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I Want To Slap The Next Lib Who Tells Me To Vote Against Women

How dare woke liberals ask me to vote against my own interests to keep Washington Trump-free. I am Woman, hear me tell them all to go to hell!

Nikki Haley nailed it in January. It remains to be seen whether either party will have the balls and labia to follow through on her observation.

"Most Americans do not want a rematch between Biden and Trump," Haley told a crowd of supporters before she dropped out of the presidential race. "The first party to retire its 80-year-old candidate is going to be the one who wins this election."

I agree. Except I don’t think either party will.

Last year I wrote about how I won’t vote for Biden this time. I’m voting independent. Or something. I don’t know who will ultimately be on the ballot from my home state of Connecticut, but if it’s just Trump or Biden I won’t vote in the presidential race.

I want to encourage other liberals—true liberals, not ‘woke’ anti-progressives—to do the same.

Of course, the Kool-Aid drinkers and those liberals who don’t think as much about politics as they used to are mad at me. I get the same tired petulant reply: “If you don’t vote for Biden it’s a vote for Trump!”

I recently mixed it up with an old friend who said this, then he cut the phone conversation short. He said he had things to do. He never has ‘things to do’. He’s retired, so he has even less things to do than he did a year ago, when he always had time to talk because all I ever interrupted was book-reading or movie-watching.

I tell my fellow liberals what I’m going to do in order to make them think. Thinking is as out of fashion in some circles on the left as it is for some on the right.

“Women are half the country, Dennis,” I said. “Joe Biden’s pro-trans positions are extremely anti-feminist, and being pro-Roe isn’t good enough anymore. Women need more than just a return to abortion access. We need our remaining rights and safety preserved and defended, and the Democrats are no longer willing to do that. Even the female Congresswomen are anti-feminist, despite ‘identifying’ as feminists.”

This is a word we need to use more with ideologues who claim to be something they’re not. ‘Identify’. I’ve begun to use it in relation to the Religious Right. There’s no way to be a Christian and a Trump supporter. I mean seriously, who would Jesus vote for? That guy?

‘Identifying,’ used with the right inflection, communicates to the other person their talk is cheap. “I understand, you identify as a Christian,” I say.

Walk the walk, baby. That goes for everyone. Especially so-called ‘liberal’ ‘progressive’ ‘feminists’.

My friend isn’t super-‘woke’, but he’s begun showing the political fatigue I find sets in as we approach our golden years. I couldn’t understand why, when Mom was my age, she grew less interested in politics. She just stopped caring. I get it now. Mostly I’m tired of being expected to save the world from Donald Trump by people on the left who expect women to take one for the team, once again, and throw each other under the bus by electing the guy who supports men who claim to be women and work to hurt us every bit as much as the right and its handmaids.

You want me to vote Democrat? Give me a candidate with the balls or labia to stand up to the woke-mad authoritarians in The Squad, and other illiberals that have commandeered the soul of the party via the misogynist, homophobic, deeply traditionalist trans movement.

I’ll vote for the brainworm-addled conspiracy-loving cheap Bobby Kennedy knockoff or whatever other dimwit is on my ballot before I’ll vote for Trump or Grandpa ‘I Do Everything My Woke Staff Members Tell Me To Do’ Biden.

I am Woman, hear me tell ‘libs’ to go to hell

I’ve had quite enough of the left’s misogyny.

Biden’s latest blow against women’s rights makes me want to bitch-slap any liberal who dutifully mouths, “If you don’t vote for Biden it’s a vote for Trump!”

Biden’s new rules around Title IX mandate that it’s okay to discriminate against women and girls, who should just STFU about their ‘rights’ and ‘safety’. Title IX bans sex discrimination at all federally-funded institutions, which wasn’t much of a problem until Idiot America swallowed the notion that humans can magically change into the opposite sex pretty much by verbal fiat.

(Please note: I now identify as an 18-year-old 85-lb drop-dead gorgeous supermodel. My pronouns are ‘Hot Stuff’, ‘Venus’ and ‘O Babelicious One’.

Please send all panting, desperate marriage proposals to!)

As customary for the Woke Brigade, Title IX, as of August 1st, will prioritize the ‘rights’ of trans-identified men’s over women’s. When it says you can’t discriminate against someone on the basis of ‘gender identity’, it means you can’t stop fully male-equipped cross-dressing men from using sex-segregated facilities.

