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LGBTQ Has A Persistent 'Grooming' Image Problem. Where Does It Come From?

Gay activists brought this on themselves with over-inclusivity. They need to set some boundaries, and NOW.

“My husband isn’t behind gay rights,” Janie, our church organist said back in my teen years. “He wonders if it’s a slippery slope. What’s next, necrophilia? Sex with animals? Sex with children?”

“It would never go that far,” I replied. “That other stuff is just gross. Dead bodies and animals are against the law! And no one thinks it’s okay to have sex with children!”

Forgive me my lack of prescience, it was 1980, and I was 17. Fast-forward forty-three years and things have changed. Rather a lot.

Gay rights activists are having a come-to-Jesus moment, if you’ll pardon the expression.

They need to draw some clear boundaries, and fast.

Because conservatives, and especially Christians, have never been down with going down on thy fellow man, and gay men’s cruelest adversaries have for many decades spread what we might call the ‘blood libel’ for gay men, the old conservative canard that they’re out to seduce and convert kids to gayism.

They’re not, but the optics aren’t good now, thanks to transactivists.

LGBTQ has acquired persistent grooming accusations in the last several years, although it’s important to note that grooming can also include manipulating another for one’s own personal purposes, not necessarily sexual. But transactivism’s aggressive focus on children makes many look suspiciously pedo-y.

LGBTQ is no more prone to pedophilia than straight people, regardless of how they dress, but they have to deal with this ugly resurrected optic. The historical liberal inability to say No to anyone persuaded the alphabet soup gang to allow the one letter heretofore prohibited - the ‘H’. This permitted entry, unintentionally or not, of a fair number of heterosexual male-to-female (M2F) transwomen, not all of whom were ‘gender dysphoric’, regardless of what they claimed. Historically, a particular male sexual fetish called autogynephilia has accounted for a fair number of transsexuals (now identifying as transgender) according to transsexualism research by pioneers Dr. Raymond Blanchard and Dr. Michael Bailey, author of The Man Who Would Be Queen.

It’s much easier to garner public acceptance of a ‘dysphoria’ than for a sexual fetish. Particularly when kids are around.

The unintended consequence of this inclusivity unwittingly opened the door to certain heterosexual men unconcerned with how their child-focused behavior might be interpreted or affect the movement at large. It bat-signalled pedophiles to prepare to breach the LGBTQ fortress—again. Because guess what, this shit has happened before. Gay activists and other progressives are slow learners.

Transactivists, with their queer-positive agenda, are the reason the optics aren’t good, as indoctrination and grooming is clearly present.

Grooming isn’t always about sex with children. Catholic families have ‘groomed’ sons to become priests. One can groom (or attempt to) another for many different objectives. But it’s become closely associated with grooming children for sexual purposes, and that’s an image most LGBTQ know to stay miles away from.

To be clear: Neither transactivism nor the transgender community is a hellhole of undercover pedophiles, with one exception: The prison system, where, in Canada, 44% of transwomen prisoners have a history of sexual offenses, nearly half in England and Wales, and half in the United States. But that’s a different story since male prisoners often identify after conviction in order to get admitted to women’s prisons. Apart from that, there’s no data to indicate non-prisoner transactivists, drag queens or gay men are especially attracted to children. No more than straight men who wear dude clothes and do dude stuff.

Bring in the fetishists

In the early years, the rainbow acronym wasn’t longer than George Santos’s impressive resume. In the beginning, it was LGB - Lesbian/Gay/Bisexual - but over the years, it’s grown into a late night comedian’s joke - LGBTQIA2+, and it now includes, indirectly, the least marginalized group ever - H(etorosexual) men.

Related: We’re Running Out Of Letters Of The Alphabet! - Anthony Eichenberger, Medium

M2F transwomen attracted to women aren’t the only heterosexuals in the movement. F2M transmen, especially young former teenage girls, exploded exponentially in the past twelve years, which included a fair number of budding lesbians. Many detransitioned teens have claimed they realized later they were simply gay. But we don’t hear too much from F2Ms, gay or heterosexual. The activism is primarily on the biological male (M2F) side.

