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Putting the POWER back into female empowerment!



AND make betteR choices!



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Shelby Steele

Grow Some Labia! Is a place for women who want to reclaim their power and find their voice in a culture that’s often hostile to egalitarianism and a truly empowered feminism.

This is for those who believe in personal responsibility, owning your issues, and recognizing when you’re the one holding yourself back. And who want to change.

We've spent enough time analyzing the effect of 'the patriarchy' on women and how it holds us back; now let's talk about what we're doing to hold ourselves back. I blog on Vocal.Media and here about the limitations of today's victim narrative-centered feminism. 
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Published in 1990, I asked for this book for Christmas because NY Times columnist John McWhorter mentioned this book was what inspired his political views on race and being black. I love McWhorter so I wanted to read it. Steele is an author, commentator, and documentary producer and the book is several essays on being black in America, where black people had come (or not) in the then-25 years since MLK, and what black Americans are doing to hold themselves back. Steele believed American blacks had to work harder to develop themselves, because racism isn't the sum total of their problem. I'm a sucker for a personal responsibility message, and as always, I found his ideas equally applicable to the women's movement.


The Manifesto...

Where Do I Start?

My Mother Taught Me Never To Tolerate Abuse

And you don't have to, either

Why I Don't Take Crap From Partners​

My mother called Marisol ‘a doormat’ because she tolerated verbal abuse. I learned never to be one.

Why I 'Scream Into The Void' About Growing Some Labia
Why is there a dearth of research on the psychology of female victimhood?

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