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Resources For Taking Back Your Power!

Do better. Choose better. And don't be the victim.

These resources will be forever organic, growing and spreading like a beautiful Italian pine. Or maybe a fungus. Depending on how much you like this site. Not all will be available at this time.

Challenging Victim Feminism

Put the power back in 'empowerment' and fight victimist thinking. Power feminism is about personal power. Big girls don't blame The Patriarchy!

Finding The Male Voice

Men, how can you challenge man-hating 'feminists' without sounding like a tool of The Patriarchy? (dun dun DUUNNNNN!) Where's your voice? Let's talk!

Challenging Victim Antiracism

Ever notice how some strive to put the 'racism' into antiracism? Skin color isn't a birth defect. How can we promote equal rights without being a bigoted jerk?

Patch Your Brain

Clean out all the crap that's holding you back and making you blame others. Take charge! All the while leaving your brain minty fresh!

How To Avoid Abuse

Look if it was really that easy--but it is. Resolve never to allow controlling, abusive partners into your life. Take back your power, or better yet, don't give it away.

Evidence-Based Transgender

Gender-bending or even switching is cool, but stick with the facts and don't deny science. Biology is real. How can natal & trans women work together?

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