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'Cancelling' J.K. Rowling Rather Than Emma Watson Demonstrates How Fucked Up Feminism Is

Updated: Mar 12, 2023

Emma Watson only reads about misogyny. J.K. Rowling lives it.

British actress Emma Watson looking very pretty in a summer dress
Image by Catsya on DeviantArt, CC0 3.0

"I have been directed by male directors 17 times and only twice by women," [and] "of the producers I’ve worked with 13 have been male and only one has been a woman."

Emma Watson is no feminist.

Once unfairly criticized for being a ‘white feminist’ (white isn’t a choice, people) who didn’t understand the ‘intersectionality’ of other women’s perspectives (duh, neither do those other women) there’s nothing to indicate she has much of a clue about any real challenges most women face when they’re not born to two legal-eagle lawyer parents watching out for their nine-year-old budding thespian at every step of her career.

The preppy British plum claims she suffered the ‘full spectrum’ of sexual harassment at the 2018 Golden Globe awards.

I somehow doubt that, as being a less-protected actress in Hollywood means suffering bun burns from the casting couch or being able to describe Harvey Weinstein’s disgusting genitals to a jury.

If Watson’s ever experienced any of that, she’s never mentioned it. I tried to find what Hollywood sexism she personally experienced beyond a bunch of likely fart jokes at dinner or the worst one could say about a director is—he’s a man, but I found nothing. Perhaps, quite rightly, she fears damaging her acting career while she’s still a hot ticket.

Maybe she’ll ‘fess up after she retires.

In the meantime, I damn her pseudo-feminism not because she’s clearly as privileged as her detractors claim, even rich privileged people have their stories and experiences, but because having once shown real promise to take feminism beyond its tired perma-victimized narrative to a new level, she instead chose to de-volve, becoming a good little handmaid, doing, saying and thinking whatever certain misogynist men tell her to.

The former feminist used to stand up for women’s rights, and would never have tolerated male abuse of women. Today, mum’s the word for angry transactivists who viciously abuse, threaten, and call filthy names J.K. Rowling, the woman whose phenomenally successful children’s books and subsequent movies are the reason why anyone even knows Watson’s name.

J.K. Rowling has been dragged all over Twitter for having the labia to stand up to gynophobic transvestites, starting with supporting a woman who lost her job who dared to speak truth to those who see biology as heresy: Maya Forstater was fired from her job for stating the glaringly obvious scientific fact that no one can change their biological sex.

J.K. Rowling knows a thing or two about abusive men, having divorced one before becoming one of the most successful children’s authors ever, while the worst the ridiculously privileged Watson’s ever alluded to is some Hollywood sexualization, some of which, like most young actresses, she’s encouraged herself. Instead of standing up for a fellow woman, abused and vilified by hateful misogynists, Watson chose to side with the boys, turning her back on a woman desperately in need of her feminist sisters’ support. For Watson, ‘feminism’ is a meaningless word. Rather a lot like ‘transphobic’.

Emma Watson tweet: Trans people are who they say they are and deserve to live their lives without being constantly questioned or told they aren't who they say they are.
What Watson replied when J.K. Rowling tweeted in support of women’s right to be women.

To further demonstrate how little she understands the feminist challenge of recognizing bold misogyny, Watson also shared she donates to a highly questionable charity:

Emma Watson tweet on how she supports the Mermaids charity

Mermaids is a controversial British pro-trans charity who for years has communicated with many young people, including those not of legal age, sending them ‘breast binders’ to flatten their breasts, even when kids email them admitting their parents won’t let them buy one.

Mermaids also pushed ‘same day’ cross-sex hormone treatments for children, behind parents’ backs of course, despite many scientists and medical professionals warning there’s no certainty yet on the potential for irreversible health effects, like permanent infertility and lifelong health problems.

Funny, when adult men communicate with children in email on the sly and send them free stuff, people get upset about it.

Worst of all, a pedophile apologist resigned from the Mermaids board when it was revealed he’d given a speech to an advocacy group for pedophiles to which he referred to them as the ‘minor attracted’. He’s compared masturbating with and ‘cumming on a shoe’ to ‘cumming on a child’.