LGB activists’ introduction of ‘T’ - Transsexual or today, Transgender - around 2000 brought the pedophile image problem back to gay men by association in a roundabout way. Perhaps it was progressive worship of holy political correctness, ‘inclusivity’, or simply pressure to conform and belong. Gay Pride parades have openly displayed sexual fetishism they share with heteros for many years - ‘kink’, ‘bears’, puppy hoods, ponyboys, BDSM.

Perhaps gay activists didn’t realize just how hetero transsexualism was, heavily populated by autogynephiles and cross-dressers.

Gay men have always been hypersensitive to the conservative smear that they seduce children, an image not helped with a four-decades-long Catholic priest scandal, which is far less gay than one might think. Not all male-on-male perpetrators are gay, especially in the Church.

But fifty-four years after Stonewall launched the gay rights movement, ‘inclusivity’, ‘tolerance’, and ‘non-judgmentalism’, coupled with some monumental past pedophile screwups, leave homosexual men facing renewed allegations of sexual grooming, thanks to Trans, and here’s how.

Pedos, Part Un

In the late ‘80s the International Lesbian/Gay Association idiotically admitted NAMBLA to their ranks, later discovered and busted by ultra-conservative Republican US Senator Jesse Helms (1994). Embarrassment ensued.

Pedos, Part Deux

Britain’s Paedophile Information Exchange for ten years lobbied for the abolition of the age of sexual consent. Its founder was a gay college student who didn’t identify as a pedophile, but whose affair with a 15-year-old gay teenager revealed to him that perhaps they needed to legalize laws allowing older men to have sex with underage boys (or maybe girls too, but EWWWW!)

(Note: Adults who like teenagers are not pedophiles, but hebephiles, which may or may not be legal depending on age of consent laws in their area.)

PIE was pretty closely associated with gay UK culture. One member’s pro-pedophile speech at a 1975 gay rights conference raised a few eyebrows, not to mention a minor media shitstorm when it argued for the ‘sexual liberation’ of children. A survey in the late ‘70s revealed that its members mostly favoured sex with girls aged 8-11 and boys aged 11-15.

Charges of ‘gay recruitment’ tailed the gay rights movement like an obsessed private investigator for many years after.

Liberal Feminists: Some child molesters aren’t as bad as others

For sixteen years organized gangs of U.K. Pakistani Muslim men sexually abused and exploited young white girls, teaching liberals that the only thing worse than raping kids is ‘stigmatizing’ dark-skinned rapists. While this scandal didn’t include homosexuality or LGBTQ, ‘progressive’ feminists, customary LGBTQ ‘allies’, normalized heterosexual pedophilia that was, shall we say, less condemnatory than it would have been for ‘non-marginalized’ [ie., white] perpetrators.

Makes you wonder who else is getting away with molesting kids because 'progressives’ are afraid to be called the dreaded ‘R(acist)’ word.

Ladies, if you’re going to be raped, make sure it’s by white men, or ‘progressive’ feminists will ignore you.

Social media, Part Un

Not much later in the U.S., the ‘T’s Ed Wood-reminiscent straight men aggressively lobbied for increased trans rights.

Trans grooming began on social media but wasn’t about adult-child sex; it was to promote and spread trans/gender ideology, primarily by teens and young adults, not older ones. Transactivists groomed malleable feminists and progressives to accept (undercover) male desires. It’s a long, slow, but largely dependable process.

Then the schools…

This is where grooming adults, especially parents, really got started.

Transactivists introduced gender ideology into public education, teaching kids in elementary school they have to figure out what sex they are despite millions of years of baby humans not requiring any assistance from the Genderbread Person. Transactivists pushed an aggressive agenda based on queer theory and indoctrinated mostly progressive parents to go along. If any resisted, education activists called them ‘right wingers’ and ‘fascists’ and told kids not to tell mommy and daddy if they wanted new pronouns or to be treated as something they’re not.

