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When Did Certain Feminists Become Such Tools For The Patriarchy?

Far-left feminists have left the 'reality based community' and joined the effort to destroy women's rights

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It feels like a very dark time to be a woman, online or offline. You’d better watch your mouth, or else.

Guns and rape threats from one side, deplatforming and rape threats from the other.

People who’ve decided to be women - because, you know, it’s that easy, just snap your carefully-manicured black-polished fingers - will shut you down, assault you, threaten you, maybe even your family. They will get you fired.

They will ruin your life.

And that’s just the angry transvestites, doing what abusive men have been doing to women for thousands of years.

What’s far more mystifying is their genteel little handmaids - not the ones on the right, although they’re there too, waiting for their menfolk to take charge (yet still I add #NotAllConservativeWomen). I reference those on the left - mostly those way farther down who fancy themselves ‘feminists’, who are nothing more than good little Tools of the Patriarchy.

Doing the bidding of the sort of men they’d never tolerate if he wore a NASCAR shirt instead of a bustier.

Yammering on about abusive men and ignoring the ongoing monstering of their sister J.K. Rowling, just as in the witch hunts of yore. Condemning celebrity men accused of physically abusing their partners, yet cheering on transactivist physical assaults on biological women at Let Women Speak rallies.

Cute little girlies playing at being feminist, little realizing how closely they resemble their sisters on the far right. This is what went down at my alma mater, Kent State University, recently. A female (a real one) transactivist proved a challenger’s point about how much she acts like a Nazi.

She realized she overstepped her ‘rights’ when the guys noted she’d just committed an assault on camera. Okay, it’s not an ‘assault’ in the traditional sense but it absolutely is by ‘woke’ standards. She slinks away slowly, into the crowd, I bet to make a break for her dorm room before campus security shows up.

How did feminists become so passive?

Remember when feminists stood up for women’s rights, rather than men’s? Let’s be clear: The trans movement is primarily about men’s rights, to define themselves as women and to go where they want to go, parade their dicks around where they want, and destroy Title IX by discouraging women out of sports by competing against them.

All with the blessing of so-called ‘lefties’ and easily-gaslit Regressive Left ‘feminists’.

It’s getting so you can’t tell the difference between the left and Ladies Against Women. Although at least LAW is a conscious joke.

June 23rd marks the 51st anniversary of Title IX, making it illegal to discriminate against women’s sports at any educational institution receiving federal funding. Second Wave feminists fought long and hard for this, and now their adorable little granddaughters with purple hair and rainbow-colored clothing are working to destroy it, guilelessly playing into the hands of the far right who can’t stand how confident succeeding in sports makes women, and greedy male athletes who’d rather have all the funding back for themselves, thankyouverymuch.

It’s not hard to see the right-wing agenda at play in the ‘transwoman’ athlete debate, unless you’re a gutless girlie who hasn’t challenged your own assumptions since you were old enough to legally drink.

How can these women obsess so much about ‘the patriarchy’ and ‘misogyny’ and endlessly debate male entitlement, narcissism, and abusive behavior toward women and yet be so relentlessly blind to exactly that, right in front of their pretty little faces?

Male violence: It’s not always bad, I guess. Those TERF bitches had it comin’ to ‘em, amirite?

How can rational, intelligent women who brook no nonsense from religious fundamentalists on women’s place, who will fight celebrity sexual abusers tooth and nail, who will support their victims, stand with E. Jean Carroll and Jeffrey Epstein’s former Lolitas, who condemn Donald Trump as possibly the worst human being ever, turn a blind eye to the grossest, rankest, most obvious misogyny, including statements and behavior they’d vehemently condemn if Republicans or famously conservative celebrities made or engaged in?

All for the Devil in a blue dress.

I mean, how tolerant would they be if Matt Gaetz told his female critics to ‘Suck my dick,’ or Ronald DeSantis demanded the right to use the women’s changing room?

Which he might actually get away with if he added a wig to his white go-go boots. I’m not kidding. He’s kind of an aging prettyboy.

What if he did it in a dress and a cheap wig? Would that make it okay?

When did some feminists turn their brains over to The Patriarchy (dun-dun DUUUUUNNN!!!)?

The New Satanic Panic

Sometimes I feel like I’m walking among the Pod People. Like, any moment, Donald Sutherland will turn, point, and make that hell-demon scream.

Because I haven’t drunk the Kool-Aid. Or fallen asleep near a trans-pod.

Christian fundamentalist nuttiness in the ‘80s spawned the Satanic Panic, leading Americans and Europeans for about fifteen years to search for some mythical underground Satanic network torturing and abusing children by repurposing the old ‘blood libels’ against the Jews.

I’ve encountered weird beliefs as a Pagan, and New Age observer, and, for about twelve years, student of comparative religions. I’ve known people in groups who believed they were alien abductees, reincarnations of historical people, and in possession of amazing psychic abilities they weren’t. That God created the world in less than a week and that he picked a bunch of illiterate desert dwellers as his chosen people. Hoomans are good at self-aggrandizing, deluding each other, and most of all ourselves.

