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  • What Do Jews And All Women Have In Common?

    The two bodies politic on the left and right have unleashed the dogs of hate on their two least favorite groups It was a feeling of déjà vu. Or maybe déjà Ju. Like, “There it is, now for the Jews.” The left’s cheerleaders for the Hamas attack seemed frighteningly familiar, even though I’m not Jewish. Oct. 7 unleashed the ugly boil of anti-Semitism that I’ve always known has festered beneath the surface of the left, just as Donald Trump unleashed it on the right with Charlottesville. I never truly recognized the depth of lefty Jew-hatred, but neither am I surprised by it. The left’s historical too-uncritical support for Palestinian ‘freedom’ has never seemed to have taken into account how deeply anti-Semitic they are, long before 1948, and that too many Palestinians believe they can’t be ‘free’ until all Jews are removed from their homeland (which is also the Jews’ homeland). The left’s commitment to antiracism and Indigenous rights has never seemed to include Jews. But racism is hunky-dory when they’re doing the Hamas happy dance, mislabeling Jews as white, conflating the Palestinians with historically enslaved American blacks, and wrapped up with growing illiberal racism against white people, including self-hating, guilt-ridden white progressives. I’ve never felt comfortable with the West’s ‘Palestinian freedom’ rap. It’s always seemed too suspiciously like a thin veneer for anti-Semitism. And now, here it is. Still, Israel isn’t above reproach I understand why many think the Palestinians have been abused, and how religious Zionism has sometimes veered into dangerous Jewish nationalism and anti-Islamism. I understand many on the Israeli right would rather see Palestinians pushed out from the river to the sea, and that Israel is primarily responsible for the humanitarian crisis that has emerged in Gaza, and that they keep telling Gazan civilians to evacuate somewhere else, and then shell that somewhere else. I understand that Netanyahu is a right-wing whack job and when he was re-elected last year, I thought, Ohhhh, this can’t be good for anyone, WTF, Israelis? Are you trying to start a war? Is 17,000+ dead Gazans and counting, only a third of which were enemy combatants, enough recompense for 1,200 horribly murdered Jewish civilians in early October? Apparently not. Can it all be blamed on Hamas’s human shields defense? Nuh-uh. Israel is reacting out of rage, with no one to reign them in. I remember reading about George Bush’s reaction on 9/11. I’m paraphrasing, but it came down to Let’s nuke the snot out of them, right fucking now. I understood his rage; I felt it myself, we all did; but I was still glad that cooler heads in his Cabinet reined him in. No, that’s not the right response. We can’t respond with rage. We have to be careful, think this thing through. Israel didn’t think this thing through. Bush could have started World War III that week, just as Israel and Hamas still might. What wasn’t clear to me before Oct. 7, though, is that the left had become so hateful that they could support Hamas. Yes, I expected they’d make the usual tugboat sounds— “Butbutbutbut all the ways Israelis have discriminated against or mistreated the Palestinians!”—yet it never occurred to me to believe they’d blame Israelis for a horrific attack of such diabolically considered cruelty, by a terrorist group who stands for everything progressive liberalism supposedly doesn’t. I guess I’ve been more naive about lefty anti-Semitism than righty anti-Semitism. Charlottesville didn’t surprise me. I understood how aligned with far-right nationalism and genuine white supremacy the Trump gang was and is. I always knew the left could be anti-Semitic, I just hadn’t realized they’d become virtually indistinguishable from the MAGAs. Maybe I just didn’t want to see the festering cesspool on my side of the political divide. The reason why a non-Jew like me is getting a sense of déjà vu is because something similar happened on the left for women several years ago: The gross, intense eruption of misogyny I’d underestimated on my own side as well. It’s always acceptable, for everyone, to throw Jews—and women—under the bus. The rise of transmisogyny I still have not yet come to grips with how much the ‘progressive’ left hates women. But it’s frighteningly clear they’re no more our allies than the Trumpers. They fancy themselves ‘feminist’ because they’re appalled at the destruction of Roe v. Wade. We share that much in common, still. Although I’m no longer certain if progressive men want it back because they believe women have a right to corporeal autonomy, or because it makes it easier for women to end a paternal inconvenience. The progressive left agrees that some men can be skeazeballs and need to rein in sexual harassment or objectification. But not all leftyboys are as feminist as advertised. Male ‘feminism’ can be an acquired mantle for horny dudes to score chicks. Certain men have built their own workaround for satisfying their sexual urges without women’s consent: The trans movement, powered primarily by adult human males appropriating womanhood. They’ve seized the opportunity to demand and then force women to submit to their sexual desires just as women mostly had to before ‘feminism ruined everything’. ‘Transwomen’ fight for access to women’s-only spaces. Like bathrooms, because they claim they’re not safe in male restrooms. So how come gay dudes can use them? Countless cases of transwomen using female-only spaces to gain access to potential sexual assault victims or to satisfy their fetishes have been documented: Domestic violence shelters, public restrooms, rape crisis centers and even women’s prisons. Crappy male athletes have successfully campaigned to join female sports teams and it’s not the Trumpers, the MAGAs, or the Charlottesville gang trying to destroy Title IX, it’s so-called progressive liberals. The ‘woke’. To cadge a favorite word from the illiberal left, and particularly its men, they’re perfectly comfortable colonizing women’s spaces, prioritizing men’s desires over women’s safety and privacy when the former claim to be the latter. Can someone please explain to me why it’s wrong for right-wing men to dictate who can access female bodies, but it’s fine when left-wing men do it? Transgenderism, or transsexualism as it was called fifty years ago, has always been heavily populated by fetishists, as documented by early classic books like Janice Raymond’s The Transsexual Empire and Dr. Michael Bailey’s The Man Who Would Be Queen. Autogynephiles and other fetishists are primarily behind the aggressive drive to force themselves into women’s spaces. Women can’t even hold a women’s-only rock concert without men pushing for entrance and forcing themselves in without consent. Yeah, there’s a rape analogy there. The left fancies itself the champions of the oppressed—and, before wokeism radicalized and cadged hate models and violence as political expression from the right, they were. They never supported all oppressed and marginalized people, like, those harmed by globalism and runaway immigration on the right, but they still spoke for a lot of voices that couldn’t. Now they communicate the language of hate. Now they pontificate like the privileged, entitled elitists so derided by the right. Now they call women ‘transphobic’ and ‘TERF’ for daring to challenge and lay boundaries around aggressive sexual predators, as truly progressive feminists have done since the birth of Second Wave feminism. There have always been two exceptions to the left’s no-hate rule. Women, and Jews. I’m not sure where it went wrong, whether the left stopped realizing, or ever realized, that Jews have been hated and marginalized for thousands of years, before woke antiracism was invented, but it’s no mystery why they hate women. It all comes down to The Penis One thing I’ve learned in the last few years is just how committed to specialized male sexual pleasure some men can be, even without being sexual predators or pickup artists. I hadn’t understood before the power of the fetish, rooted in the Latin word facticius meaning an object made with supernatural powers, or which grants the ability of power over others. It then became the Portuguese word feitiço, and then the French word fétiche. Later it came to denote a sexual attraction to an object (like balloons, velvet or cheese) or non-genital body parts like feet or necks. In other words, something that had sexual power over a person. What I’ve also learned is how far The Bro Code will go to protect sexual fetishes, including for others, even if one is not particularly fetishistic himself. As Oct. 7 released the ugly dogs of anti-Semitism on the left, the trans movement made misogyny acceptable again for Good Liberals. Certain ‘Feminist’ ‘liberal’ men, along with self-hating, misogyny-internalizing fauxminists, have returned to the horndogs among them the ‘right’ to demand sexual pleasure from women. It’s not yet gotten to demanding and requiring women directly submit to sexual service, but I believe it’s heading that way, from both the left and the right. The largely male, self-obsessed trans movement, and particularly its violent transactivists (their rage largely directed at ‘TERFs’) have re-normalized misogyny on the left. The ‘Free Palestine’ pack, sporting the ‘progressive’s swastika—the kaffiyeh—has done the same for anti-Semitism. Women who aren’t easily gaslit by manipulative fetishists must stand with Jews against the hate speech we all receive from the right and the left. What used to be ‘our side’ are now ex-liberals who’ve turned on progressivism, just as Trump’s cult has turned on true conservatism. Many Trumpers embraced fascism, and I think we’re witnessing a concurrent emerging proto-fascism and authoritarianism on the left. They each have their religious extremism faves: Christian fascism on the right, and Islamic fascism on the left. Those of us who haven’t yet been subsumed with racism, hate, and misogyny must understand this: If there’s one thing women and Jews have always known, is that even when they’re not actively persecuting us, they still hate us. And we can always count on everyone to throw us under the bus. It’s always acceptable to hate women and Jews. Did you like this post? Would you like to see more? I lean left of center, but not so far over my brains fall out. 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  • Oh Geez, Another Pointless Anti-Domestic Violence Drive