Commented J.K. Rowling after the pedophile row:

J.K. Rowling tweets her disapproval of the Mermaids charity, noting that public support of certain corporations and celebrities made them popular, despite numerous red flags. Also references the U.K. Tavistock gender clinic controversy.
J.K. Rowling returns the volley to Emma

England’s National Health Service ordered Tavistock, the country’s only gender identity clinic for kids and young people, to shut down by the spring of 2023 for being “not a safe or viable long-term option” for the young gender-confused, an independent report finding they were put “at considerable risk” from an “unquestioning affirmative approach.” The predictable class-action lawsuit soon followed on behalf of a a thousand families with post-transitional regret.

If Emma Watson has anything to say about her support for Mermaids, or an opinion on L’Affaire Tavistock, I can’t find it.

Other prominent Mermaids supporters include Prince Harry and his wife Meghan Markle, brother Prince William and his wife Kate, and U.S. Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.

How to gaslight feminists

“I went out for a work dinner recently. It was 7 men… and me." (2015)

In the olden days, feminists fought for women’s rights, and until very recently, no one had to spell out exactly what a woman is: An adult human female, regardless of how she feels, acts or is privileged enough to identify.

Women became a protected class as a result of the feminist movement, and fought long and hard for the same rights as men.

Those rights have always been under attack by conservatives, who prefer to see women by more traditional, masculine definitions, and it was taken as a given that the left was the pro-feminist, anti-misogyny crowd.

Except the same level of toxic masculinity was always there, just better camouflaged.

Manipulative men, always so good at gaslighting and persuading vulnerable female minds, particularly young and inexperienced ones, struggled for a long time to figure out how to manipulate those bossy, strident, demanding feminists who insisted on better behavior from men than they were ever expected before that bitch Friedan upended the apple cart.

They finally figured out the Achilles’s heel of the left: Inclusivity.

The left, to its credit, has always striven to provide a ‘big tent’ for the marginalized, those who were not born into apex privilege. Inclusivity became a tool with which they might finally conquer the world for true progressivism.

Progressives patted themselves on the back for being so inclusive, and striving to eliminate bigotry and prejudice from within their souls. It became hard to avoid the moral smugness derived from looking over the political fence at t’other side, with their racism, misogyny, and homophobia on display like trans-identified male Darren Merager’s genitals in a San Francisco spa. The left self-righteously addressed the moral failings of fundamentalist religion and the privileged politics of the super-rich, and the way these groups gaslit their uneducated, working-class base into voting against their own interests over, and over, and over again.

The left’s smugness grew, and moral superiority turned downright insipid with the rise of Donald Trump, a human lance who unleashed the ugly boil on the conservative, Republican soul. All the very worst spewed forth: Unbridled white supremacy, accompanied by Confederate flags; Hitler fanboys carting swastika banners and chanting, “Jews will not replace us!” in Charlottesville; an accused rapist on the Supreme Court; a submissive, religious cult handmaid joining them.

Progressives were so morally superior.

Yet right under our pretty little noses, angry misogynists were gaslighting progressive brains, figuring out that ‘inclusiveness’ was the key to persuading certain feminists to admit men who didn’t have their best interests at heart, and enabling our so-called ‘feminist’ men to get in touch with their Inner Misogynist.

The men’s rights gang figured out that by appropriating the costume and culture of female victimization and marginalization, they, too, could join the club, with feminists’ blessings.

The farther progressives were down the left side of the political spectrum, the easier they were to gaslight.

‘Woke’, which started with the best of intentions, ‘waking up’ to the systematic discrimination and inequality of so many marginalized tribes, descended into an ugly far-left, cult-like version of the MAGA movement: Rigidly dogmatic, bigoted and prejudiced (white people, male people), and ideologically extremist. There were no shades of transgression; every sin was a mortal sin. Your life could be destroyed as much for having done blackface at a college frat party forty years ago as for having drugged and raped dozens of women.

