism'. If they're really women, shouldn't they want to partake of one of the most womanly experiences available to them, the he-man penis? I mean, wouldn't you bet there's no better blowjob available than one offered by a transwoman who will know exactly what feels good for a penis, since she's got one herself?

Let's not forget her all-important mangina. Men have been penetrating women for millions of years and no self-respecting genital-de-fetishizing evangelist would deny himself this supremely female experience.

They're not just dick-tating to women, both straight and lesbian, they're lecturing gay men that 'some men have pussies' and that they too should get over their 'genital fetishism' and learn how to go down on--um, an orange.

YouTube's Mr. Menno is a self-described 'Satarist [sic], Songwriter, Performer, Woo Woo Buster' who takes strong exception to the advice of two porn actors, one of whom is a somewhat passable transman, that gay men should learn how to 'eat pussy'.

The transman, with a masculine voice, no breasts, and a sort of pretty masculine face, demonstrates for gay men how to apply the appropriate tongue action to an orange, which will be quite useful if a gay man ever dates a citrus basket, but trust me, that's not even close to being what a woman's vagina looks like. Her male (non-trans) actor buddy looks like he's probably getting a mighty banana watching her. Not so Mr. Menno, who looks like he wants to hurl.

I guess he just doesn't like oranges!

Mr. Menno calls out the homophobia, offensive language and old-fashioned 'gay conversion' mindfuckery of the video.

"Words like 'cis' and 'trans' are woo-woo words used to pull the wool over our eyes so that in our minds we start disconnecting men and women from actually being male or female. To cut through that, simply replace 'cis' with the word 'actual' and when you see the words 'trans guy' or 'trans man', simply replace it with 'girl or boy with identity issues'. Just like a so-called 'transwoman' is a guy or a man with identity issues."

Dusting off the oldies

It's time we reclaim our language, and the real meanings of real words associated with real types of people, from those who need to sort out their confusion with each other and leave those of us happy to be male or female, gay or straight or bisexual, out of it.

Assigning labels is no longer just for the gender-mindfuckers anymore.

I'm resurrecting the old labels we used before gender nuts (ar ar, pun intended) archly informed us said labels are 'transphobic' and 'offensive' because they delineated exactly how close to being a woman one actually was.

All I'm asking is for everyone to acknowledge the different types of 'women' which used to be recognized back when the left still had two brain cells to rub together.

Let's start with the most common woman found on our Big Blue Marble.

ADULT HUMAN FEMALE - This defines someone who was born female, and ergo will die female, regardless of how she identifies. If you have a vagina you are vulnerable to pregnancy and you will have to guard against messy underpants once a month for about forty years. But if you have your breasts surgically removed you'll no longer be at risk for breast cancer.

TRANSSEXUAL - Anyone who's dead serious about becoming whatever they're currently not goes 100% transitional and their penis is now a vagina or vice versa.

In the olden days of twenty years ago, most transsexuals were gay men and straight men who were autogynephilic - they derived sexual pleasure from imagining themselves as, dressing as, acting as, or in the most extreme cases being a woman.

Ain't nothing wrong with that and it might make the debate over whether transwomen belong in female-only spaces a little less heated. Not saying it'll go away, but a transsexual woman be less of a physical threat to Adult Human Females without her penis.

TRANSVESTITE - This traditionally means a man who likes to dress as a woman but doesn't go so far as to fully transition. They identify as men and often but not always prefer sex with women, and they like to dress up as women.

'Walkin' Round In Women's Underwear'

I suspect a lot of so-called 'transgender' women are actually plain, simple transvestites, or 'cross-dressers' as they were called growing up.

Cross-dressing bad movie producer Ed Wood was a transvestite. CC0 3.0 image from Uncyclopedia

LESBIAN - This is a Human Female who falls in love with and prefers sex with other Human Females. It's pretty simple. There's no such thing as a 'lesbian with a penis'. A human male in women's clothing who likes sex with human females is not a 'lesbian', he's a 'heterosexual male' (like Ed Wood). Human Lesbians' male counterparts are 'gay men' or 'homosexuals'. They're only attracted to other Human Males which absolutely requires a penis.

That's pretty much it. Women aren't as complicated as you think, unless you're swiping through OKCupid or Tinder. Then, well, sorry buddy or lady, you're on your own. Even I don't understand women and I am one.

A real one. Lifelong committed natal human female.

There is a very small fraction of people who are 'intersex', born with both male and female sex characteristics and who are arguably the true 'gender dysphorics' among us. They often need help figuring out how they identify and in less educated times, which wasn't that long ago, they were arbitrarily assigned a sex by the medical profession at birth and surgically altered to be either male or female after consultation with the parents. It was believed that the infant was too young to know the difference and would be fine however they were raised.

But later many of these newborn transition patients felt 'trapped in the wrong body' and deeply miserable until it could be rectified, even if just by living and dressing as their 'right' sex with or without medical intervention and surgery. Unfortunately, many unhappy souls committed suicide, and many doctors today discourage or are reluctant to transition intersex babies anymore. Parents are encouraged to wait and see what the child prefers, and then raise him or her that way.

Which makes for a pretty good argument that sex isn't just nurture, but also includes nature, at birth. The trans movement, like much of the left, clings to the 'blank slate' theory of the newborn infant brain, which has fallen out of favor with medical science.

The trans movement, which for all its faults contains some really interesting ideas about gender identity fluidity, has unfortunately gone off the rails and is trying to legitimize and 'normalize' new definitions of 'male' and 'female' which simply don't work for the majority of dimorphic human beings. The fact is, most of us are happy with the bodies we were born with, whether that body lights up for the opposite sex or their own.

Transactivists haven't persuaded most of us, and mandating gender fluidity won't, either. Blame it on evolution and Mother Nature, that transphobic bitch.

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