    In order to reduce domestic violence, one must first recognize and challenge the source, and those who agree to it. The latest campaign misses the mark, as usual. “Women have been carrying, through community-based organizations, the burden of protecting women almost exclusively for far too long,” a man on the Mass Casualty Commission commented regarding ‘femicide’, the first problematic word I found connected to a new Canadian campaign to eliminate violence against women. The Commission just issued a report investigating a 2020 mass shooting in Nova Scotia committed by an established domestic violence perpetrator, although his rampage wasn’t about women specifically. Related: ‘Private’ Domestic Violence Is Now Everyone’s Business There’s a place for men, for sure, in preventing and reducing primarily male domestic violence, but a new campaign launched by grassroots women’s non-profit Aura Freedom International to bring attention to the ‘femicide’ problem in Canada typically fails to address the primary role women can and must take to end domestic violence. Same Ol’ Shit Different Campaign. They offer no recognition of the real female power to leave early, or better yet, avoid abusers in the first place. The ‘reasons’ given for violence against women and domestic homicide are the same old tired excuses: Patriarchy, male entitlement, male privilege, colonialism, oppression. What are they going to do about it? Fuck all, as far as I can tell. Nothing new to see her. Aura’s campaign fails to understand that victims drive change, not perpetrators, which is why they should be targeting women and their power, but never do. Anti-abuse advocates customarily deny that intimate partner violence, or IPV, is one area where women possess an ability to take back their power to change the world themselves simply by making better choices. Related: What If Women Refused To Have Sex With Abusive Men? Like not allowing abusive partners into their lives. Like getting rid of them the moment they turn abusive. Like recognizing that controlling behavior, called ‘coercive control’, a behavior Canada is considering criminalizing, is an early warning sign to a woman that her partner may be or could turn abusive. Laying down the rules early to a partner exhibiting ‘coercive control’ determines whether he’s a keeper. Is he willing to respect your boundaries? If not, find someone who does. Enough already with ‘Don’t blame the victim’. I want to hear more, ‘Don’t BE the victim’! I will keep asking the irritating question, “Why doesn’t she leave him?” until so-called feminist activist groups and non-profits recognize the power women have to avoid domestic abuse. The earlier she gets out, the easier it will be, and less dangerous. This ain’t 1970 anymore. Aura Freedom International is dedicated to ending violence against women including human trafficking. It employs all the usual emotion-laden words, and offers Indigenous women, who suffer IPV at much higher rates, nothing more than hand-wringing. There are a few ways this campaign could have been so much more effective. What is ‘femicide’, exactly? Let’s start with Aura’s misunderstanding of ‘femicide’, which they define as ‘crimes committed against women and girls purely for the crime of their gender’. Women in domestic violence environments aren’t killed because they’re women, but because they’re the physically weaker domestic partner. Homosexual male couples suffer the same dynamic, as do lesbians. ‘Femicide’ more appropriately describes Canada’s previous mass shooting record-holder, Marc Lepine, who gunned down fourteen female engineering students specifically because they were female in Quebec many years ago. He forced all the male students out first and mowed the women down like Al Capone, screaming about how feminism ruined everything, believing they were there and not him because of affirmative action, rather than that they might all have been better engineering students than he, a frustrated failed male. Alex Minassian, the incel who attacked women with his car in Toronto a few years ago is another example. And what is an ‘epidemic’? Another closely related Aura exaggeration is calling the rise in Canadian domestic violence—which did occur during the pandemic—as an ‘epidemic’. By their statistics, a woman is killed by a domestic partner every 48 hours in Canada, which works out to 182.5 women a year. Not good in the slightest, but it constitutes .0005% of the population in a country of 40 million people, roughly half of which are females. It’s troubling, but hardly an epidemic, and I confess I can’t feel the urgency because I always have, and always will, regard IPV as being quite distinct from stranger danger - women choose their domestic partners but not their stranger rapists and killers. If domestic violence is an ‘epidemic’, then it’s one 182 Canadian women a year agreed to every step of the way, for many complex reasons, rather than get out early enough. It’s why I’d like to see more campaigns organized around prevention, and specifically women’s power to say no to abuse, to refuse a partner who starts to act like an asshole. We see near-zero focus on the woman’s right, power, and agency to refuse abusive treatment, long before he comes to think he ‘owns’ her and can do whatever he wants with her. Don’t abandon your Indigenous sisters Aura refuses, with classically far-left cowardice, to call out the root cause of domestic violence for Indigenous women. Do identity labels really matter when we’re talking about IPV? What if the problem is less ‘intersectional’ than we think? It illustrates exactly why we need to retire these antediluvian so-called anti-female violence campaigns: They too often dance around the real problem. Statistics Canada reports that Indigenous women are the victims of 21% of IPV, despite constituting only 5% of the national population. Indigenous domestic violence rates are, in keeping with the required narrative of the day, attributed to prior genocide, colonization, mistreatment and forced assimilation. Never do we hear Indigenous ‘patriarchy’ suggested as a potential cause. That would ‘stigmatize’ Indigenous men, who constitute 80% of physical or fatal attacks on Indigenous women, but the illiberal left only cares about white rapists and gynocidists. Now, we don’t know what pre-Columbian domestic violence rates were here on Turtle Island, although archaeology and anthropology reveal North American Indigenous societies bore all the earmarks of traditional, male-dominated, patriarchal values and behavior, so let’s just stop pretending to care who’s raping and killing Indigenous women and show we care by naming the culprits: Indigenous men who batter, rape, and murder women are no different from men in other cultures. They primarily kill their intimate partners and family members. They do it for the same reasons all other abusers do: Because they can. Because women are weaker, and men feel entitled to their bodies, and to ‘make her’ do what he wants if she resists his coercive control or fails to treat his needs and wants as primary. It’s patriarchy, plain and simple, but liberal anti-violence campaigns are shy about calling out non-white rapists, batterers and murderers for a lot of stupid, identity-driven reasons, which serves Da Indigenous Patriarchs very well, thankyouverymuch. Grow some labia, girls! All such campaigns outside Indigenous culture aren’t going to offer Indigenous women any support apart from the usual virtue-signalling. White feminists are NOT going to call out Indigenous men on their patriarchy and misogyny. You can shut them up pretty quickly with the whole oppression rap, as most white feminists are suffering from morally debilitating ‘white guilt’. They will, as ‘progressive’ feminists are wont to do, throw their Indigenous sisters under the bus where they can continue to suffer because their white sisters won’t address the primary cause of assault and murder among Indigenous women: Indigenous men. Cultural history matters, but not when an Indigenous man makes the decision to smash his fist into a brown face, when he shoves his dick up an unconsenting Indigenous woman’s vagina or down her throat, when he picks up a blunt instrument and smashes her head with it. We shouldn’t give a flying fuck whatever his excuses - residential schools, hundreds of years of genocide, the Sixties Scoop, irritating sports team mascots or personal trauma. Those are topics for his therapist. First and foremost, he needs to take responsibility for his personal agency and choice to harm his partner or family member, who isn’t responsible for any of that. There are no excuses for male battery. No, not even for Indigenous men. Patriarchal domination is the primary cause of IPV, no matter what the culture or skin color. So what is Aura Freedom Foundation doing to address this? With a typically but ultimately useless gesture to try and maybe kinda sorta get women to think about what the campaign should be screaming from the rooftops: DON’T WAIT. GET OUT NOW. AND NEVER ALLOW THIS TO HAPPEN AGAIN. EDUCATE YOURSELF! We see a similar dynamic in the shoddy excuses so-called ‘feminists’ use to excuse the gross slaughter and mass rape of Israeli women on Oct. 7. Ask them why Hamas was so horrendously cruel to women and they’ll give you their standard bullshit about ‘colonialism', ‘oppression’ and ‘settling’. When in fact Hamas is a vicious, psychopathic terrorist group steeped in misogyny, as are, it seems, many ‘feminist’ groups and the United Nations, which currently refuses to condemn these war crimes against women. Let’s be clear: The primary cause of IPV is men who make the decision to harm or kill, not their personal sob stories. Don’t conflate transwomen and real women Marissa Kokkoros, the executive director spearheading the Aura campaign, cited “an increase in homophobia and transphobia…an increase in misogyny and hate in general,” and made the mistake of including transwomen. Transgender people do suffer an increased risk of IPV, particularly with a male partner (go figger), but it’s inaccurate to include them with violence against women statistics. Transwomen are not the same as natal women, regardless of how they ‘feel’. Their lives are no less significant, but if Aura’s campaign doesn’t include gay and lesbian domestic violence, it should recognize that transfolk are a different class of people too - their lives no less important, but they’re ‘women’ with male bodies and brains who are in a better position to defend themselves against violence, if not always successfully. (After all, men are the biggest killers of other men, once again go figger). The reason why women as a class shouldn’t be erased is because men and women are different and all the surgery in the world can’t change that, or the maleness that remains between the ears. The challenges transfolk face from largely male partners are similar, but without the physical weakness challenge real women face. If one wants to argue, “But transgender women are primarily assaulted by males just like natal women,” then include gay male domestic violence as well. Take a cue from Nancy Reagan, Aura! Aura created a video to make some sort of a point about violence against women. Hey, makes a nice Christmas gift for the relentlessly clueless friend of yours who zeroes in on a bad man like a bloodhound on an escaped convict hunt. Gender-based violence increased 14% in Canada over the pandemic, as women and girls were trapped with their abusers in lockdown. I wonder how effective a campaign might have been had it been offered at the end of lockdown, which in Ontario was the second quarter of 2022: Get Out Before The Next Pandemic! Kokkoros complained to CTV News about the lack of proper data for “underlying sociocultural or systemic factors”, adding, “Prevention efforts really must be focused on the root causes.” Anti-IPV advocates love examining tangential ‘root causes’ because it excuses them from having to address what they can do to protect women better from men who don’t give a damn about the cute pink body bag campaign. If they feel entitled to hit, slam, rape, and even murder their partner, no anti-IPV campaign will stop it. They won’t even watch. The people who will pay attention to it are women, and, hopefully, the ones who need it most - those who are or have been victims of IPV. What if Aura and others organized their campaigns around a new message? Kokkoros wants more men to speak up and be part of the change against male violence. I agree, but I don’t think Aura is serious about wanting to push it. They’re willing to do anything except encourage the people with the most power to Just Say No to abusive partners. That goes for everyone - not just female partners of domestic violence, but also for male victims, lesbian victims, and transgender victims. In the end, we need to work together to eliminate intimate partner violence no matter who the victims or perpetrators are - all lives really are equal and even when females perpetrate domestic violence, the dynamics are frightening similar to traditional M2F violence. I’d like to see fewer irrelevant labels and more recognition of female power. Like I said, this is 2023, not 1970. Not all victims agree to abuse. But after the first strike, if they stay, they’re a volunteer. Did you like this post? Would you like to see more? 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  • The Illiberal Left Is Embracing Violence As Political Expression

    Just like their adversaries on the right. Even I didn't think they'd embrace violent extremism this quickly. And it's gotten pretty racist. I’ll admit, when I predicted earlier this year that the far left was showing early signs of a growing willingness to adopt violence as political expression, I didn’t expect it to take the penultimate, all-at-once giant step, like, before Thanksgiving. An armed lefty went gunning for Brett Kavanaugh last year but lost his will to kill him. While some point to this as evidence the left isn’t as violent, it might also offer evidence it’s becoming emboldened, taking a cue from the right and embracing gun violence as political expression. Our side just isn’t very good at it. Yet. - Me, It’s Getting Hard To Tell The Left From The Right Anymore - March 2023 I thought it would be several baby steps toward standing shoulder-to-shoulder with their then-distant MAGA-capped competitors, the Jan. 6th insurrection gang, but no, it was only two—one very long stride and now, and we’re waiting with held breath, just another quick hop over the line. The left’s incomprehensible love affair with Hamas and their deeply flawed pawns, the Palestinians, expose further its facile Holy Dogma that the world is divided into two camps, oppressors and oppressed. Ye shall know them not by the color of their hats but by their biology: White skin (the bad guys) and dark skin (the good guys). Hamas’s little cheerleaders’ brains have been been baked with imbecilic critical race theory’s obsession with biologically-assigned power and hierarchized victimhood: The more weak-ass ‘marginalized’ groups you can self-claim, the more paradoxically powerful you are. This is why we’ve got fake racial white people - pseudo-African Americans and ‘pretendians’ like Joseph Boyden, Jordan Peterson, and Buffy Sainte-Marie, along with appropriated men and women. The horrific support by so-called ‘social justice’ warriors for the massacre in Israel on Oct. 7 has laid bare the truth about woke ideology: It’s no better than Trumpism. And they’re every bit as vicious and racist and lacking in compassion as MAGAs. Whether one’s sympathies lie more with Israelis or Palestinians, it should be an unequivocal no-brainer to condemn Hamas’s vicious attack on civilians, and to stay faaaaaar away from associating one’s self with this demonstrable vicious, soulless, fanatical and genocidal death cult. One with no compunction against using Gazans as human shields and locating their command center or a weapons cache under a hospital or a school because they score soooo many brownie points when Gazans die after the IDF bombs a hospital to eliminate the terrorists. (Did Israel bomb a Gazan hospital or did Hamas do it? Was it even in Gaza? Or in 2023? Liberal media, drink the Hamas Kool-Aid!) Mindless, witless ideologues lap it up from uncritical legacy and social media like grateful doggies, wagging their tails with gratitude. You’d think the ‘progressives’ who claims to favor racial equality, women’s rights, LGBTQ rights, and who are fond of comparing everyone who disagrees with them to ‘Nazis’, would find fault with a terrorist group whose original charter explicitly called for the extermination of Jews and whose 2017 update sanitizes the language by fuzzing the goal of ‘eliminating Israel’. Never mind that charter or not, Hamas leadership has many times since called for the killing of Jews. Just like, you know, the you-know-whos. That’s how you get a young man calling to brag to his father, “I killed ten Jews today!” Social justice warriors woke up to their inner Nazis. Pro-Palestinian protests around the United States have been peppered with violent calls to action. This has resulted in a steep rise in hate crimes against Jews and to a lesser extent, Muslims. And speaking of Jan. 6th, the Democratic National Headquarters had to be evacuated on Nov. 15 when a rally of pro-Palestinian protesters turned ‘chaotic’ and six police officers were treated for injuries - this from a crowd of about 150. Well, at least they didn’t try to hang the Vice President. The role of woke racism and ‘anticolonialism’ Protesters, especially on college campuses, are bleating on about ‘decolonizing’ the Gazans so they can ‘live free’ or some such bullshit. Blissfully un-self-aware how their support for burning people alive, #MeToo_UNless_UR_a_Jew, turning children into unrecognizable mounds of bleeding meat, terrorist-documented atrocities on video uploaded to Israeli families’ Facebook pages, applies a yardstick North American Indigenous might utilize against Canadians and Americans if they cadged terrorist tips from Hamas. Colonizers, settlers and other left-wing oppressors waving their Nazi freak flags to support eliminating an Indigenous population while supporting a death cult 10,000 times more toxic than the Trumpanzee gang is about as 180-degree, anti-liberal as they can get. The left’s New Nazis never tolerate Christofascism from America’s Bible-thumpers, but they’re all squooshy-wooshy for Islamofascism. The Oct. 7 attack was not, as the Loony Left would have you believe, because of ‘colonization’ and ‘oppression’ and checkpoints and yaddayaddayadda. This shit has happened before, before the existence of Israel, with many strong similarities to the Oct. 7 massacre, primarily the sheer brutality and desire to inflict as much human suffering as inhumanly possible on Jews: The 1929 Hebron Massacre. Including rapes, beheadings, torture, castrations, and burning people alive, no matter the age. When Palestinians hate you, they want you to die screaming in prolonged agony. How much can you hate another people so badly you would commit, or support the commission of, brand new Nazi-worthy atrocities like Oct. 7? I don’t know. Ask a college student. They understand this stuff better than people with morals. Jews, the left’s new white people, are in the left’s cross-hairs as these increasingly racist Hamas groupies and Palestinian apologists ramp up hatred that may soon expand to other white people. Woke racism plays a substantial role in uncritical support of the Islamic fanatics. The anti-Western ‘postcolonialism’ madness has inflamed many academic departments and germinated the culture wars of the last fifteen years, particularly with the help of race-baiters like Ibram X. Kendi and Robin DiAngelo: White supremacy is everywhere, only white people can be racist because they have all the power, anyone who says otherwise is a racist. For them, white people possess near-magical powers of domination while denying personal agency, resilience and strength for everyone else. Lord Voldeblanc vs Harry Pathetic. In fact, Kendi believes that in order to balance the books, POC should discriminate against white people. Kendi redefines ‘antiracism’ to be, paradoxically, racist. Since the dark side of antiracism has already established appropriated innocence by stating that ‘black people can’t be racist’, it clears that path for the real agenda: Anti-white racism. Directly in contradiction to how Martin Luther King Jr. fantasized in 1963 about his four little children etc. etc. For so-called ‘antiracists’ like Kendi, people who believe that shit are, in the parlance of King’s time, ‘chumps’. For today’s kaffiyeh-clad protesters on North America’s college campuses, painting Jews as ‘colonizers’ ignores their indigineity to the land and that many of the Palestinians’ ancestors, coming from the historically imperialist and oppressive Islamic empire, settled and colonized the land themselves in the seventh century. Members of both groups have existed there uninterrupted for thousands of years, regardless of how or when the newer residents got there. It ignores that non-Native Americans and Canadians, including nearly every single loudmouthed protester, regardless of color, is an eeevull colonizer who should be pushed out of North America, by their own standards, from the Pacific to the Atlantic. Let’s repeat: Palestinians and Jews have been there in one capacity or another for 3,000 years; and they share DNA. Empty-headed college protesters, with near-zero understanding of history or other human societies, or Middle Eastern genetics, blanket-ascribe white skin color to Jews in general and darker skin color to Palestinians. Remember, oppressors are white and oh-pressed are not in Ignorantland. Let’s review more recent history, like why that part of the world is so jam-packed with Jews. Many of Israel’s inhabitants came from Europe in the last century, but the Middle East also pushed plenty of population there too. While Ashkenazi Jews fled post-war Europe, nearly a million Mizrahi (Middle Eastern) Jews were pushed out of their birth countries by hostile Muslim governments in Africa and Asia. Today’s college kids know the least about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and, with the sheer arrogance of youth (I remember it well), think they know everything about it. Their puerile critical colonialism theory ignores volumes of historical data on the oppression and imperialism of Indigenous cultures and societies who dominated whoever they could. Including and especially the 1,400-year-old Islamic Empire, founded by a military commander. For a non-magical explanation for why white Europeans emerged to dominate the world, consult the Jared Diamond book Guns, Germs and Steel: The Fates of Human Societies to understand why some human societies ‘evolved’ farther than others; and why the latter didn’t develop technologies to our level or move past hunting/gathering or farming culture. The short answer is not all human societies grew up with the same resource advantages: Early regional ‘privilege’ was accorded to those living in Mesopotamia’s Fertile Crescent, from whence white people emerged, and the fewest to the Australian Aboriginals still living in the Stone Age when Europeans landed. There simply wasn’t much to work with on a largely desert continent. The greatest insight I received was the realization that humans from Mesopotamia to Australia were remarkably innovative no matter where they landed; they made the most of what they had and evolved and progressed as far as they could given the resources haphazard birth fate dealt them. White people came to dominate the world not because we were the smartest but because we began with the most animal and farming resources available to us; human civilization would likely have been little different had anyone else emerged, instead, from there. So not all Jews are white, some Palestinians are, and the Mizrahi Jews are darker overall. Yet WokeWorld identifies oppression not by the content of anyone’s character, actions or values, but by what they look like. And ignore the ones who don’t fit. Which is how they can condemn the Trumpers as ‘Nazis’ while jumping up and down with excitement for genocide. Just like so many Germans eighty years ago. Wokeism’s big lies and their hard-on for people who hate them Palestinians are some of the most homophobic people on the planet, and there is no sight more ludicrous in America today than the alphabet soup gang waving their multicolored signs and flags in support of people who think nothing of decapitating a gay man. Then there’s the classic Middle Eastern misogyny: Gazan women face not only the threat of violence from Israel but also from their own men: Patriarchal norms and intense misogyny define their lives. Wokies who bitterly criticize conservative Christianity clearly have no idea what conservative Islam looks like, especially fuelled by the mindless violence ideology of groups like Hamas, where the noblest act one can commit is dying in the cause of killing others, especially Jews. Six dozen virgins await one in the afterlife. It’s why the rest of us have woken up to wokeism’s Big Lies: That they’re liberal, progressive, or socially just. They’re self-boiled frogs; they slowly moved toward extremism and radicalized themselves, and they can’t even see it; they now believe their illiberal beliefs and values are progressive. They’re not; they’re regressive. And reactionary. They’re not antiracist; they’re racist. Not KKK, neo-Nazi, lynch all the blue-eyed white devils racist—yet. But they’re flirting with it. If those of us closer to the center, whether right-thinking righties or levelheaded lefties, challenge and stand up to these illiberals and their proto-left fascism, we can perhaps rein them in before they form their own Proud TransBoys. They’ve got the far-right’s blueprint for violence, including a few more recent lefty-ish mass shootings from the LGBTQ set. Sure, today most mass shootings are committed by right-wingers, but remember when they were exclusively white? That was awhile ago! Eventually, mass shooters and other domestic terrorists may not be exclusively ‘cis-het’, or right-wing. Hell, lefties just cos-played Jan. 6th at Democrat Central. Don’t be too surprised if future racist murders target Jews, and not by Team MAGA. I don’t worry about my white ass walking down the street; I live in Canada. But I wonder whether, for white Americans, the day will come that my Jewish friends in both countries now face: Fear of being identified as THAT ‘OTHER’ when you go to the grocery store and get chased out by a bunch of violent left-wing bigots. Today the Jews, tomorrow the you’s. Did you like this post? Would you like to see more? I lean left of center, but not so far over my brains fall out. Subscribe to my Substack newsletter Grow Some Labia so you never miss a damn thing!