While the ‘woke’ laughed and pointed fingers at ‘those stupid QAnon-loving MAGAs’, believing the pandemic was fake and that Trump won the 2020 election, it cultivated its own equal disinformation campaigns to fool those on their own side who lacked proper critical thinking faculties.

Some far-left gullibles pioneered the modern-day vaccines-are-evil cause, while others opened their minds to psychological, political, emotional, and ideological manipulation.

Certain men realized the burgeoning trans movement offered an entrance into progressive, and particularly feminist, brains.

Gaslighting: What it isn’t, and what it is

We women - all of us, no matter where we come from - suffer certain psychological elements which make us all vulnerable to gaslighting and other forms of manipulation.

‘Gaslighting’ is a word particularly vulnerable to lingual abuse. It means manipulating someone to doubt their own sanity, yet gets used and abused by those who confuse their opinion or point of view with factual evidence to the contrary.

When I Googled it awhile back I found an article warning about ‘racial gaslighting’, some of which included white comments like, “Are you sure that’s what they meant?” or, “Are you sure it was that bad?”

I can understand how some racists might downplay someone’s racial harassment or discrimination experience, but with the far-left’s habit of hyper-exaggerating every little alleged ‘microaggression’, I can see how some anti-racists’ views can be skewed by their own partisan, hyper-victimized, or even racially bigoted perspective.

I’ve read countless articles by women who hyper-exaggerated their experiences of ‘misogyny’ and ‘patriarchy’ and male entitlement. Minor transgressions turned into world-class MeToo moments. Like a guy who touched a brooch pinned to a woman’s bosom. Or an untoward comment in an office. (Whatever happened to just trying to work it out with the offender first, before dragging the boss, HR, lawyers, or the Supreme Court into it?)

‘Lived experience’ isn’t evidence. It’s opinion. It’s subject to what may well be a highly-skewed, even prejudiced interpretation by the experiencer.

So no, challenging someone else’s suspiciously performative ‘lived experience’ isn’t necessarily gaslighting, although it can be.

Gaslighting does occur when we’re told to accept something clearly wrong. Like that you can change sex when you can’t. No matter what you do to your body, no matter how sincerely you ‘identify’ as the opposite sex, your biology speaks the truth. Male bodies will never menstruate and even if they could somehow get pregnant, male hips are too narrow to pass a baby between them. Their birth would have to be Caesarean. Why? Because they’re males.

And ‘transmen’ still bleed monthly unless they take menstruation suppressors which they have to do to eliminate periods because they’re females.

It’s not ‘gaslighting’ to say so. It’s gaslighting to say your biology doesn’t ultimately define you. It’s gaslighting to call them ‘people with a penis’ or ‘people with ovaries’ when the reason why they have these organs, or did, is because they’re males or females.

No one should be forced to lie in public and claim transwomen are the same as women, or that transmen are the same as men, when the latter’s reality is that they’re just as vulnerable to rape as they were when they identified with their true selves. Their weaker, vulnerable bodies can still be raped and abused by men, regardless of how they dress.

I’m both mystified and horrified at how many so-called ‘progressive’ women, particularly women like Emma Watson who holds herself up as a global spokesperson for feminism, are so easily gaslit to believe that transpeople are ‘the most marginalized people ever’. We’re talking mostly about transwomen, far more vocal than transmen. Hyper-aggressive and in-your-face just like traditional, abusive, heterosexual men.

Rose McGowan tells a male bully in a dress to sit down and shut the fuck up.

Somehow, shit like this evades Emma Watson’s notice.

Instead, she sweetly abandons an abused author who has suffered the most vicious abuse by so-called ‘transactivists’ who subject J.K. Rowling to vile threats, names, and abuse that Watson would quickly condemn if they dressed as the men they are, rather than in little better than ‘womanface’.

Funny how condemnatory The Patriarchy’s pretty little handmaids are when the abusers are Donald Trump, Matt Gaetz, and Harvey Weinstein, but keep their adorable little mouths closed like good little girls when the abusers are not-very-persuasive ‘women’.