Just imagine how those same ‘progressive’ parents would react if they found there was a similarly aggressive push by Christian fundamentalists to instill literalist Bible ideology in their kids, especially if it was offered as a counterpoint to gender ideology indoctrination.

Teachers, principals and education administrators colluded by not informing the parents if or when their child wished to be treated differently. Slowly education’s transactivist ‘ally’ foot soldiers have been chipping away at parents’ right to know, which has led to lawsuits in Maine, California, Michigan and Wyoming, along with red states banning or pulling back on ‘gender-affirming care’ for children, and a 1 Million March For Children across Canada in September. Meanwhile, the Canadian Civil Liberties Association is fighting a requirement for parental permission before teachers use chosen pronouns.

Then there’s the controversial right-left censorship tug-of-war over the kid’s book Genderqueer, which includes many ridiculously inappropriate images including one guy giving another a blowjob. Yes really. No, nothing recruit-y to see here.

Social media, Part Deux

Social media-induced gender dysphoria has played a huge role in the explosion of trans people. Tumblr pioneered the plethora of labels and pronoun sets and churned out new ‘genders’ and identities, while YouTube offered what appear to be borderline trans recruitment videos with generalities offered for why one might be ‘trans’.

A non-binary person notes that ‘discomfort with puberty’ and feeling like ‘you might be different’ are signs you might be trans. Somehow, older generations went through this too without requiring hormone blockers or surgery.

Online activists encourage children to question whether they were ‘born in the right body’ and teach them how to approach their parents with this ‘problem’, and what to do if they encounter resistance. (Threaten to commit suicide!) Some position themselves as a child’s alternative ‘family’, one they could leave their birth family for if they aren’t supportive.

The many types of grooming

It’s not hard to understand why people conflate kid-focused transactivism with pedo grooming. The two agendas have several common elements, like teaching parents to accept authority that’s not theirs, to not question the adults who influence their children, to encourage their children not to tell Mommy and Daddy ‘secrets’ they won’t like, to help them source forbidden items like chest binders and puberty blockers, and using persuasive rhetoric to isolate children from their families, encouraging them to trust the stranger in the YouTube or TikTok video rather than the people who love them.

The media has twisted its BVDs and Victoria’s Secrets into bunches trying to explain why transactivists aren’t actually ‘grooming’ kids for some nefarious sexual purpose.

PolitiFact, an otherwise excellent resource for fact-checking the media and politicians, seems not to understand that grooming doesn’t only apply to describing pedo tactics, although that’s where it originated and is still strongly associated with it. It quoted David Finkelhor, a sociology professor and director of Crimes Against Children Research who defined grooming strictly as “a set of behaviors and manipulations that adults use to make it easier to introduce and complete sexual interactions with a child, without having to use physical force.”

It misses that grooming can take other forms, sometimes connecting indirectly with pedophile objectives. One could argue that conservative religion grooms children by perpetuating a patriarchal structure that serves males by teaching young people to submit to male authority. While it’s not specifically about having sex with children, its norms nevertheless discourage young people from reporting sexual abuse by adults, especially those in direct authority like religious leaders or their aides.

Another example might be child beauty pageants, long accused of grooming little girls and toddlers to sexualize themselves, offering what many regard as highly inappropriate performances that would be the envy of any drag queen. JonBenet Ramsey’s sexual abuse and murder is still unsolved 27 years later, and recent police attention has focused once again on a pedophile living in her neighborhood who may have been obsessed with the child who looked six going on twenty-six.

The grooming image problem lies in the fact that transactivists have quite clearly been grooming children and parents to fit a murky gender agenda with unclear objectives. Some may be pedophiles with their own motives, but what’s much clearer is that with or without transactivist cooperation, pedophiles are busy rebranding while waiting for the right opportunity to apply for acceptability again, and transactivist narrative has groomed parents not to question their children, not to wonder whether an eight-year-old can know he’s ‘not supposed to be’ a boy, and that parents have no right to say no to or set boundaries for and around their own children.