  • I Watched The Star Wars Holiday Special So You Don’t Have To

    Twice. You owe me big-time for this, dude. The gawdawful, highly execrable, seriously damaged, WTF-were-they-thinking 1978 Star Wars Holiday Special is a TV extravaganza best watched with friends who are as seriously damaged as yourself. Preferably with lots of beer, which is what Darryl and Dev and I did. Problem is, I drank too much and couldn’t remember most of it. The next year, Darryl found the Riff Trax version. We invited Dev, but he declined to join us. So it was just me and Darryl facing a horror worse than hostage-holding by a morbidly obese slug-blob thingy that eats live frogs, while wearing a copper bikini and becoming wank material for two generations of sticky-fingered adolescents who probably won’t lose their virginity until well into their thirties. Well, we had the lifesaving beer, at least. No magic brownies. But I tell you, O my brothers and sisters and non-binary fellow Star Wars fans, if you watch this in an altered state of mind, it’s best left to the psychedelics set. Seriously, this thing is beyond marijuana. It demands magic mushrooms or hardcore acid. The SWHS combines the very worst of glitzy, low-budget 1970's-era variety show special effects with a trippy appearance by Jefferson Starship, sans Grace Slick. She’d left the band a few months earlier, while it was still Jefferson Airplane, after an embarrassing drunken rant at a concert in Germany. Thus she was spared embarrassing herself further. Diahann Carroll appeared as Wookiee wank material in a pseudo-porn viewing experience, because I guess Itchy, Chewbacca’s grandfather, was into cross-primate porn. Watch THIS in an unaltered state and you may be damaged for life. You’ve been warned. I’d include stills from the SWHS if I could find any that are free, but I can’t, and if I do anyway, Darryl, an aspiring movie producer who knows more about loopholes than I, says Lucasfilm will sue the snot out of me. Look, I put my mental health at serious risk for you. I’m not going into bankruptcy for you, dude. What I can offer you is... Answers to the SWHS burning questions you don’t have “How would you like to go through life with your name synonymous with sewage?”―Art Carney WTF? Like, seriously, where’s the actual Star Wars? The biggest WTF is why the characters from the actual movie get very little screen time as the story revolves around Chewbacca’s family in their big-ass treehouse preparing for Life Day, which is like the Wookiee Thanksgiving or something. (This show in its one broadcast moment of vainglory aired mid-November.) George Lucas would have you believe he had little to do with the making of this Wookiee Dookie, and he’s sort of right, although he found Wookiees far more compelling than most. Wikipedia notes he wanted a “film just about Wookiees, nothing else.” The SWHS was cadged together by about a bazillion people and he received the dailies for approval. He wasn’t happy with this magnum oh-please but he’s implicated as an accessory. If you’re old enough, you might remember a Sunday-only Star Wars newspaper comic that began with a storyline about Wookiees and Life Day. It sucked. WTF, Harrison Ford? He looks pretty embarrassed the entire time and you can almost see the ‘This is going to ruin my career and I’ll be on Hollywood Squares [Millennials: The era’s equivalent of Dancing With The Stars] for the rest of my life’ thought running behind his pained expression. WTF Did they do to Mark Hamill? He looks like Rocky’s younger brother. Horror, not Balboa. Hamill sports surfer dude hair and someone had to hide his plastic surgery work after a recent auto accident. Why this necessitated mascara or eye liner or some damn thing is between Frankie’s new squeeze and the makeup artiste he clearly pissed off. WTF was Carrie Fisher on? She looks like high in every scene. I can’t confirm she was doing drugs while making SWHS (I would have stipulated it in the contract if I’d read the script first) but it’s likely, since she had a notorious drug problem. Suspects: Cocaine, marijuana, LSD, HDACi. WTF? Is Harvey Korman in BLACKFACE??? Harvey Korman, then from The Carol Burnett Show, played several roles including a multi-armed TV chef. Is it just me, or does he look like he’s in blackface? This was one of my biggest WTF moments. You decide! How’d they get an Oscar winner to agree to this? Did he get into Fisher’s stash? Academy Award-winner Art Carney may have lost a bet or did this at gunpoint. His unbuttoned shirt is straight-up 1970s Larry the Lounge Lizard. He plays an electronics salesman who hooks up Itchy, Chewbacca’s pervy grandfather, with a hair dryer-like thingy so he can watch Diahann Carroll do a dance as forbidden as was permitted on TV in Carter country. It went on for longer than the Clone Wars unless you had a major jones for Carroll or had downed some good shit for the integrated kaleidoscopic special effects. Darryl and I debated whether she was wearing body glitter or sweating like a stevedore. Diahann Carroll: She’s got what your hairy old granddaddy wants! “Ohhhh yesss…I can feel my creation! I’m getting *your* message, are you getting mine?…Oh! Oh! We are excited, aren’t we…Now…we can have a good time, can’t we?” It's actually remarkable how porno this was for 1978 broadcast TV. Are Wookiee families otherwise all this barf-cutesy? Then there’s Chewbacca’s annoying, cloying family. As you well know, Wookiees convey ridiculously complex communications with grunts and growls. Much of this stupid story revolves around Lumpy, the irritating kid with Darth Vader’s stooges’ and stormtroopers’ home invasion, looking for the Walking Carpet who’s stuck in galactic traffic somewhere with the scruffy-looking nerf herder. Maude? Seriously, Maude was in this? Oh, and let’s not forget Bea Arthur, a singing bartender getting macked on by Harvey Korman, who ditched racist Julia Child and is now a lovestruck sleazebag who pours alcohol into a hole in his head. How were the Nielsen ratings? If you’re old enough to have looked forward to, then felt righteously skunked by this disappointment lo these many years ago, you probably bagged out long before the end. My brother and I, rabid fans, were so bored with Wookiee-speak and Lumpy’s holographic toy acrobats that we, like millions of others, switched the channel. Nielsen ratings showed a big chunk of the audience departed for The Love Boat at the start of the second hour, right after the inexplicable WTF-is-this-doing-in-the-middle-of-this-Wookie-soap-opera cartoon that introduced Boba Fett — Vader lackey and Han Solo stalker. It’s considered a fan classic, for reasons Darryl and I don’t understand as its only saving grace was no damn Wookiee family. Because everyone furred off so early, almost no one saw the culty grand finale, where the Wookiees in creepy Buffy-style let’s-sacrifice-the-naked-virgin red robes walked into a bright strobe light, without having to die first. Twenty minutes before the end I got up to go to the bathroom and Darryl said, “Hey, you want me to pause it for you?” and I was like, “No, no, don’t pause it! I’ll be right back!” While I no longer have to worry about being an acceptable sacrifice those red robes looked kind of Inquisitorial and us Pagans are allergic to burning stakes. So when this thing was finally over, about eighty years later… Wait! I’ve got one more question! Okay, go ahead. Why did Princess Leia sing a saccharine Life Day song at the end? Maybe she did it to show up Bea Arthur's performance. Carrie Fisher insisted on singing, although she didn’t like the song they gave her. So be careful what you ask for, the network gods may grant your request. Because it sucked. Here’s a side fun fact about someone who wasn’t cool enough to be in the SWHS. David Acomba, the original director who had the good sense to dump this disaster and leave the mess for replacement Steve Binder to clean up, or not, wanted to feature a talented but relatively unknown comedian named Robin Williams. However, he wasn’t famous enough. I’m not sure whether the guest stars casting began before Williams’s breakthrough appearance as Mork from Ork in Happy Days, an episode which aired in January 1978. Sucker casting may have been completed, or Williams might not have been famous enough yet. Here’s a grand irony to that fateful decision The Mork Happy Days episode was born because Garry Marshall’s Star Wars-obsessed son kept bugging his father to do a space episode. The comedian signed to play Mork was so bloody awful, and the rehearsals so atrocious, that the entire cast grew depressed because they had to ‘put something in the can’ and it was too late to ditch it or fix it. Then, the comedian himself, understanding this was going to monumentally redefine the term ‘suckage’, dropped out two or three days before air time, leaving them Morkless In Burbank. Cast member Al Molinaro mentioned a talented kid in his improvisation class who might be able to sub, and Robin Williams so impressed them with his ability to riff on damn near anything and go off-script so hilariously that he got the role and the rest is history. That Happy Days episode, which occurred during the season where ‘jumping the shark’ became a cultural reference to something having hit its peak and sliding downhill, became an all-time classic Great Moment In TV history rather than, ironically, the Star Wars Holiday Special of TV sitcoms. The dropout comedian was John Byner, who Boomers and Gen-Xers mostly remember as the guy who put the ‘square’ in Hollywood Squares. Could Robin Williams have saved the SWHS from its Night That Will Live Forever In Infamy? We will never know. This is an old post from Medium I wrote in 2019 and republished here with only a few minor changes. If you liked this post you can always subscribe to my Substack newsletter Grow Some Labia so you never miss a damn thing! I only write goofy stuff like this only once in a while but you can find my other humor pieces under the Silly Science, Humor category. Otherwise, I mostly write snarkily about the nation's culture wars.

  • Did You Ever Save Someone's Life And You Never Knew It?