Anyone who’s delved into J.K. Rowling’s expository opinions on transpeople and the trans movement will find gender ideology criticism, but no actual threats, abuse, or ‘transphobia’, a Loony Left catchphrase meaning, “Anyone who dares to challenge TiM authority.”

I’m not sure if ‘transphobia’ is even real. Why would anyone be afraid of men who are, in essence, transvestites? It’s not the costume women fear, but the entitled, potentially violent, abusive males underneath.

‘Transphobia’ looks an awful lot like perfectly understandable fear of abusive men, and ye shall know them by their traditionally male violent language and actions.

What follows is about ten misogynist tweets by trans-identified men and one trans-identifed woman
Not a direct threat to women, but, if you click on the profile, not a very convincing-looking woman, either.

I wonder what ‘Gina’s’ birth sex is? Almost indistinguishable from ‘manosphere’ hate. ‘Gina’ joined Twitter in 2020 and has one follower and the literacy of a Trump rally support sign.

And again I wonder: What is Sandra’s *birth* sex?

Emma? Emma Watson? Where arrrrrre yoooooou?

The ‘genocide’ charge is completely false. There is no concerted effort to ‘destroy’ transpeople. There are a few demented people who have expressed that but the lion’s share of violent anger is directed at adult females by transactivist TiMs.

Interestingly, ‘Anne’ claims to be a former woman, now man. I guess becoming a man means acting like the very worst stereotype, but this is in keeping with the highly gender-stereotypical root of the trans movement.

Putting aside the clear reasons why violent, abusive transwoMEN hate J.K. Rowling and adore Emma Watson, let’s try to identify what’s in it for feminists who ignore or defend misogyny. Let’s start asking them the hard questions (assuming they can stick around long enough for an adult conversation rather than blocking, defriending, or running screaming about ‘transphobia’ out of the coffee shop). Let’s start pointing out the misogyny they miss and ask them:

  • Whether they approve of the filthy language and names transactivists call women and whether they’d be as tolerant if it was MAGA men;

  • Why they think transgenders who chose their marginalization are more marginalized than women born into hostile sexism;

  • Why they think people who grew up male and came to transgender as adults can possibly understand what it’s like to be a real woman with a weaker, more vulnerable body;

  • Whether they support allowing male prisoners to identify as women so they can get into women’s prisons, and why the majority of them are convicted sex offenders;

And, the ‘money shot’ question:

  • #BelieveTheWoman: When a woman says she was raped by a transwoman with a penis and the transwoman says she didn’t do it, which woman should we believe?

It says something about the state of feminism that we actually have to ask these questions of ‘progressive’ women who submissively accept stereotyped male definitions of womanhood they’d never tolerate from conservatives. At a time when women’s rights are under attack all over the world and far-rightism is rising not just in North America, it’s terrifying that women’s worst, most fearful enemies might not be from the Trumpanzees and the new Republican majority, but from women carrying signs saying ‘Transwomen are women’ and who claim ignorance or right-wing propaganda for the documentation of the rising number of traditional sexual predators in a movement that’s so easy to take advantage of, maybe because so many so-called social justice warriors are women.

Emma Watson is still young enough to judge J.K. Rowling with the wisdumb of her privileged roots. Many are afraid to challenge the Watsonites, fearing life-destroying cancellation for daring to speak truth to trans-identified male authority and its good little handmaids.

Even if J.K. Rowling was a complete stranger to Watson, her failure to defend a fellow high-profile woman from being called a ‘cunt’, a ‘TERF’, a ‘bitch’, and targeted for violent male fantasies about how they’d like to degrade and murder Rowling, utterly repudiates any claim Watson has to being a feminist.

Let’s just call Watson what she is: A men’s rights advocate for whom men’s delicate fragile feelings and pronouns are more important than women’s safety.

It says something about the maddening crowd too, that Watson has so many ‘feminist’ defenders who parrot their masters.

But I know what a feminist is. Feminists defend and protect women, they don’t turn their heads and hum to themselves and donate to child-abusive charities when violent men degrade, humiliate, and threaten women who challenge male authority online.

They know real misogyny when they see it.

They don’t just read about it in People magazine.

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