But nothing takes the biscuit in my two-thirds-lived life so far as the utter steamrolling of such clearly delusional trans ideology over so-called ‘feminist’ brains.

It’s our equivalent Trump’s-stolen-election-level delusion.

Tragically, real people, genuine transfolk, suffer as a result. Their antecedents crossed the gender lines in many historical times and places. Why some people feel genuinely ‘born in the wrong body’ is beyond my understanding but given that it’s clear many are born gay or lesbian, a subject that was not resolved when I was in college, I accept that there may be processes in the fetal brain that mess up a bit, leaving someone more than a bit confused in our sexually dimorphic world. Or that hormonal events can perhaps change how one feels about one’s self. Or even that it might be a mental illness. We don’t know yet.

Research on transgenderism is still in its infancy, shackled by vicious transactivists who shut down academic research and ruin careers if scientists don’t support their fundamentalist narrative.

If they’re ‘right’, as they maintain, what are they so afraid of?

I’ve known people with genuine gender dysphoria, and it’s as difficult for them, in many ways, to exist in a patriarchal world as it is for the rest of us, although more liberal environments can make it easier.

But the transgender movement, infected by the homophobic, gynophobic woke mind virus, isn’t primarily about them, the genuinely gender dysphoric, it’s been hijacked, as always, by largely heterosexual men with differing agendas who’ve deduced, quite rightly, that they can get certain naive ‘feminists’ on board if they successfully appropriate the mantle of marginalization.

It’s about coercing women to submit to male desires. Like good women did before ‘feminism ruined everything’.

Graphic image of a pretty dark-haired, slim-wasted, smiling '50s housewife bearing a plate of wrapped, packaged food
“Yes dear. Whatever you say, dear.” Public domain image

Never has there been a ‘social justice’ movement that demanded, and received legal support for, requiring and enforcing the rest of us to go along with their self-perceptions. Civil rights, #MeToo, poverty activism, environmental activism and many others have all, at times, demanded too much, or in certain circles required uncritical fealty to some dominant narrative or dogma, but no one ever got fired because they said they thought George Floyd or the whooping crane had it coming to him.

A repugnant idea, as I’m sure some have said, at least privately, but not cancel-worthy. Even ugly ideas are a part of public discourse, and exactly how much of which is a problem we’re going to face in the coming years.

And all with the help of patriarchy’s good little handmaids.

If you can’t beat The Patriarchy, join it!

The most dangerously uncritical, pro-patriarchal element in Regressive Left ‘woke’ feminism is the erroneous belief that puberty is a dis-ease that needs to be treated medically for children resisting the perfectly natural physical transition from childhood to adulthood, leading one to wonder whether perhaps the problem is real-world Peter Pans.

Instead, puberty gets redefined as supreme torture requiring escape into the other sex.

J.K. Rowling began speaking out about the trans movement when she read how, in the U.K., the number of girls suddenly wanting to become boys grew by a mind-boggling 4,000%. Historically, males to females have far outnumbered the reverse, Chaz Bono being very much an early-movement outlier. Anyone older than forty can remember a time when the number of trans kids was zero, and changing sex wasn’t even an item for discussion.

Now girls with sexual trauma in their past and discomfort with the attention their budding bodies receive from immature boys and even more ominously, creepy older men, are escaping into the birth sex they aren’t.

How have we older feminists failed young girls if we’re not teaching them from a very early age how to handle misogyny and sexual harassment, who to complain to and to come to Mom and Dad if it persists?

Rather, today’s tools for the patriarchy preach the supremely, 180-degree-about-face unfeminist lie that, if you don’t like living in a sexist, misogynist world, the answer is to become a man rather than, say fighting misogyny, sexism and patriarchy.

Because I’d like to remind these ‘feminists’, and the transvestites they defend, there’s nothing wrong with being a biological woman.

How did the normal process of turning from a child into an adult, which humans have been undergoing for millions of years if they’re lucky enough to not have died before adolescence, become so pathologized, that it must be treated medically rather than psychologically, since genuine delayed puberty affects only a small percentage?

The farthest-left feminists, who scream the loudest about misogyny and bigotry on the right, are as silent as little lambs about the abusive practice of cutting off a girl’s breasts and shrivelling her reproductive organs before her brain is fully developed enough to know what the person inside the meat package really wants.

Women’s rights? Really, girlies?

When is male abuse of women acceptable? Don’t say ‘never’ when you watch mansplaining transactivists and your witless biological sisters shut down women’s speech and physically assault them for challenging the mass madness.

Where were these feminist sisters when the Trans-Patriarchy forced female athlete Riley Gaines into a classroom where she had to remain under police protection for three hours while harridans biologically male and female screamed abuse and epithets at her the entire way?