    Are you the butterfly's wing that will change generations? Don't laugh. "The voice of a single individual ... would have prevented this abominable crime from spreading itself over the new country. Thus we see the fate of millions unborn hanging on the tongue of one man, and Heaven was silent in that awful moment!" So apparently, a key anti-slavery bill failed to pass in 1784 because some guy caught a cold or a stomach virus or something and missed a critical vote. We don’t know who he is or how he would have voted, but Thomas Jefferson seemed to expect he’d vote against legal slavery in all existing western territories. Jefferson, despite being a slave owner himself, famously didn’t like slavery and was defeated several times trying to limit or ban it. The 1784 national bill would have kept Alabama and Mississippi slavery-free. How different might the U.S. have become if Critical Vote Bob hadn’t gotten indigestion or something. The story of the guy who stayed home to do the barf-o-rama or maybe keep within running distance of the outhouse comes from Thomas Sowell’s book Black Rednecks & White Liberals, a collection of essays on race, racism, the history of slavery, Germans and Nazism, and black education. Whoever Critical Vote Bob was, he changed the course of slavery history in the nascent nation. He probably had no idea what a pivotal role he played in American history. When you know what you did when you die I drove to upstate New York two days after Friends star Matthew Perry died. A radio station host recounted his 2021 interview with Perry in which the star said people would approach him after the pandemic and tell him how much watching old Friends reruns really helped them get through a very tough time. “You could just see his face light up when he talked about it,” the host remembered. Perry was as famous for his addiction demons as for his role as Chandler Bing. He lived to help others overcome their own abuse. “I can tell which season of Friends it is by the way I’m acting,” he said. “That was a cocaine season. That was alcohol. Cocaine. Alcohol.” He died in a hot bath and the cause of death is as yet unknown. Although I was never a big Friends fan, I have a soft spot in my heart for people struggling with substance abuse. I’m betting on a heart attack brought on partially by his drug-addicted lifestyle. He died knowing he’d made a positive difference in the lives of others; not just those who escaped a dark time with his TV show but from strangers he helped for the asking. Perry would do what he could. Not all of us are TV stars or influencers, and we may never touch millions, but I think even one changed life (for the better) makes a huge difference. Sometimes the little, unremarked, butterfly’s wing of an act can change the world, permitting slavery to flourish in what will become the two most racist states in America, or helping others turn away from alcohol or coke. I’ve written about how we all may have ruined someone’s life, or at least permanently impacted it in some way, and never knew it, like, in my article’s example, Brett Kavanaugh. We never know how our actions, or our words, might affect others. Kavanaugh’s nasty prank on another teenage girl might not have resulted in a career near-derailment if she’d been more inclined to shrug it off as him being an asshole. But each person is different. It’s easier than ever to be an asshole in an age of often-anonymous social media. It’s easier to pour salt into a wound when you aren’t face to face. When you’re not witnessing their pain and suffering, and when it’s easy to forget they probably aren’t the monster you’ve mentally constructed. It’s also easier to be more constructively helpful. If you choose. The little things with giant ripples If we can ruin someone’s life and not even know it, or change the course of history for millions of Africans on account of illness, we can also arguably be invisible forces for change, so anonymous even we didn’t know what we did right. I was at a friend’s birthday party recently and encountered an acquaintance I hadn’t seen since before the pandemic. She recounted hearing me speak about ‘linguistics, AI and language translation’ and sounding fairly brilliant (her words, not mine), speaking from a ‘place of power’ as a woman in a field mostly populated by men. It was inspiring, apparently. I wish I could remember it. It dredged up a very vague memory later. Her assessment came from mistaking someone who knew just enough to be dangerous as knowing more than she does. But I don’t care, I’ll take it! Even though I had no power at that machine translation company, was brilliant in nothing, and learned on the job. If I inspired another woman by appearing as a competent woman of power, I’m happy to have served as a (however unworthy) example. I’m prouder that others have taken my written words to heart on not allowing men to maltreat them, and to take responsibility for their decisions. I accept that enthusiastically, especially if it results in a woman’s commitment to avoid or end the cycle of abuse. Because here’s the thing: If I convince only one woman throughout my life to make better romantic choices, not only have I saved her from her own pain and suffering, but also her children’s, her future children’s, her grandchildren, and every succeeding generation after her who will now be a little different thanks to an ancestor who Just Said No, or perhaps No More, to abuse. Because of something I wrote. Or said. Let’s now consider her descendants: The peers they interact with, the students they teach, the strangers they help, because an ancestor they may not even be aware of made a decision to reject an ugly, detrimental environment and demand better. This is how changing just one person’s life makes so much more difference than we can ever know. Just as, on the flip side, Brett Kavanaugh had no idea how much pain and suffering he caused another human being for thirty-six years. As I ponder the people I’ve harmed, I think of all the ones I didn’t, the ones who thanked me for my conscious efforts, and the ones I never knew I helped. The ones I’ve forgotten about because we remember the negative things people said rather than the positive. Because women, especially, tend to embrace negative programming more. “You need to learn how to take a compliment,” I told a female friend the other day. I’ve had many tell me the same. As horrible and abusive as many social media denizens are, I know they’re also in pain, just as I’ve been in pain, just as I’ve written about the very real, undeserved pain the worst of the worst in the prison system are in. The late Buddhist monk and peace activist Thich Nhat Hanh said there’s no one we should regard as hopeless. Okay, I’d like to see what he could have done with Vladimir Putin, but I take his point. Maybe not ‘hug a thug’ but try to lessen a person’s pain even if we need to keep them locked up. If I saw a prisoner on the ground, screaming in pain from a broken leg - even if I knew he was a filthy rapist or murderer - I wouldn’t kick his leg to make him suffer more. I would show him mercy and call for help. He may be a lousy human being, but a good one wouldn’t torture him when he’s down. Or walk away. How can we change the future? I don’t know whether I’m silently changing minds for the better or simply shouting into the galestorm. I do believe my own personal social justice narrative is ‘better’, just as everyone from Trump to AOC believes theirs is. I know mine isn’t perfect and I try to stay open to new information. Perhaps each of our paths for paving the way to a sincerely better society is to spread the beneficial energy far and wide, never knowing where it lands or how it initiates positive change. I consider it my duty to speak evidence-based truth and to challenge delusional thinking. I suspect I can do more good sticking to ‘just the facts, Jack’ and not to besting some deluded asshole on XTwitter. A few weeks ago I whispered into my mother’s ear as she lay mostly out of it in a hospital ICU. The aides had told me she’d been in great distress earlier because all she could think about were all the ‘thoughtless’ things she’d said and done over nearly a century. I expressed to her how much she’d influenced my life and kept me from falling into abusive relationships when she spoke about the importance of never allowing a man to control or abuse you. She’d said to walk away without a second glance if a man hits you. She said never let a man control you. I told her I wrote blog articles about this and how I hoped to save others from bad relationships. I reminded her of all the people she’d been faithful to including many church people whom she helped. “Thoughtlessness doesn’t solely define you,” I told her. “We don’t remember all the helpful things we said and did.” What would you want on your gravestone? I don’t want mine to say, “She destroyed everyone she met on social media.” The vast majority of us can’t change the world like Elon Musk or those who broker peace; we can’t save lives like the countless anonymous surgeons who pull off daily medical miracles and enable others to live longer, more fruitful lives. We don’t have the platform or the audience that Congress’s Grand Inquisitor Katie Porter, the Dalai Lama, or Barack and Michelle Obama have, but to quote Hawkeye from M*A*S*H when a bombardier he and BJ had shamed snarls, “Whatta you trying to do, change the world?” "No,” shrugs Hawkeye with a smile. “Just our little corner of it.” Did you like this post? Would you like to see more? I lean left of center, but not so far over my brains fall out. Subscribe to my Substack newsletter Grow Some Labia so you never miss a damn thing!

  • Thanksgiving Is Not A 'Problematic' Holiday For Normal, Moral People

    It's about gratitude and giving thanks, not beating yourself up over the what-they-did-to-the-Natives narrative. Especially since they were pretty awful, too. Especially to each other. Only the Regressive Left could take issue with a holiday promoting arguably the most sublime, uplifting, most selfless of human virtues - gratitude. Regressive Lefties frown on Thanksgiving; they live in a world much darker than ours; their sworn enemies are humor and fun. You can’t even enjoy your dinner because they find fault with everything on the table. They’ll claim white supremacy is as baked into the social structure as the pumpkin in your Thanksgiving dessert (Heads up: pumpkin spice is an emblem of white privilege). And of course there’s their obsession with Native conquest. We all know the first Thanksgiving story is a highly sanitized version of a much darker history that ended very poorly for the existing inhabitants. Howevermuch the original dinner party guests may have gotten along with each other with a few ground rules (‘Thou shalt not bring up the heretical new version of Our Lord’s Bible the King is working on back in England or there shalt be another Hundred Years War. Nor shalt the young men try and slip the roasted eel down thy sister’s dress”), felicitous feelings deteriorated soon after and hundreds of years of genocide and mass buffalo destruction ensued. I think we can all agree that was an especially embarrassing development in European history, coming as we were off of our very most vicious phase, the late medieval period. Not exactly our finest moment. But still: Thanksgiving is needed more than ever at a time when gratitude is one of the few demonstrated, scientifically-backed responses to hardship, depression, stress, and difficult times that actually makes us feel better. Instead of cavilling about how the Indigenous were treated by the new settlers, we can be grateful for what we have today, and work to be better humans than we’ve been. Even if we failed the original Thanksgiving mission about as badly as can be imagined. So, too, can the descendants of yesterday’s Natives self-reflect. Because their ancestors weren’t exactly peaceful little angels themselves. It’s not 1621 anymore…thank God(s)! We’re not slaughtering Natives for fun and profit like our ancestors. In Canada, we move slowly toward reconciliation with the First Nations, Metis and Inuit. In the U.S., whole chunks of land in many states are set aside for Indian reservations and the Natives are left alone (finally!) to govern themselves. ‘Progressives’ should acknowledge the injustices of the past and work together to help those descended from the original victims without turning a holiday that takes the focus off our own narcissistic selves for just one friggin’ evening a year, fer Goddess’s sake, and turn into a political nightmare. Enough already with the hoary moral flagellation. At a time when others may have a helluva lot less to be thankful for than years past, we need to recognize our blessings, however great or small. This includes the Indigenous, too. Let’s move beyond the absurdity of the sinlessly-conceived holiday and recognize pretty much anything humans ever endeavored was almost always accomplished with mindless violence and slaughter. C’mon, Abel couldn’t even sacrifice his sheep without getting murdered. By his own brother. It wasn’t exactly Apocalypto before Columbus, but neither was it Pocahontas. There aren’t many books detailing how vicious pre-Columbian humanity was, but a classic in the field is Lawrence Keeley’s War Before Civilization: The Myth of the Peaceful Savage, and a more comprehensive global history of human suckage is Steven Pinker’s The Better Angels of our Nature: Why Violence Has Declined. The first details not exactly the finest moments of Indigenous people, everywhere, when they had only each other to slaughter, mutilate, rape, torture, enslave and, occasionally, cannibalize, and the second details how pre-state societies were overall far more violent than we are today. How pre-Columbian Mexico was a dangerous place with a 5% murder rate, but only about a third to a fifth as violent as many of its neighbors. If a mad time machine inventor wanted to drop you in either a hunter-gatherer society or an ancient civilized one, pick the latter. Even it it’s bloody ratbastards like the Romans, your risk of dying a violent death is only 2.7 percent, but 13.4 percent in the woods or on the plains with the locals. Those archaeological figures are based on 900 Native skeletons from the top of Canada to South America, all pre-Columbian. This isn’t ‘whataboutism’, this is historical honesty. This is about recognizing that what happened four hundred years ago happened everywhere, in one capacity or another, for nearly half a million years at least. The world’s oldest murder victim would be 430,000 years old today if some asshole hadn’t whacked him upside the head with a blunt weapon. Native societies today have a much lower violent trauma and murder rate than they did before the arrival of You-Know-Who. I’m not justifying, excusing, or nullifying any horrors visited upon the Indigenous by Europeans. We stand accused: We sucked. But so did Indigenous people, and today everyone’s got something to be thankful for, this year, right now, no matter who they are. Natives can be grateful we’re not still trying to kill them all off (or ‘kill the Indian’ anymore in residential schools), but just as much, they can be grateful they no longer have to fear each other: The hideous cruelties inflicted by the most warlike Native tribes around them including the Apaches, the Seminoles, the Iroquois, the Comanches, the Plains Indians and others. Just to put things in perspective, according to Keeley’s book, raiding other settlements has been one of history’s most time-dishonored methods for effectively reducing the land population of one’s Indigenous resource competitors. Whether it was the Bering Straits Eskimos attacking villages at dawn while everyone was asleep, or British Columbia’s Chilcotins killing everyone in the village for their food, or the relentless murderous hate-on Quebec’s Cree had for the Inuit, life was as brutal and tenuous for Native tribes living near other Native tribes as it was for the palefaces who arrived centuries later. Prehistoric burials in central Washington state reveal projectile points embedded in skeletons, believed to have been implanted there by foreigners for 1,500 years. And if you think South Side Chicago is a dangerous ‘hood, what’s now central Illinois contained ancient human remains of which 16% were clear victims of violent deaths. Keeley notes the pre-Columbian murder rate there was 1,400 times higher than that of modern Britain and about 70 times that of the United States in 1980. And massacres? Well there’s South Dakota’s not-so-famous Crow Creek debacle, a mass grave of 500 men, women and children, mutilated, scalped, murdered, and left to be eaten by scavengers before their enemies finally piled them all into a hole and buried them. This is like 150 years before the Italian’s galleons. Northern Canada’s Dogribs, who were pretty damn fed up with the Yellowknife band’s chronic raiding shit, wiped out a Yellowknife camp with the intent to get every last one of those murderous bastards. They missed a few, but the Yellowknifes never recovered and the few survivors were absorbed by other bands. The Kutchin, elsewhere, intentionally left one Mackenzie Eskimo alive during their genocidal spree, so he could warn any other humans he met not to fuck with the Kutchin. Every evil that Europeans have visited upon each other, the Indigenous everywhere have done likewise. That goes for the Asians, the South Americans, the Africans (those inveterate slave traders!), the Pacific Islanders, the Papua New Guineans, and just about everyone else. There were a very, very small handful of tribal humans in a few parts of the world who weren’t plotting raids and genocide every spare minute, but only because they were so isolated they didn’t have any neighbors. We don’t suck as much, but we do steal cars Today’s Natives can be quite thankful they will never witness the Comanches roasting their loved ones alive, or be raped, enslaved, or their hearts gouged out by the Aztecs, or be displaced by the Chippewa as happened to the Sioux in a pre-Columbian Trail of Tears tale. Nor will any Natives today suffer death by torture over several days as practiced by the Iroquois over any warriors unlucky enough to a) Lose a battle to the Iroquois and b) Survive long enough to be captured. Don’t let progressives tell you this shit didn’t happen until the white man showed up, and they learned it all from us; they did not. They invented this shit all on their own, without any training from Europeans. Or space aliens. If North American virtue-signalling land acknowledgements demanded as much honesty from the Indigenous as they require of white people they’d read something like this: Today’s Europeans and their descendants can remember that we don’t suck nearly as badly as we did just a few hundred years ago when we believed the only good Indian was a dead Indian. We can remind ourselves that even though Natives did a lot of the shit we did back in the day, it in no way excuses what we visited upon the New World, especially as we were supposed to be all enlightened and shit with Christianity. Given how brutal the fifteenth century was back home, spearheaded and administered by so-called men of God, seventeenth-century Europeans had no goddamn business judging the Indians. But humans really are alike. We will always steal each other’s stuff. Which is why you get to drive your new car off the dealer’s parking lot into your driveway, where it stays for maybe fifteen minutes until it gets jacked. I’m thankful this year I don’t own a car. Perhaps, as we sit down with our loved ones tomorrow, even the ones we can’t stand, maybe, after saying grace, we should present the family with a list of words and phrases thou shalt not use or utter so as not to ignite yet another Hundred Years War over the sweet potatoes. Israel Hamas Dobbs decision Trump Biden AOC Mark Johnson AR-15s Ukraine carbon tax election feminism Jesus transgender woke MAGA Elon Musk indictments AI Khardashian they/them Did you like this post? Would you like to see more? I lean left of center, but not so far over my brains fall out. Subscribe to my Substack newsletter Grow Some Labia so you never miss a damn thing!