A controversial doctor named Jacob Breslow on the board of a U.K. transchildren charity was forced to resign when a scandal erupted over a presentation he gave to a pedophile support group, in which he redefined pedophiles as ‘Minor Attracted Persons’ or MAPs.

He compared masturbating and ‘cumming’ with a shoe to doing the same with a child, adding that it “requires a rethinking of both the child and of the person for whom the child is a sexual fantasy or partner."

The charity, meanwhile, sent even underage kids breast binders on the sly, along with same-day cross-sex hormones, for kids with recalcitrant parents.

Dr. Breslow’s pedo-friendly work sanitizing attraction to children may intersect shortly with parents groomed not to say No to their children.

Parents have been taught to unquestioningly believe their children ‘know’ what’s allegedly best for themselves, and that they must accept new pronouns, names, and potentially fertility-destroying drugs and surgeries. The dangerous lesson primes parents to be ready for the day when they’re told, ‘It’s not your place to tell your child they can’t have sex with me. Children know what they want and need. Butt out.”

[See: PIE, above.]

And this just in: A pro-pedophile German activist group is demanding lesbians be removed from a Berlin Gay Museum exhibit claiming they have “submitted in every way to the anti-pedophile zeitgeist of the heterosexual mainstream.”

Well at least lesbians can be counted on to defend kids, if not straight progressive feminists.

The loudest voices in a large LGBTQ community where many are trans but neither activist, recruity nor groomy—have been encouraging us all to be more accepting, which is fine, transfolk have rights too, but it shouldn’t include a new class of sexual predators who already are a real threat to women and children, and especially female prisoners, where newly-transferred, newly-self-identified ‘transwoman’ prisoners exhibit high rates of prior sexual assault.

‘Woke’ initiatives to ‘respect’ male prisoners’ sudden trans identity has resulted in a spike in new ‘transwomen’ drawn directly from sexual predators.

If these guys get out of prison and don’t drop the trans persona and offend again, it’s going to drive up trans sex crime statistics and greater public fear of transwomen. It’s unfortunate, because cross-dressers and autogynephiles may be fetishists, but their paraphilias have nothing to do with kids. Pedophilia is its own paraphilia, which can co-exist with others, but there’s no data to suggest other fetishes incline one towards children. In fact, the primary source of pedo-breeding may be freely-available kiddie porn, not LGBTQ membership.

In the world outside prison, it’s the ‘T’, not the gay dudes, making the movement look predatory by association. It’s they who demand entrance to women’s-only safe spaces like bathrooms and changing rooms. The aggressive push by transactivists demonstrates how indisputably heterosexual male that corner of the trans movement is, as gay men have zero interest in seeing naked ladies, nor do they feel so ‘unsafe’ they need to use the ladies’ loo. I believe it’s also part of a greater political movement to force women to conform to male desires, which predatory heterosexual men have lost with modern feminism.

Their allies are woke, illiberal and regressive ‘feminists’, easily manipulated by sexual predators.

The LGBTQ ‘grooming’ problem isn’t just right-wing paranoia or moral panic. Many on the left have noted the similarities too. I’ve argued in the past that drag queens need to be mindful of similar concerns about themselves, and now those optics are focused on LGBTQ at large. It would greatly help if these transactivists were more respectful of parents’ rights to determine what education and socialization their child gets and not assume every parent who keeps a child home on Pride Day is necessarily raising a homophobe or transphobe-in-training.

Grooming optics are a problem LGBTQ have created for themselves, and they can un-create it if they so choose.

They need to know when to say No to aggressive transactivism. Or even kick out the ‘T’. They’ll get lots of support from unwoke feminists. And lesbians.

I just gave my Pride flag, purchased at the 2010 Pride Parade, to a thrift shop as I find myself sort of embarrassed to have it now. I’m happy to re-adopt it someday if the movement cleans up its act. In the meantime, if you liked this post and want to see more, I lean left of center, but not so far over my brains fall out. Subscribe to my Substack newsletter Grow Some Labia so you never miss a damn thing!




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