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False 'False Rape Allegations': The Way Feminists Now Collude With Rape

Since progressive feminists no longer #Believe[All]Women, let's talk about actual false rape allegations vs denying documented rapes

There’s an overtly antisemitic Palestinian professor at NYU telling his compliant, passive classroom that Hamas atrocities aren’t true, especially reports of beheaded babies and sexually assaulted women.

No, his #MeToo-generation students aren’t trying to cancel him.

Since ‘progressive’ feminists around the world have joined incels, men’s rights activists, misogynists and certain Palestinian professors in believing that ‘some women lie about rape’, even when their brutal rapes were livestreamed, recorded, and uploaded by the perpetrators to Facebook, now seems like a good time to talk about what heretofore had been a taboo topic for many—actual false rape allegations vs the feminist New Thang: Denial of actual rapes.

Until recently (like, October 8th), fem-babes heavily downplayed or outright denied some women lie about rape. Their battle cry was #BelieveWomen, like, to the point of Catholic Inquisition-style witness-or-else sacred holy writ.

Bill Maher pointed out that a better hashtag was #TakeAccusationsSeriously. Investigate before judging, he encouraged.

Women don’t lie about rape as much as men think they do, but they lie more than women think they do. Progressive feminists who #BelieveWomen never required much, if any, evidence at all. To question an accuser was verboten. Period. If she said he did it, that settles it. Some even thumb their noses at the notion of due process for accused rapists and sexual harassers.

The problem is, false rape allegations sometimes happen, and it even make the news on occasion. I myself have known two women who made them, one of them against two separate men. It happens.

By refusing to address that small percentage of women who really have lied about rape, feminists hurt women, and especially real rape victims. False allegations are estimated to be around 2%-8%, so, if 100,000 women claimed they were raped, an estimated 2,000-8,000 could be lying. That’s claimed, because many women believe they were raped but don’t tell anyone. So the number of overall false rape allegations could be much, much lower, but it’s hard to quantify when you can’t count the ones who keep mum.

In the wake of October 7th, some ‘progressive’ feminists have found a new way to hurt rape victims - the sort of bass-ackwards ‘false false rape allegation’. It’s denying or downplaying verified reports of Hamas’s mass rape and hideous torture of sexual assault victims.

This, despite global investigation with documenting video and forensic evidence, the former often recorded by the Hamas animals themselves in the act. To put this in perspective, denying Hamas’s mass wartime rapes requires as much suspension of disbelief as it does to think January 6 was a peaceful protest.

Women’s groups globally are finally getting around to admitting, well, something may have happened that day, maybe even a lot of somethings, hobbled as they are by the idiotic and racist notions that all Jews are white, all Hamas terrorists are not, and that ‘colonizers’ and ‘oppressors’ always deserve what they get. These rapes were awfully embarrassing for the progressive narrative that everything is all about dark oppressed and white oppressors.

It’s convinced some feminists that maybe ‘blaming the victim’ isn’t so bad after all, when you don’t like the victims. Like, Jews.

What more, besides Hamas perpetrator confessions, recordings, and brutal videos, would convince these women’s organizations they don’t need better evidence to be, you know, really really Really Really REALLY REALLY sure.

(Whispering) Yes, some women really do lie

Women who actually lie about rape are, to paraphrase the immortal words of Lord Alfred Douglas and Oscar Wilde, “The feminist crime that dares not speak its name.” Feminists preferred to keep mum about it, deny its existence or discount its importance.

(This one lied “as a lesson to women in the area that an attack could happen to them.”)

(This one got an innocent man jailed)

This notorious lynching of a black teenager accused of whistling at or touching, although not raping a white woman in 1955 was one of the catalysts touching off the modern American civil rights movement.

Feminists have swept under the rug that a few women do lie, because every admitted falsehood, they believe, makes it easier for men to deny rape occurs much at all.

The narrative is a direct response to an appalling historic record in which women were and still are regularly not believed when they allege sexual abuses committed against them. We see our past mirrored in less enlightened countries where women are blamed for their own rapes, accused of ‘asking for it’, and otherwise treated with a skepticism that wouldn’t greet, say, someone alleging their house had been robbed.

The biggest rape liars are men. They always say they didn’t do it.

But feminist excuses or distractions from the severity of the false allegation crime fuels the perception once again that women can’t be trusted to tell the truth, that ideology and claimed victimhood trumps evidence.

It makes it even harder to ‘believe women’ when otherwise guileless feminists who never met a rape victims they didn’t believe turn around and deny rapes that clearly occurred, and even worse, actual documented mass rape.

Sometimes women deserve rape. Right?

Feminist groups at the United Nations, the folks who once strongly condemned mass wartime rape in days of yore, looked the other way, whistled in the dark, and mumbled a lot.

“Every new wave of warfare brings with it a rising tide of human tragedy, including new waves of war’s oldest, most silenced and least condemned crime,” said Pramila Patten, the UN’s Special Representative of the Secretary-General on Sexual Violence in Conflict. Unfortunately, that was in July 2023, three months before October 7th. She didn’t, according to the website, get around to issuing any official statement on the Hamas attack until December 8th, with a press release expressing how Patten was “gravely concerned about emerging reports of sexual violence, against both women and men, while they were held in Hamas captivity.” ‘Emerging’? Where the hell has she been?

“Special Representative Patten expresses concern for those civilians still held hostage by Hamas, and calls for their immediate, safe, and unconditional release.” Nothing about the rapes that happened to the ones before December 8, especially the ones who didn’t survive to tell their stories.

Two frickin’ months.

While one might argue that investigations need to happen first - and I agree - this was one of the first massacres livestreamed by the perpetrators, documented on the fly. So, like, what part of this was still in dispute, Ms. Patten?

Other ‘feminists’ flat-out denied it happened at all. In Canada, we had Samantha Pearson, who heads up the University of Alberta’s sexual assault center. And Sara Jama, a Canadian Member of Parliament, and Susan Kim, a Victoria, British Columbia city council member, all of whom signed letters calling the Hamas sexual assaults ‘unverified’ or the attack on Israel an ‘unverified accusation’.

After the near-constant #MeToo global dissection of rape and sexual assault since the world discovered Harvey Weinstein was a disgusting pig, we were lectured incessantly on how we should #BelieveWomen and that women rarely, if ever, lie.

For all the bleating and drumbeating about how rape victims are traumatized further when they’re not believed, it seems today’s progressives would sooner quietly believe that the Hamas rapes were all a big lie, or at least, not as bad as people made them out to be. I mean, come on, it’s just Israelis saying it!

What harms women far more than false rape allegations are false allegations of false rape allegations. The Hamas ‘dispute’, if you can call it that, frankly ‘denial’ is a better word, harms all women and rape victims by making it look like feminists everywhere can’t recognize rape when it’s jammed up a screaming woman’s asshole.

Video evidence of genuine rape is rare, outside of porn channels, and even rarer is recorded rape by wartime perpetrators. What hurts more than angry men’s rights activists’ denial is when it comes from so-called feminists.

Hamas’s rape handmaids, deniers, ignorers, and apologists today strongly suggest or outright state those Israeli women deserved what they got, that all Israelis that day deserved it, because they’re ‘oppressors’.

Some women, they believe, do deserve their rapes.

I wonder if they realize how much they themselves are colonizers, settlers and oppressors.

I guess they’ll deserve it, too.


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