  • Canadian Icon Buffy Sainte-Marie Gets Busted For Being White

    In a story that's become all-too-common in North America, white 'pretendians' claim Native ancestry in an effort to be 'cool' Oh, will you look at that. Buffy Sainte-Marie ain’t a real Indian. She is, in a new word I just learned the other day, a ‘pretendian’. People pretending Indigenous ancestry may number in the ‘tens of thousands’, by the estimate of one Métis lawyer, and that’s just in Canada. We may have more fake Natives than real ones here, and they’re plentiful down south, too, where Indigenous populations are still referred to as ‘Indians’, presumably because Columbus didn’t want to admit he was hopelessly lost. Buffy Sainte-Marie, for the Canadian-challenged, is a folk singer who rose to prominence in the 1960s. She claimed to have been born on a Piapot reserve in Saskatchewan when in fact she was adopted into it, as an adult, by the band in 1964 when she visited for a pow-wow. Whether they did it because they believed she might be part Native (Sainte-Marie’s mother self-identified as part Mi’kmaq) or if they understood she was fully white, is unknown, but Indigenous peoples in many places around North America often adopted white, black, and neighboring tribe members into their own and regarded them as much a part of their families and ‘real’ Indians as their blood relatives. But a recent report by the Canadian investigative reporting program The Fifth Estate revealed that Buffy Saint-Marie is not really Native. She’s white, on both sides of her family. And white is so uncool. Indians and pretendians Being Native American has been ‘cool’ for white North Americans for many decades, or centuries if you count the Boston Tea Party. ‘Iron Eyes Cody’, the ‘crying Indian’ in a famous 1970s PSA, was an Italian actor who came to insist he was Native after playing Indians in westerns. Grey Owl, an Englishman-converted-to-indigineity, was a writer, conservationist and public speaker in the early part of the twentieth century. Other famous pretendians include Johnny Depp, who has claimed Creek and Cherokee descent, and the allegedly part-Cherokee Cher, neither with documented ancestry. North American academia has more pretendians than Custer had real Indians, with new scandals of ex-Native white people busted periodically. Claiming Native ancestry became A Thing in the 1960s and 70s with greater attention to Native issues and causes. I remember Floridian elementary school friends bragging they were part Seminole or Cherokee. I asked my mother if we had any Indians in our family and was terribly disappointed to learn our mutt-ley family lines all came from Europe. Buffy Saint-Marie finds herself in a place where she’s both a ‘real’ Indian and a ‘fake’ Indian. Her Piapot family accepts her as one of their own, but others are expressing their offense and disappointment in her, especially with some fabrications that pretty arguably crossed the line and harmed real Natives. Sainte-Marie embellished her fictitious Native past, claiming she was caught in the notorious Canadian ‘Sixties Scoop’ whereby Native children were seized by the government and placed with non-Native families, which explained, I guess she thought, why she grew up in Massachusetts in a white family. Except that she was born there, not deposited there, according to her Stoneham, Massachusetts birth certificate. She has spoken as though this ordeal for Indigenous Canadians’ pain was her own, when it wasn’t. It’s deeply hurtful and offensive to real survivors of such horrific family destruction. The Sixties Scoop, and the horrid residential schools to which these children were sent to ‘civilize’ them, has left some ugly legacy pain that will take many generations to heal. You don’t make those claims lightly. And especially not for personal gain, and one must wonder why she did it. Because she certainly gained. Her lies doesn’t erase her decades of social activism, her philanthropy on behalf of Native peoples or her fine music; nor her Oscar for Best Original Song in 1983 for Up Where We Belong, featured in An Officer and a Gentleman, although she’s now no longer the First Indigenous Person To Win An Oscar. But many are angered about several Native Canadian musical awards she’s won that went to a non-Native non-Canadian (at least until she applied for citizenship as an adult), all of them professional opportunities she denied real Natives. So she has harmed them with her near-lifelong deception, claiming awards that were not hers based on a history and victimhood she did not possess. It brings up other uncomfortable questions such as who is truly ‘Indigenous’, and how much DNA makes one a ‘real’ Native. It raises further questions for us moderns: If race is merely a construct then does it make any difference? And if ‘identity’ is king, as it is on the subject of crossing sex, then who is anyone to tell Saint-Marie she’s not a ‘real’ Indian? Who decides? Who’s ‘real’? Who’s not? The long-obvious hypocrisy is that it’s okay to identify as the opposite sex and the world MUST go along with it; but people who racially disguise are badbadbad because they ‘appropriated’ marginalization that doesn’t belong to them. Which, I agree, they did. In probably the only instance in which I laughed along with Donald Trump was when he called U.S. Senator Elizabeth Warren ‘Pocahontas’, which the chronically aggrieved immediately jumped on as ‘racist’. She did turn out to have some Indigenous genetics, but not much. However, if you’re familiar with the history of white Americans pretending, correctly or not, to possess Native ancestry, the ‘Pocahontas’ jest was better than even Trump himself might have comprehended. After the virtue-signalling, copperwashed and Native-sanitized 1995 Disney movie Pocahontas was released, the 2000 US census recorded a big jump in Americans identifying as Native, some claiming descendancy from the most famous Indian herself. The truth? It took four generations before her line got prolific, but there are many who could claim descendancy from her. But can they prove it? What if Sainte-Marie has ‘done the work’? ‘Pretendian’ is pejorative, but not uncalled-for for people who engage in this racial identity fraud. Perhaps with a little more truth-telling, and a little less story-telling, those who choose and are honest about a different racial or cultural identity could be differentiated from the natal Indigenous. Because non-Natives adopted into a family or band or tribe may well be as much their kinfolk as my adopted cousins and niece are to my family. What Sainte-Marie’s critics might consider is the ‘work’ she’s done, the kind antiracists are always going on about for white people. Sainte-Marie knows and understands Indigenous cultures inside and out, through a lifetime of learning if not through a life lived there from the start. While a person who acquires a different ancestry for their identity will never be the same as one born into it, just as a trans-identified man can never truly understand the female experience, one can still ‘do the [longterm] work’ and legitimately stand up for others. What if we called people who appropriate Indigenous culture ‘Transnatives’, which sounds less pejorative, as long as they’re not making things up and harming or depriving real Natives with lies? If done with proper respect and honesty, with the only personal pain testimony permitted being one’s genuine trauma, we could learn a lot with Native-style Black Like Me stories from a different angle. I’ve argued it’s possible to give anyone who wasn’t born into the white experience a similar trip, too. We accept transgenderism, are we ready for transracialism? It can be beneficial to learn from those who acquire or appropriate different identities, if they’re honest and genuine about it. While no white person can ever fully understand what it’s like to be born and grow up Indigenous, Indigenous folks can gain a better understanding of white people if a few take a walk on the white side themselves. I don’t suggest any should do this, only if they want to. If transgenderism is okay, then so, in my mind, is transracialism and transnativism, which at least is more easily reversible. White and Native crossover experiences will be different, given their birth circumstances, yet both, I believe, will offer new perspectives we haven’t considered before. Some might be annoyed with white people who won’t listen to a Native person’s testimony, but will listen to a white man in redface. But some of those listeners might well include those who would otherwise write off Indigenous experience as, Oh, there they go again, always complaining about this country. Don’t they know how good they have it now? Some white people, unreachable otherwise, will listen to the white guy who says, They weren’t exaggerating. Especially about anti-Indigenous racism. Really, buddy? Was it really that bad? It was brutal, guys. Let me tell you how I almost got killed just south of Saskatoon… Where has all the authenticity gone, long time passing? We live in an age in which it becomes harder every day to know who and what is real, or fake. I wanted to cry, No, not Buffy! when I found The Fifth Estate story on YouTube. But yes, Buffy too. Pretendian. Dancing, singing and chanting as though she was to the reserve born. Perhaps the most important question we can ask is where our authenticity has gone; why do so many Americans and Canadians aspire to be something they’re not, whether it’s a ‘marginalized’ group like First Nations or Native Americans, or, more troublingly, a sex switch nightmare that results in lifelong dependence on drugs and may destroy fertility? Buffy Sainte-Marie was real on one level, fake on another. What some might derisively call an ‘apple’, red on the outside, white on the inside. I wonder how so many pretendians get away with it for so long. Surely Natives who feel deeply aggrieved at white appropriation notice at some point that someone doesn’t seem to be who they say they are? Sainte-Marie’s Piapot family never squealed on her, but surely others around them deduced after her rise to fame that she was never a child on their reserve. Perhaps the fault lies not just with white people trying to be cool, or gain popularity and professional success through a victimhood identity. Would Sainte-Marie have been as famous or popular if she’d been ‘60s Italian folk singer Buffy Santamaria, her birth name? I’m not sure she would have been. A Cree woman is cooler than an Italian one. Companies and organizations that ‘Indigenize’, add ‘Native’ personnel to diversify and raise Indigenous boats, also collude by not screening to make sure they’re giving a job or some other perk to a genuine Native. But Natives collude too when they don’t tell what they know to be a lie. I don’t understand why people today can’t accept themselves for who they truly are, but maybe, in the end, even adults can succumb to the lure of make-believe. Regardless of who likes it or not, your family are the people who love you when you come home. Whether you share their DNA or not. But if you can’t keep it authentic, at least keep it real. Did you like this post? Would you like to see more? I lean left of center, but not so far over my brains fall out. Subscribe to my Substack newsletter Grow Some Labia so you never miss a damn thing!

