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Welcome to my quick 'n' dirty website about power. One day it will be a thing of beauty. For now, this is as good as it gets. Take back your power. Smash the Patriarchy. (Or smoosh it.) Don't be the victim! Labia power! Black power! Nuclear power! Flower power! The Power Of Love! Power off! Power on!

It started with abused women who didn't know they could say No to abuse. It morphed into taking back your power from political  bullies and haters, including 'social justice warriors'.

Take back your power. NOW.

The Latest from my Labia Power! blog

The Beginning...

I have my mother to thank, who taught me never to
tolerate controlling, abusive men. Rest in peace, Mom!

Why I Don't Take Crap From Partners​

My mother called Marisol ‘a doormat’ because she tolerated verbal abuse. I learned never to be one.

My Mother Taught Me Never To Tolerate Abuse

And you don't have to, either

   Mama Didn't Raise No Victim Feminist
   Don't blame the victim? Don't BE the victim!

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