Like this video here documenting it from Twitter. Posted by a notorious right-wing whack job. Who was RIGHT about the left’s response to this.

Gaines’s response:

Gaines was at San Francisco State University in April to speak out against how she and her female teammates had to compete against Lia Thomas, a fully male ‘transwoman’ competitive swimmer and share a locker room with his full maleness on display.

The same feminists who damn the Republicans and conservatives for their anti-science opinions and policies on how women’s bodies work ignore the glaringly obvious truth—no need for detailed scientific papers on this one, folks—that male athletes shouldn’t compete with female athletes because of their clear, obvious, historically-documented physical advantage.


An advantage they never lose no matter how many hormones they take.

This is the sort of WTF is wrong with your brain, you dizzy bint, moment, accentuated by the same Tucker Carlson face I also serve the pizza pedophile conspiracists, Trump supporters after his federal indictment, and pretty much anything emanating from Marjorie Taylor Greene.

I mean, the stupidity of the far-left’s embrace of the glaringly ridiculous, dangerous, and obviously unscientific fallacies perpetrated by the phallocracy is every bit as palpable as evolutionary physiology suddenly taking a wild, drunken U-turn the wrong way down a puberty exit ramp in the 21st century.

Puberty is not torture. Males should not compete with females. It’s really, really simple for feminists if you’re not highly malleable and susceptible to male manipulation.

It’s not my opinion. It’s the science, stupid.

I am part of what the Republicans twenty years ago began disparaging as the ‘reality-based community’.

Now ‘woke’ feminists and their transactivist masters have divested themselves of reality, and support assaulting children with unneeded medical intervention and women’s rights with transvestites on female sports teams and concerted attacks on free speech exactly like you see in Putin’s Russia.

And I’ll remind you, it’s no longer a Communist country. It’s a right-wing dictatorship, which is why Donald Trump loves Putie-Pie so much.

Critics call Riley Gaines a ‘conservative’ speaker. I don’t know her politics and I couldn’t find them; but she’s made several appearances on right-wing media. Hmmm, I wonder why? Maybe because they provide the love, support, sympathy and sound science vs the abuse she receives coming from the left?

Dear Goddess, is the right now more feminist than the left?

Real feminists still have a lot of work to do

Sometimes I wonder if I’m too hard on the young’uns, expecting them to know what I know after forty years of conscious feminism.

Then I wonder what happened to Generation X, my generation, that we let girls grow up thinking, tacitly or publicly, that it was okay to identify with victimhood, and at the same time still manage to raise misogynist boys.

Patriarchy wasn’t built in a day, and it will take more than a century of modern-day feminism to tear it down.

It strikes me that the problems, as always, are the psychological weaknesses in feminine brains. Not intellectual weakness, but evolutionary traits that may no longer serve us as well. We don’t challenge ourselves, and each other enough.

We don’t question our own bad judgments, bad decisions, and bad behaviors enough. We’ve turned ‘Don’t blame the victim’ into a holy, untouchable mantra rather than evolving it into what’s more relevant today: Don’t BE the victim.

A turn from personal responsibility somewhere in the ‘90s has rendered some feminists as helpless as our foremothers at the beginning of Second Wave feminism. They existed in a world where they had far fewer rights than we have today, when sexual harassment was ‘just how men are’, and ‘take it as a compliment’. When rape was jokingly treated as ‘If you can’t stop it, just lie back and enjoy it’, a supremely male way of thinking. I doubt many jokesters would have just stayed still and ‘enjoyed it’ if another man was forcing his dick into his asshole.

Rape: It’s never as funny when you’re the victim.

Regressive feminism isn’t just a problem of the young woke. Much of it comes from still-unaddressed, outdated victimhood ideology in older X’ers and Boomers. No, it doesn’t matter what she was wearing when she was raped, but we need to acknowledge that sometimes we do dumb shit and if we think more proactively and preemptively, we can reduce the rape rate simply by making better choices.

What kicked off the ‘take back your power, grow some labia’ idea in my brain was when I got into a car with a strange man I’d met an on online dating app and came close to a real sexual assault. I was 51.

I got out of it okay, was really mad at him for what happened and never saw him again but later, I was really mad at myself for allowing that to happen, even though I’d had reservations about it.

We have to focus on ourselves now. It’s no longer all about men, male dominance, power, and the patriarchy. We have more power now, but we haven’t yet accepted the responsibility that comes with it.

The woke kiddies have the power but neither the maturity, experience, nor responsibility the mature handling of power requires. They misuse and abuse it, exactly like their brothers and sisters on the far right.

Right-wing gynophobes have successfully ended women’s reproductive rights. Left-wing gynophobes have targeted women’s.

I expect Lia Thomas will successfully compete in the Olympics women’s swimming pre-trials. And he will take the gold that belongs to real women.

But the good news, for the left at least, is that they’ll all be woke AF.

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