  • Pat Benatar Was A Better Listen In The '80s Than Whitney Houston

    The content we consume normalizes values and beliefs in our brains in ways we don't even know, whether good or bad. Thank Goddess I didn't listen much to Whitney Houston. Treat me right Treat me right Open your eyes Maybe you'll see the light Ooh-ooh Treat me right! Pat Benatar, Treat Me Right, from Crimes of Passion, 1980 My friend Diane and I were in love with Pat Benatar. Her second album, Crimes of Passion, contained several songs permeating FM radio overplay, Sony Walkmans and mall background music - Hit Me With Your Best Shot, Treat Me Right and You Better Run. She was a hard rocker chick with a take-no-shit, take-no-prisoners attitude whose vocal persona demanded better treatment from men. Perhaps Benatar was drawing on her recent divorce from by then ex-husband Nick Benatar, whose name she kept because, I’m guessing, it was a way better rocker name than her own, Andrzejewski. She married her guitarist, Nick Giraldo, in 1982, to whom she’s still married today. I don’t know from where she got all the relationship sturm und drang material since her autobiography didn’t indicate a long romantic history before or between marriages. Maybe she had a lot of romantically dissatisifed girlfriends. In college I listened to and sang along with Benatar incessantly in the car as I commuted to school. I knew all the words and I completely dug her power-chick attitude. I didn’t know much about boys, men, or dating, since I’d been an adolescent wallflower, but Benatar’s treat-me-right message intertwined with the lessons my mother taught me about domestic abuse: I decide whether I will allow myself to be abused or not. Domestic violence, at least as portrayed on TV, didn’t look like much fun, so I decided against it, and Pat Benatar’s music reinforced Mom as I danced in nightclubs and sang along. They drilled it into my brain: Abuse was a choice, whether we realized it or not. I’m 60 years old and to this day have yet to be hit or otherwise abused by a partner. Diane didn’t absorb the same message, and chose a different path. This is your brain on music “What was I listening to in college?” I thought as I listened to a podcast by Dina McMillan, my favorite anti-abuse advocate. I recently found her series named after her TEDx Talk, Unmasking The Abuser. On Episode 23, Protecting Your New Superpower, she speaks of her interview on the podcast Triggernometry, in which the host spoke of his love of gangster rap. McMillan informed him how important it was to protect his brain from toxic influences. How gangster rap glorified misogyny and violence and she explained how listening to such content normalizes its values - even if you’re not prone to violence and misogyny. I remembered my most formative college years as my brain ripped through the plethora of ‘80s songs and full-stopped at Pat Benatar. Well of course, I thought. Although Benatar’s music never addressed physical abuse apart from her PSA anti-child abuse anthem Hell Is For Children, the rest of her albums repeated and reinforced well into her middle age a personally powerful shape up or ship out message for relationships. In fact, by about the seventh or eighth album, I began to think, “Patty, isn’t it about time you abandoned the bad-boyfriend narrative? You’ve been happily married for thirty years!” I then remembered Whitney Houston, the entrancing drop-dead gorgeous woman with the incredible voice. Sometimes she aggravated me with toxic messages, particularly the execrable I’m Saving All My Love For You, about a woman crying that her married lover didn’t spend enough time with her. I hated that song. I didn’t like people who deceived and hurt others with extramarital love affairs, regardless of who was married or not. At 23, I recognized the glorification of an unhealthy dynamic every woman would be better off without. I felt little sympathy for the song’s character. Frankly, I wanted to slap some sense into her. Houston’s mother didn’t like the song either. Houston also recorded countless songs lamenting the loss of a love the persona couldn’t get over, and I didn’t like the message that it was okay to stay at home sobbing into your pillow because someone didn’t love you, or loved you no longer. We’ve all been through that but we didn’t influence millions of teenage girls and young women with our glorified pain. On the other hand, I could easily get behind How Will I Know If He Really Loves Me? and The Greatest Love Of All which begins, “I believe the children are our future—Teach them well and let them lead the way—” That one made me cry, often. Whitney Houston’s music centred human love, also including happy loving relationships. But maybe she too should have listened to Pat Benatar more, since she fell into an abusive marriage with singer Bobby Brown. Later, she ruined her looks with a horrific drug habit and died tragically too young, drowned in her own bathtub with some help from cocaine and heart disease. What your brain’s doing behind your back Dina McMillan had a bastard of a point about the messages we imbibe; we can accept them, as I did, or ignore them, as Diane did. She fell into a string of bad relationships and bad marriages, and several years ago vented her rage on Facebook. The tenor of her posts indicated she’d finally learned that abuse was a choice. It took until her fifties, but finally she got it. McMillan describes exactly what happens between our ears when we think we’re just enjoying a movie or a song espousing values we don’t consciously hold. She notes only 5%-8% of the everyday choices we make are actually made by the logical, rational parts of our brain. Those are the decisions we make when not under stress - when choosing a product in a store, or thinking about what we can do with a free weekend. But our emotional and memory-processing parts, the limbic system and reptilian part of our brain, control our autonomic nervous system, negotiate our environment, and drive our most primal reactions: Fear, anger, hunger and lust. And the logical part, she states, ‘might as well not even exist’. It shows up after the party’s over to offer 20/20 hindsight or retrospective rationalizations to justify our choices. She notes how illogically-operating brains drive social movements and politics, with our limbic and reptilian parts primed to encourage us to stick with the group, espouse what it preaches, fit in, support what’s being promoted in the countless mass and social media messages we receive all day long. They spread ideas, memes, and causes like wildfire and eventually teach us to embrace people, values and beliefs in direct contradiction with what we believe are the ways we should live our lives. Toxic, values-antithetical content is absorbed into a largely emotional brain that can’t tell the difference between fiction and reality like our logical, rational parts do. It’s inaccurately processed as an accurate reflection of the values of your group, even if you don’t realize it. It doesn’t mean watching violent porn will turn you into a sadistic rapist, but it could normalize misogyny, that you don’t even know is there, because you’re not like that guy. Or the vulnerable woman in the Whitney Houston song pining over her married lover. Fortunately, it’s not engraved in stone tablets. When I was in college I loved A Clockwork Orange. The book absorbed me with its message about the criticality of free will, and how bad people often eventually choose good, and shouldn’t have it forced upon them, as it was the antihero Alex, who agreed to a treatment he didn’t understand would remove his free will, then it was returned, along with his desire to harm others. Eventually he chose a better path, at least in the British version of the book, as the American publisher removed the last chapter. Stanley Kubrick’s movie was amazing in so many ways, but now I can’t stand the subtly smirking glorified violence against women, and can no longer explain it away by observing it was released in barely-feminist 1971. I don’t find Malcolm McDowell’s Alex sexy anymore in a way I did in 1983, conscious even then that he was a monster. I’ve spent the last four decades analyzing the appeal of the Bad Boy and how he’s best left in the realm of fantasy. Although even back then I would never have allowed an Alex into my life. In the ‘80s, we had only a few truly strong, powerful, action-oriented female role models like Pat Benatar or the Alien franchise’s Ellen Ripley, a courageous, badass hero in a role traditionally served by men. We caught a shade of Ripley in her predecessor Princess Leia when she ripped the blaster out of Han Solo’s hands, blasted a few stormtroopers, then an opening in the wall, and yelled, “Someone has to save our skins. Into the garbage chute, flyboy!” Later came Buffy, and Xena, and female Ghostbusters that made social media’s Insane Troll Posse’s heads collectively explode with female heroes who didn’t need men to save New York from ghosts and other supernatural scaries. I wonder what happened to all the ladies of the ‘80s who consumed the ‘wealth porn’ of the era. The decade was infused with the Gordon Gecko ‘Greed is good’ fixation; movies extolled horrible romantic and sexual ideals. Like that fat girls were to be mocked (Porky’s), that it was okay to trick women into having sex with you (Revenge of the Nerds), that near-kiddie softcore porn was okay (anything starring Brooke Shields), that an older woman seducing a teenage boy was less offensive than the reverse (Private Lessons), that it’s okay to hand over your drunk girlfriend to another guy (and you’re the cute guy hero Molly Ringwald snags, Sixteen Candles) or that you should end up with a guy who treats you like crap (Pretty in Pink). The very, very worst movie that exemplifies a woman pursuing a clearly toxic relationship and glorifying it was from the ‘90s - the utterly ludicrous As Good As It Gets, with Helen Hunt as a single mother chasing an unattractive, misogynist, misanthropic obsessive-compulsive writer (Jack Nicholson) for which they both won Best Actress and Best Actor Oscars. I left the theatre with my then-partner fuming. “Who the hell could ever fall in love with an asshole like that?” Feed your head In an era of violent porn, truthless social media and sourpussed ‘woke’ movies and books promoting poisonous ideologies bankrupt of any genuine ‘social justice’, we have to feed our brains as responsibly as we do our bodies. I started reading a dystopian non-fiction book called Survival of the Richest, and it was so depressing I gave up before I threw myself off my balcony. I switched to Helgoland, the last of my last-Christmas books, about quantum physics (I’m weird) and it was better but I still felt mired in mental mud. So I put it aside for Thich Nhat Hanh’s The Heart of the Buddha’s Teaching. Again. It’s my Bible. It starts: Please don’t think that because you are unhappy, because there is pain in your heart, that you cannot go to the Buddha. It is exactly because there is pain in your heart that communication is possible. Your suffering and my suffering are the basic condition for us to enter the Buddha’s heart, and for the Buddha to enter our hearts. I feel better, ready to meet the challenges I’m facing. What I must consider soon is how to be a social activist without allowing the news and the world’s growing inhumanity to ruin me. Did you like this post? Would you like to see more? I lean left of center, but not so far over my brains fall out. Subscribe to my Substack newsletter Grow Some Labia so you never miss a damn thing!

  • Dear God, Have We Finally Hit Peak 'Woke'?

    The failures of Black Lives Matter Chicago, Ibram X. Kendi, gender-switching doctors and impotent Scottish transactivists suggest common sense may be at the gates. Finally. I can’t say there’s any good that can have come out of Hamas’s indefensible intentional slaughter of Israeli civilians on October 7th, but a by-product may be the beginning of the end for wokeness. The authoritarian political ideology from which genuine social justice and plain common sense departed several years ago appears to have jumped the public acceptability shark. The hard left’s uncritical applause for terrorist perpetrator Hamas, under the guise of ‘supporting’ the Palestinians, leaves many of us on the right and left shaking our heads like wet dogs. WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH THESE PEOPLE??? Whether it’s just-below-the-surface anti-Semitism that has always lurked darkly in the hearts of virtue-signalling leftists, or just a dimwitted allegiance to the essential tenet of what passes for Critical Race Theory - dark good, white bad - the ‘woke’ left, which always assumes ‘marginalized’ people are victimized angels, looks deeply deranged to those of us who haven’t filed for moral bankruptcy. I guess the woke left is having its ‘there are many good people on both sides’ moment. Hamas groupies should ask themselves, “Would I approve if these actions were taken against ‘oppressors’ and ‘land-stealers’ I like more?” Like, say, if the aggrieved were America’s Indigenous? What if a band of well-armed, well-trained Indigenous terrorists wasted a New Mexico town, swarming in on hang gliders to gun down New Mexicans running through the desert - let’s bear in mind that white people are only 36% of New Mexico’s diversity - and mowed down everyone white, black and brown running from the Albuquerque, say, annual balloon festival? That the ground troops moved in and brutally raped New Mexican women and girls so hard they broke their pelvises? Burnt families alive in their homes, slaughtered without mercy everyone from babies to grandmothers, tortured others and kidnapped a few to be tortured, raped, or murdered for later? Think about it, wokies. What I’ve noticed, just within the last week to ten days, is that with or without Hamas, encouraging signs indicate ‘peak woke’ may be declining like Donald Trump’s net worth. Here are a few indicators I’ve observed recently that a frightening siege of common sense may be amassing outside the Wokeness Wall. Wokeness is cancellable, especially for being a terrorist-loving butthead Finally, the moment we’ve all been waiting for: When it’s possible to cancel far left deplorables without having to be on the far left one’s self. Turns out over-privileged, entitled, money-grubbing little college campus shits scurry like cockroaches when one of them loses a plum law firm job offer because, well, she publicly supported violence and terrorism. Even more ironically, their First Example is a more-marginalized-than thou black female ‘non-binary’. In a sign of how weird the world’s gotten, none other than a hedge fund billionaire emerged as the hero to offer chemoscare-apy to treat Stage 4 metastasized wokeness. Bill Ackman discovered an open letter signed by over thirty student groups at Harvard blaming Israelis for Hamas’s mass slaughter. He quickly accrued a mob of his own, a dozen CEOs who asked Harvard to release the names of all signatories of all the groups, and the names quickly circulated among Ackman’s powerful buddies. Subject line: Let’s make sure we never offer any of them a job! Then the law firm who had extended a job offer to the non-binary human rescinded it—who the hell wants a terrorist lover working for them?—and the woke woke up to the other side of the cancel culture bully cannon. The signatories scampered to remove their names from the letter, their commitment to the Palestinians extending only as far as the looming prospect of living with their parents until senility, saddled with crippling student debt. It’s called ‘accountability’, children. And remember: In accordance with your own values, you must never, ever be forgiven. No matter how much you apologize, grovel and cry on TikTok, no matter what you do or accomplish after this, the only thing that should ever define you is your youthful, ill-considered applause for mass slaughter and rape culture. The BBC calls a man in a dress accused of raping a woman ‘a man in a dress’ To be fair, Kay Georges, né Andrew Miller, gave the Beeb permission to refer to him in their news reporting as he/him for ‘simplicity’s sake’, which goes to show you how committed he was to the whole ‘I’m a chick’ thing in the first place. The Beeb reports Miller is accused of abducting and repeatedly sexually assaulting a teenage girl while dressed as a woman after he offered to give her a lift. It would have been more laudable had the Beeb had the balls to take a stand for hard science and truth-telling without permission, which is supposed to be their job, but hey, it’s a start. We should encourage, oh fuck it, high-pressure journalists to tell the truth about rapists appropriating womanhood: If it has a penis and shoves it into an unconsenting orifice, it’s a him/he-man. Calling a man a man? Further evidence peak woke is crumbling. Speaking of men in dresses, transactivists fail to shut down a feminist event in Glasgow or to terrify J.K. Rowling The FiLia group, part of a larger Scottish feminist organization, scheduled a women’s conference at the Glasgow Platform, which, being as pussy as any other venue that deplatforms women’s conferences at the last minute when hopelessly male-looking guys in dresses stomp their feet and threaten to rape and murder everyone in the United Kingdom if the conference isn’t cancelled, backed down like frightened little girls. At least until FiLia lawyers cited a recent favorable decision for the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association against a different Scottish venue who canceled the Billyboys. The result? The conference went on as planned and J.K. Rowling showed up to look bored while she listened to the usual rape, bodily harm and death threats we’ve come to associate with ‘the most marginalized people ever’ and later spoke at the conference. Washington University makes it hard for aspiring boy/girl wannabes because, I dunno, the threat of detransitioning lawsuits on the horizon? Scientifically deficient ‘gender-affirming care’ is in the cross-hairs of Republican politicians and circling lawyers in what is shaping up to be one mother of a medical scandal in North America. St. Louis’s Washington University gender clinic announced in September it’s discontinuing puberty blockers and cross-sex hormones for everyone, not because they realized they don’t have enough data to determine whether these treatments are safe on otherwise healthy children, but because of the ‘unacceptable’ threat of legal liability. Here’s where the rubber hits the road for ‘gender-affirming care’ doctors and hospitals: Missouri’s new emergency rule makes it harder for medical professionals to prescribe life-altering treatments willy-nilly for both minors and adults, and returns the transitioning process to the much lengthier and considered path that worked beautifully for decades before 2015. Otherwise, script-happy docs could find themselves on the business end of the existing Missouri Merchandising Practices Act, designed to prevent and prosecute fraudulent business practices. It’s about damn time. And a little Republican Attorney General shall lead them. Ibram X. Kendi goes down when he can’t explain where the money went Hey Dr. Kendi, have you erased racism yet? No? Well how about $43 million? The author of How To Be An Antiracist, Stamped From The Beginning and Antiracist Baby, who could find white supremacy in a basket of kittens, can’t ‘splain what happened to all the money lobbed at him by corporates with catapults to fight racism. Boston University is investigating Kendi’s Center for Anti-Racism Research which just laid off over half their staff, and it’s not like no one ever saw this coming. Many at BU raised concerns whether the extent of Kendi’s anti-racism research was producing anything other than fuck-all. Instead, he delivered, while on an ‘extended leave of absence,’ and all of which earned him money, a graphic novel detailing racist ideas, a podcast called Be Antiracist and an embarrassing five-episode TV show for ESPN that went viral when black Olympian athlete Gwendolyn Berry, interviewed by Kendi, remarked that “Athletes are literally the new slaves,” and compared sports contracts to ‘the new slave chains’. Fortunately for her, this iteration of slavery is more voluntary than the last, so she is free to throw off her chains, give the finger to The Man and get an honest job at Wal-Mart. None of the above was in the Center’s stated objectives. Kendi finally found his way back to the Center without explaining where he left to or leaving anyone in charge since it seems he’s allergic to delegating authority. It’s important to note he isn’t accused of stealing the money; just squandering the fuck out of it. What makes this story particularly galling is finding out podcast host and writer Coleman Hughes, famously common sense-y about fighting racism, was invited by TEDx to give a talk on the need for more conscious color-blindness, and which looked suspiciously downranked by TEDx when a small group of woke staffers allergic to ideas that require them to entertain an alternative view, complained it was ‘racist’ and ‘dangerous’. TEDx: “Ideas Worth Downranking’. Meanwhile, throw more money at the guy who claims you’re a racist if you say you’re not racist. Just don’t ask where it goes. Black Lives Matter Chicago told by X to STFU for demonstrating Israeli lives don’t matter After the Hamas terrorist attack on Israel, the civil rights group formed to protest the killings of a few dozen black men a year tweeted an image of a hang glider as their knee-jerk response to omni-victimized dark people slaughtering 1,300 whiter-skinned people primarily belonging to a religion long unpopular with many Americans, including black Americans. When the shit hit the terrorist fanboys, they quickly walked it back: What a wussy ‘We’re not, strictly speaking, sorry for that image,’ response, and while they could be talking about the grieving mothers and rescued babies from one side or the other, I’m going to take a Scientific Wild-Ass Guess and suggest they’re still really only thinking of the side that cheered and danced for Hamas until the IDF and Israeli civilian settler thugs reminded them of Part II of violent terrorist attacks. I wonder how tolerant Black Lives Matter Chicago would be if the #BlueLivesMatter set tweeted an image of a knee and ‘BACK THE BLUE’. That is all that is it! You guys should go grab a coffee together American hard-right conservatives severed their last tenuous ties to common sense and reality when they voted for, and continue to support, Donald Trump. His bottom-feeding fan base still support him, and threaten violence against anyone daring to hold him accountable for anything. They’ve even invented a new, more humane form of torture: The non-violent molesting ‘like you’ve never imagined’: “We are now antifa….We’re gonna, we’re not like the left, we’re not violent [!!!] but we’re gonna follow your ass…you’re gonna be fucking molested like you’ve never imagined. And again, non-violently.” The American left could always crow: “We don’t believe sex is real, we do believe economy-sized white supremacy can be purchased at the Bulk Barn for all your systemic oppression baking needs, and we expend way too much energy on pronouns, but at least we’re not violent.” Excusing violence in others is one step closer to embracing it one’s self, and with the wokies’ new-found terrorist love in the guise of ‘supporting the Palestinians’, they’ve now sunk to the same moral level as their Confed’rut-lovin’ adversaries. Je ne suis pas Hamas. If there’s nothing else that screams the left has hit peak woke, it’s hating Jews as much as the right hates Muslims. It’s no longer hard to imagine left-wing ‘woke’ extremists could, in fact, instigate Nazi-era pogroms, eagerly joined by members of a particular religion famous for its historical hatred of Judaism long pre-dating the creation of Israel. There’s so much that’s gone wrong with the left; one must wonder where it all went, if you’ll pardon the expression, tits-up. Perhaps it disintegrated along with the poor mental health of young women and girls hailing from progressive-thinking families whose parents couldn’t say no, or the unemployed kids on social media devising endless, evermore divisive labels to suit every quirk, mood or ugly thought that flittered through their fevered over-educated brains. Other suspects include universities who sought to retain spoiled children who’d never been challenged by critical thought before and weren’t about to start now, who therefore decided they were customers rather than students, and the customer is always right. Let’s not forget those who treat ‘intersectionality’ as a bottomless grievance well, and who feign endless victimhood while bullying others into submission; while others squat under the bodhi tree aspiring to ‘marginalization’ rather than spiritual enlightenment. The anti-Buddhas. I know the Israelis aren’t pure-hearted themselves. They’ve inflicted many heinous crimes against the Palestinians for generations. They HAVE stolen their land. They HAVEN’T made as good-faith efforts as they could to bring lasting peace. They HAVE inflicted many atrocities and human rights abuses against them. I don’t believe they’re willing to make the sacrifices to accomplish that, nor will the Palestinians. It’s all for nothing for both of them. The Palestinians hail from a violent culture and religion. To pull an anti-Trump, “There are bad people on both sides.” But when you jump on the social media terrorist train to blame families for their own slaughter and proclaim your allegiance to a filthy, specifically genocidal terrorist group and cheer their heinous brutalities against civilians, however you feel about their righteous cause, you have jumped the shark. You have met the enemy and he is you. Shake hands with your compatriots in MAGAland and Canada’s emerging right-wing extremists, the Freedom Convoy. Maybe you guys should all go grab a coffee. Yeah, there are some real Nazis in those groups. Look in the mirror, ‘progressives’; you’ll find plenty there, too. Did you like this post? Would you like to see more? I lean left of center, but not so far over my brains fall out. Subscribe to my Substack newsletter Grow Some Labia so you never miss a damn thing!

