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AND make betteR choices!



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Michelle Obama

Grow Some Labia! Is a place for women who want to reclaim their power and find their voice in a culture that’s often hostile to egalitarianism and a truly empowered feminism.

This is for those who believe in personal responsibility, owning your issues, and recognizing when you’re the one holding yourself back. And who want to change.

We've spent enough time analyzing the effect of 'the patriarchy' on women and how it holds us back; now let's talk about what we're doing to hold ourselves back. I blog on Vocal.Media and here about the limitations of today's victim narrative-centered feminism. 
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Not too far into it so far but I wanted to read this because Michelle Obama is a strong, powerful woman who made it through eight years as the First Lady. She and her husband brought some real class back to the White House after eight years of...never mind, and then four years of...<facepalm>...She's ridiculously intelligent, nailed one of the hottest guys on the planet, championed ending childhood obesity and did it with really wicked toned arms in a J. Crew shirt :) I will be sleeping with Michelle Obama for awhile because she's got so much to say!


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