  • So What Happens When You Vote And Work For A Known Sexual Predator?

    Cassidy Hutchinson learned the hard way. Let’s say Rex Heuermann, the accused in the Long Island Gilgo Beach murders arrested this summer, was out on bail and wanted to hire me for something. I wouldn’t take the job. Even without a conviction, he’d be the diciest of bosses ever. Danny Masterson? Wouldn’t work for him either. Even though, in both cases, I’m light-years outside their victim age demographic. How would I know Heuermann wouldn’t try to kill me? Or Masterson to rape me? I mean, these are two extremely sick individuals. Shouldn’t it be obvious that a woman shouldn’t work for anyone with these beastly Google results? Especially when a man is super-famous, and a well-established sexual predator? Apparently it wasn’t for Cassidy Hutchinson. She agreed to work for an infamous self-confessed pussy-grabber. Spoiler alert, Donald Trump never tried to grab her kittykat. But Rudy Giuliani did, during the Jan. 6 mayhem. Not to mention her titty-boo. Thus saith one of the investigation committee’s star witnesses in her forthcoming book Enough. As one might expect, the experience was pretty gross. Hopefully Rudy G didn’t spray—hair dye all over her. Vote with your—kitty Voting for sexual predators is one of many reasons why ‘rape culture’ persists. One can also vote with one’s pocketbook. Just how did R. Kelly get away with what he did for so long? We know a fair amount of white women, and an embarrassing chunk of Hispanic women, voted for Trump in 2016. Few black women did, but their numbers doubled in 2020. And Alabamans voted for famed mall predator and teen kitty hound, Roy Moore, y’all. I wonder if Cassidy Hutchinson voted for rape culture, too. She really shouldn’t be too surprised at what happened. She put herself in danger, old enough to consider whether Trump, or other predators in his administration, might come after her. (And they did). Instead, she seized the opportunity to work close to one of the most powerful offices in the world. I don’t know if she voted for Trump but she certainly supported him for four years. Was she ever on her guard? There’s no excuse for Giuliani’s behavior. The guy who infamously touched his own dick thinking he was about to get lucky with a journalist in Borat’s notorious movie scene bears full responsibility for his alleged actions against Hutchinson. I guess in the heat of the moment he felt the heat of the moment and stuck his hands under her clothes. Yeah, it had to be upsetting and disgusting. I can’t remember anyone ever doing that to me, although I’ve certainly experienced my share of grope-y, leer-y men. I can imagine, and sympathize with her. But damn, I wonder where her damn fool head was at! She’s old enough to know she’s got to be wary of male advances. She’s in her mid-twenties, and I doubt Rudy was the first guy to seek the Holy Grail in her Victoria’s Secret. So what did she think might happen if she was to work for a misogynist old pig like Donald Trump? His lechery, objectifying, and multiple trophy wives are legendary. She’s lucky she didn’t catch his eye. He’s been accused by a dozen women of rape, and a jury found him liable for ‘sexually abusing’ one and awarded her $5 million. No, the worst thing Hutchinson’s copped to so far is suffering the disgusting wrinkled old-man hands of America’s former 9/11 hero and now disbarred leaky ex-lawyer. I wonder if hotcha-hotcha Hope Hicks will ever spill any stories about Trumpian or related advances. I always wondered if she was hired for her skills or her looks. His ex-press secretary and now Governor of Arkansas Sarah Sanders likely has zero juicy stories like Hutchinson’s. The famously fat-phobic Trump brutally fat-shamed Sanders at least once. She collaborated in her own abuse when she agreed to work for the well-established misogynist who fat-shamed beauty queen contestants who failed to score high enough on his wank-meter. Any observant wannabe member of the Trumptourage should have recognized that she’d attract unwanted attention if she’s hot, and unwanted slurs if she’s not. What did Hutchinson think, that a guy like Trump would otherwise pick a bunch of fine, upstanding, mature men who understood that the only body that’s theirs is their own? By January 6th she’d learned he’d paid off a porn star to keep mum about their sexual affair while Melania nursed his newborn son, and E. Jean Carroll was making quite public her allegations that he’d raped her in a department store. St. Francis of Assisi he ain’t. You’re known by the company you keep, as an old college professor of mine liked to say. Hutchinson, along with many others, enabled and collaborated with a sexual predator in an environment that not surprisingly included others. Why did Hutchinson tolerate it? Why did she, on some level, think this was okay? Maybe her hyper-masculine he-man Master of the Universe father had something to do with it. According to Enough reviews, he once left her a ‘gift’ of two warm, bleeding deer hearts wrapped in tin foil in her mailbox. (Big surprise; her parents are divorced.) Daddy famously hated ‘wimps’ and demanded his daughter’s loyalty even as he cut her down at every turn. Maybe Trump seemed just like dear old dad, a fan of The Apprentice. Hutchinson wasn’t, supposedly, super-right-wing, and interned for Ted Cruz’s campaign only because he was the only senator who responded to her request. Hutchinson also admired Senator John McCain, but seemed to fall down the Republican nutbag rabbit hole fairly quickly. It’s possible her political views veered more to the right after putting in time for Ted Cruz, and reinforced her armor for dealing with crazy, misogynist men (Cruz is widely disliked by most who know him). I’ll read Hutchinson’s book when it comes out, but I’ll borrow it. She doesn’t deserve my money. Here’s why. I acknowledge and respect that she displayed a tremendous amount of courage spilling what she observed surrounding the January 6 events. How many of us would be willing to stand up to ‘Trump world,’ and tell the truth? She begged her Trump-addled father for support, which he gave, and put herself in danger of orange revenge. Still, she damn well owed it to the country after what she did. She supported and collaborated with his gutter administration and even was considering continuing his work at Mar-A-Lago until she realized that offer might not be forthcoming. So she didn’t learn much until she realized there was no future with him. (Her mother begged her not to go, noting that Trump would never change.) And what did we learn from this, young lady? We cut young people slack as adolescence lengthens with each successive generation. Millennials and now Gen Z endure perpetual childhood living with their parents, unable to find a good-paying job (defined as one you can live on) and home-owning dreams dashed, with nothing better to do than spew vinegar and venom online. It’s not all their fault; American education standards have slipped to new lows after the pandemic, diminished further by school lockouts and frazzled full-time working parents now expected to monitor whether schoolwork was getting done, and making sure Junior didn’t switch to the YouTube tab from his video class when adult supervision left the room. Cassidy Hutchinson was young but not dumb, getting into a good if unknown university, becoming a trusted aide to Chief of Staff Mark Meadows, a man reportedly nonplussed at Capitol Hill rioters’ calls to hang Mike Pence. Trump thought he deserved it, Meadows told her, and that they were doing nothing wrong. She must have been good with political assassination, because she was still dreaming about a job in Florida. She endured what CNN describes oh-so-surprisingly as a primarily male environment of ‘casual sexism’ (I would have guessed ‘overt’), describing some creepy behavior from ex-House Speaker John Boehner and an attempt by Matt Gaetz to get her alone. (Kinda weird; isn’t she way too old for him?) Hopefully she can think for herself more now, and make moral decisions based on better character rather than a plum assignment for a beyond-question psychopathic megalomaniac. Has she self-examined yet to wonder WTF was I thinking? or has she not yet clued in to the connection between misogynist, predatory behavior and ‘rape culture’, especially her own contribution to it? I say the same for women who work for Donald Trump as I say for those who work at Hooters: No one has the right to sexually assault you, but working there gives them tacit permission. Any all-male environment should carry a heightened wariness for women, and in an unfair world they have to be prepared for the ‘cold finger up her thigh’ or the hand down her blouse. But when she’s serving an established sexual predator, she collaborates with that misogynist culture and implicitly suggests she’s okay with it. It’s called ‘rape culture collaboration’. It’s not just a guy thing. Did you like this post? Would you like to see more? I lean left of center, but not so far over my brains fall out. Subscribe to my Substack newsletter Grow Some Labia so you never miss a damn thing!

  • On The Eternal Whiteness Of Being

    White people can be committed to genuine social justice if blacksplainers stop making it so hard to be allies. I’ve been learning a lot about the relative whiteness—or not—of the United States this year. I’m working on a multicultural-focused sales campaign and before I call smaller regional U.S. companies, I check first to see how diverse their community is. If they say they’re not interested, I’ll have a good idea why. I'm getting a feel for how pervasive the U.S.’s dandelion-seed demographic diversity is, clumpy in some areas, more homogenous in others. It can be crazy-making if you look too closely. A small town like Humble, Texas is far more diverse than I would have guessed, or maybe heavily white, depending on how you look at it. One could argue it’s almost equal parts black, white, and Hispanic, or perhaps white as fuck, with White (Hispanic) at 30.6%, White (Non-Hispanic) at 23.6%, Black at 31.3%, mixed+ (Hispanic) and Other (Hispanic), the rest. White is white except when it’s not? What the hell is a ‘White (Hispanic)’ anyway? If Hispanic is a category, and white is a category, then how are you white if you’re Hispanic, or vice versa? What, because you ‘pass’? Is Ted Cruz not a White Hispanic because he looks suspiciously arroz con maiz-ish? Or does he have to ‘identify’ as white? That won’t work, being white is one of the few identities you don’t get to assume, because you don’t decide if you’re white. Others do, like it or not. Other communities are a massive old-school typo correction fluid spill: South Beach/Florida, Madison/Maine, Presquille/Lousiana and Terre du Lac/Missouri. Rhode Island, our smallest state, is super-pervasively multicultural, not just ethnically but LGBTQ-wise too: Ayuh, wicked good! But on the othah hand, the uppah New England states, ya cahn’t get theah from heah, ayuh, they’re a blizzahd of white people - Vuhmont, Maine and New Hampshah ah all at 92%-ish white. If it weren’t for all the mountains, you could go blind driving through any of these states on a bright summah’s day. We do love our human constructs, don’t we? Progressives argue race is a ‘human construct’; the biology of racial differences only existing because we buggered off from Africa. White people seem like we’re the Lord God Kings and Queens of the Universe because, from the North American perspective, we clearly dominate. Until about 2044 anyway. But we’re fast-tracking to a more multicoloured state of the disunion. Some white people are happily moving aside, while others get a sharp elbow, to make room for more seats at the table, which looks decidedly less Norman Rockwell-ish than decades past. I mean, when three black women are bringing down the most powerful white man in America, it gets grating when certain voices in the ‘antiracist’ movement, clearly steeped in critical social justice theory’s obsession with privilege, slavery and white supremacy, carry on as though we’re still the Masters of the Universe, cracking the whip over Uncle Tom. “I will not be bullied,” said New York Attorney General Letitia James. “And so Mr. Trump is no longer here. The Donald Trump show is over.” When she’s done with him, and she’s put up with some hellacious abuse, racism and threats against her and her family, Fulton County District Prosecutor Fani Willis is waiting in Georgia to follow up on a baker’s dozen of felony counts connected to Trump’s conspiracies to steal the 2020 election. Thank Ms. Willis for that awesome, historical, already iconic mug shot meme bait no white man ordered. After that, Judge Tanya Chutkan is waiting for Trump in D.C. for the special counsel’s election case against him. It’s gotta be killing the half-senile ex-businessman that black women now hold so much power over him, after putting up with former old white lady Nancy Pelosi pwning him for four years. White power ain’t what it used to be, no, not even after Charlottesville. Black Antiracists ‘Splain Things To Me Some black activists love to blacksplain whiteness, white privilege and white supremacy. I may never understand fully what their lives are like, since I’m not on the receiving end of genuine systemic racism and, occasionally, real white supremacy, but they don’t acknowledge they can't know what our lives are like, either. They miss the ultimate intersectionality: The individual. Intersectionality explores the layers of oppression and marginalization people suffer - e.g., white women are oppressed by gender, black women are oppressed by gender and race, gay black women are oppressed by gender, race, and heteronormativity, etc. Take this cumulative song far enough - and the progressive left can always be counted on to ride the oppression train over the earth’s edge - and you’re left with the intersectionality of the lone stranger. No white person can understand the ‘black experience’, and neither can any given black person fully understand or appreciate the unique experience of any other black person, who came to where they are not just by skin color but also by different birth, families, education, immigration, personal tragedies and experiences, religious upbringing or not, neighborhoods lived in, class, economics, playmates, friends, cliques, dates, adult relationships, decisions, life choices, health, hopes and dreams. We really all are, ultimately, individual snowflakes. And if we can’t literally comprehend living another person’s experience, we are all human beings, our default brains differing less than our melanin levels, and, apart from psychopaths, largely skewed towards empathy and understanding for others. Even babies as young as six months show an ability to empathize with another being victimized or suffering distress. A Parenting Science article notes that ‘babies prefer underdogs and do-gooders’ which I find tremendously heartening: The real value of social justice may be ‘baked into’ our brains at birth, hopefully not to be destroyed later by toxic ideologies and idiot compassion. Suffering, marginalization, bullying, discrimination, and tragedy are human experiences we all share. I can feel kinship, as a white woman, with a black man who keeps losing jobs to suspiciously less-qualified white men, since I was looking for a job a few years ago at a time when anyone over fifty was considered hopelessly over-the-hill for any position in information technology. Biological discrimination sucks regardless of whatever reason the Automatic Trash System is shit-canning your resume. White people are not, regardless of what ‘woke’ huckstervists claim, automatic supremacist oppressors by dint of birth. ‘White supremacy’ is real, a consciously-adopted belief that white-skinners are given dominion over all the earth by God, as evidenced by the fact that Adam was white. You have to agree to the belief. When black activists tell us we’re unconsciously oppressing black people, even if we’re not actively doing it by choice, and there’s no way we can ever stop because we’re as hopelessly enmeshed in the white supremacist network as flies in a web, it makes many wonder what’s the point of getting a street gang together armed with broomsticks to tear the damn thing down. Why bother trying to change anything? Why shouldn’t white people just throw up our hands, say fuck it, and leave for the gender reveal barbecue and marshmallow roast? The Color Of Money Not everyone believes in the eternity of white supremacy, or black helplessness. I can even make a case for being more oppressed than Ibram X. Kendi, but it’s as stupid an argument as that I am oppressing black people simply by existing. The most powerful color privilege isn’t found in your skin; it’s the green in your bank statement showing how many zeroes following a whole number exist in your balance. I’m not sure what Kendi’s net worth is but I can honestly swear I’ve never earned $20,000 an hour for a virtual presentation on anything. And Kendi doesn’t even have to know much to make that kind of scratch; he just has to trash talk white people in a way that would get a white person talking about black people cancelled the hell off Elon’s X Twitter. I guarantee you Kendi’s words have far more pull than mine. I may be whiter than he but his bank account is a lot greener. He has clout and influence I don’t, despite being black. Despite having ancestors owned and abused by others. Despite not being part of an alleged racial supremacy secret off-Davos enclave. Of course, by dint of his penis, he is still part of The Patriarchy (dun-dun DUNNNN!) So he does oppress me too, without even knowing it, I guess! Ain’t nobody got time for that! I have no patience with racism. I have no use for Trumpers, and I have no truck with whiny powerful black people teaching other black people to give up on the system, or burn it down, or most of all, to embody the problem they claim they want to solve. I especially circumvent racists who demonize others as irreparably evil because of our skin color. I can ponder genuine justice, and join with those black activists who believe, as I do, that the oppressed must take charge of their own lives, and develop themselves without expecting the Dominant Group (white people, or men) to hand everything to them. Shelby Steele made that point over and over again in his classic work The Content Of Our Character: Black people must continue to fight for social justice, but it’s up to them to develop themselves; white people can’t do that for them. That’s how I feel about Da Patriarchy, which occupies very little space in my brain. The Patriarchy, and white supremacy, have only as much power as we allow them to have. That’s why my website is Grow Some Labia and not Why Men Suck. Because it’s time for all of us to take back our power and join together to make the world a better place than the small minds of extremism and bigotry can conceive. As Sweet Brown famously uttered in her viral YouTube video, “Ain’t nobody got time for that!” I heartily concur. We’ve got real work to do. Disempowered whiners, get out of the way! Did you like this post? Would you like to see more? I lean left of center, but not so far over my brains fall out. Subscribe to my Substack newsletter Grow Some Labia so you never miss a damn thing!

  • Why Shouldn't Transwomen (And Other Men) Compete With Women In Chess?

    Is this the same conversation as weightlifting and swimming? Are women at a biological disadvantage competing against men in chess tournaments? Them’s fightin’ words for many feminists. Those familiar with science must acknowledge men’s biological advantage over us in physically competitive sports which is why the world’s weirdest controversy rages over transwomen on women’s athletic teams. But chess? No physical advantage required, unless it’s sitting in a chair for hours on end. Then, points for women with more fat in our butts. Mostly, women and men compete regularly in chess tournaments, and no one questions this. We know that intellectually, there’s virtually no difference between male and female brains, although it was a male conceit until the last few hundred years that male intelligence outranked pinkie-boo brains. It’s kind of hard to fault them when they didn’t have sociologists, psychologists and neuroscientists armed with MRIs to refute their contention. Women’s intelligence had been oppressed and marginalized for so many thousands of years it truly must have sounded bugspit insane to suggest otherwise. History offered a few intelligent, capable, and sometimes despotic women to challenge that view, but were largely regarded as outliers. Even today one might suspect it’s the truth if you’ve ever watched—or been—that woman who folds under male authority or succumbs to a crappy male argument without enough information or confidence to properly challenge or refute it. Hell, I sometimes more cynically wonder about it myself as I watch so-called intelligent, enlightened, otherwise feminist women fall into line like good little girls under the spell of far-left narratives that marginalize, stereotype and patronize women just like men did before Second Wave feminism. History’s widely scattered accomplished chickie-boos with seeming outlier brains include Ada Lovelace, who powerfully contributed to Charles Babbage’s early pre-computing Analytical Engine, and recognized it possessed uses beyond mathematics; so of course the Babbage Machine shares no hyphenated glory with her. Hedy Lamarr, one of the most beautiful actresses in Hollywood, pioneered today’s WiFi, invented a tablet that could turn a glass of water into a soda drink, and improved traffic light design. She spent her off-time in her workshop rather than nuzzling Clark Gable or guzzling champage at star-studded parties. And let’s not forget the black brainiacs who helped put white men on the moon in Hidden Figures. Given a fair shot, intellectually and cognitively, women can often go toe-to-toe, or maybe cortex-to-cortex with the boys. Although there’s no sex parity in the STEM professions yet, and may never be for reasons that may or may not have to do with cognitive ability (the jury will be out on this for awhile), women’s undeniable achievement in science, business, education, and on the Supreme Court indicate that what we lack in weightlifting and swimming speed, we make up for in cognitive competition. So why, then, has the International Chess Federation placed a moratorium on transwomen competing with women? Are transwomen worthy competitors? I can’t stand Will ‘Lia’ Thomas, but if he wants to compete with women in chess, as a man or a woman, I support his right to do so. He’ll probably get his ass kicked, since it’s not his thing, and identifying as a woman won’t alter his advantage. The chess article on a Reality’s Last Stand Substack argues women may not ever be truly competitive chess players against men, supported by a clearly established cognitive skill men customarily have over women. A female Harvard evolutionary biologist speculates that “males have a large spatial-ability advantage over women,” and offers legendary hockey player Wayne Gretzky’s visualization skills as one superlative example. I acknowledge men customarily have this advantage over female brains; which themselves possess certain advantages over male brains, like with language processing and emotional expression, not all of which can be explained by socialization and growing up in ‘patriarchal’ culture. Neuroscience has come to show that parts of our respective brains work differently, including the hippocampus and the amygdala. But I find the RLS article unpersuasive that women may not have just the right cognitive skills to defeat men in this challenging game of the mind, despite never having won a world championship, and the very best female player only ranking 116 worldwide. Women have been competing with men since the ‘80s without political drama, and while there’s still a big performance gap, we can’t say with any certainty that female brains simply can’t comparatively perform. Of course, we can’t say that they can, either. I find unpersuasive the argument’s ultimate contention that perhaps transwomen, and ergo other men, shouldn’t compete with women, because it fails to address questions I considered while reading the article. Let’s start with the least persuasive, in my own opinion (bearing in mind that I don’t play chess). Women’s brains may not be as refined and optimized as men’s The Patriarchy wasn’t built in a day and it’s been only 150 years or so since women began chipping away at the fortress. I’ve never seen evidence women are less smart than men, but thousands of years of organized civilization designed by men, for men, and assigning women to serve men, lays out valuable skills exercised by men that I don’t see in women, and I have no reason so far to believe it has to do with brain matter rather than evolutionary mapping. Like: Women may not yet have the confidence to win Testosterone production in men may fuel the commonly observed male desire to compete, dominate, and win at all cost. The RLS article cites a child prodigy and chess champion as the ‘Terminator’, who ‘will not stop, ever, until you are dead’. How many women have this drive? How many of us hold ourselves back, valuing wanting to be ‘liked’ and approved of, often preferring to preserve relationships over achieving what we really want? And do we have the confidence to win? We certainly witness countless female sports champions exhibiting the same drive and relentless desire for victory, and it’s absolutely critical they cultivate the ‘growth mindset’ male athletes exemplify to achieve it. But until recently they only ever competed against other women. Removing the Lia Thomases, the drive to win may well work better psychologically against female competitors. For chess, where the physical advantage is removed, does perhaps the subconscious female fear of challenging a man, wired into the female brain for protective purposes over thousands of years, play upon her? Does the knowledge that the world’s eyes are upon her in this ‘battle of the sexes’, that she’s letting her ‘sisters’ down if she loses to her male opponent (including trans) play upon her? Does, deep within the recesses of her brain, she fear losing to a man? Are his ‘psych out’ strategies more successful, especially against her own skills to do the same? And does she even have those skills? Women may still have some unfortunate catching up to do I’m not convinced that certain clear male cognitive advantages (like spatial visualization) mean that women can never learn them. Men must surely have doubted Catherine Elizabeth Brewer Benson, the first American woman to receive a college degree, in the years leading up to her graduation in 1840. They must have laughed their asses off forty years later, while Mary H. Graham worked toward her philosophy degree, the first American black woman to earn a university diploma. Now women attain more university degrees than men. But men still earn more STEM degrees, and many valid theories hold both the nature and nurture hypotheses. It’s possible women simply have a lot of catching up to do. We don’t have the long established history of female accomplishment as do men, often misunderstood by traditionalists who point to men ‘having invented everything’, forgetting that they had time to do it because their wives were busy with the household, and even if they had servants, women weren’t allowed the education or employment efforts to acquire the knowledge, skills and experience men customarily did. God only knows where Ada Lovelace, Hedy Lamarr and Katherine Johnson got it. I don’t know if women will ever achieve parity in chess, and I’m as equally uncertain whether we will in STEM professions. It’s possible that male brains truly are more adept, overall, at both. Perhaps the goal should be not that women must be equally represented everywhere in order to acknowledge we’re equal, but that each individual be permitted to achieve whatever their talents are best suited for. We know that countless ridiculously bright people will achieve, given the opportunity, but nevertheless will likely never achieve the heights of accomplishment as Albert Einstein. Where does that bring us with women’s chess and competition with men, regardless of how they identify? With as much information as I have, I lean towards women’s chess performance gap possibly being rooted more in long-established brain wiring affecting their confidence, underdeveloped strategy skills and behavior under pressure. I suspect ingrained (but not permanently rooted) self-doubt residing like a negative little Terminator in their amygdala’s fear center. There’s a clear male competitive advantage in physical sports that female athletes can never overcome, but perhaps women’s inability to even approach the global chess championship finish line is a longer-term goal requiring several, or many generations of progress. There’s no better way for women to do so than to compete with men regardless of pronouns. I don’t know that parity is the real objective, in either chess or STEM professions, as long as every female brainiac is given the opportunity to maximize her brain’s potential, and thrive in an environment, however short on females, that’s not a boys’ club. Can we develop Gretzky-level visualization skills? Can we compensate by developing other strategic skills? Can we become better psych-out masters than the guys, trans or not? After all, women are downright evil at manipulating others when we want to be. A skill developed over thousands of years of patriarchy in which it was the only way to get what we wanted or needed for ourselves or our families. Stay tuned, for the next couple of hundred years or so. Did you like this post? Would you like to see more? I lean left of center, but not so far over my brains fall out. 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