Suck it, bitches!

Several Republican states are suing. Guess what Donald Trump promises to do if he’s re-elected? Roll back Biden’s Title IX protections for ‘transgender’ students.

I approve. There’s nothing Trump can say or do to induce me to vote for him, but I’ll cheer for him when he deserves it. And if he rolls back ‘gender-affirming’ care for children and teens, all the better. Children shouldn’t be ‘transitioning’. They should be learning language skills, geography, social studies, math, and above all <cue Psycho-shower sound effects>, history and SCIENCE. Not CRT oppressor-oppression nonsense and genderwoo fetishism.

Suck it, Democrats!

I’m fed up with ‘progressive’ obsession with ‘trans rights’. I’m all for everyone’s rights insofar as they don’t put anyone’s lives and safety in danger. Transwomen are men. Trans rights are men’s rights. We’ve historically not allowed men in women’s bathrooms and changing rooms because women are exceedingly vulnerable when they’ve got their pants down or their clothes off and men have historically attacked women in such circumstances. Just ask Third World women who have to relieve themselves in the bushes at night. It increases their risk of getting raped, because guess who’s waiting for them.

No, boys. Males need to stay out of women’s private areas. If gay men can use the men’s facilities, so can trans-identified men. Telling women who’ve suffered sexual trauma by men to simply put their concerns aside because sexual predation in such places ‘almost never happens’, even though it does, more than they admit, is the very height of traditional male arrogance, and any female fauxminist who supports him should be shamed from one end of X to the other.

Howzabout ‘transwomen’ ‘reframe’ their self-conception to think about the rights, needs, and feelings of others before themselves? Which is a consummately female way to think. Take notes, boyz. You’ve got a lot to learn.

Why is it always women who are expected to accommodate men?

According to The Free Press, the breastfeeding support group La Leche League now accepts any male who identifies as ‘female’ or ‘non-binary’ whether they’re breastfeeding or not. (And yes, men can now, with a lot of medical help.) Women are now forced to pull out a breast in front of strange men at meetings.

This is on you, Democrats, progressives, and wokies. This is why women like me, not to mention many liberal men, aren’t going to vote for your Alpha Male this November. You’ve allowed the trans movement, primarily sexual fetishist men, to erode women’s right to say no to men. That’s why we don’t trust ‘progressives’ to keep the pedophiles away. We know pervs will eventually get the progs to offer up their own kid in service to what will one day be defined as a ‘sexual identity’ and that children have the ‘right’ to be violated by primarily teenage or adult human males.

Claims that sexual predation incidents in women’s private spaces are ‘right-wing propaganda’ are actually left-wing propaganda. The far-left ‘progressives’ simply won’t acknowledge, and probably never will, how grievously wrong they are about ‘sex changing’ and how easily manipulated they are by clever men.

Title IX doesn’t address male participation on female sports teams, but the Biden administration has made it very clear it supports it. You have to be blindingly stupid to not see how this is an attempt to destroy women’s sports. What girl or woman will even bother trying to compete if she’s guaranteed a loss against some cross-dresser on her team? Or worse, risks serious injury by some big galoot in a wig?

These aren’t trivial, silly-ass ‘culture war’ concerns. Prioritizing ‘trans rights’ that men haven’t had since pre-Second Wave feminism is a huge step toward further eroding women’s personal autonomy and bodily integrity, in lockstep with progressives’ new allies on the far right.

The right has near-eradicated women’s access to safe abortions. Even if she’s raped. What certain men want is more important than what women want, and deep in some male brains is the ancient notion, encoded in the Bible, that a fetus is the father’s property. As it turns out, the left’s misogynists aren’t much different and have now been empowered by the trans movement to join forces to further erase female agency. In the end, many men will band together non-politically in service to male sexual pleasure—the importance of which they can all agree on. Which is that women should service penises, however men want. Period.

Just like it was in the ‘good ol’ days’ the right longs for. And is simply more vocal about.

I’m done, kids. I’m sixty years old and I stopped feeling compassion for Americans two Presidents ago. And these are my people. My birth country. But goddammit, people, women are the most marginalized people ever: Enslaved, dominated, and used at sexual will for 12,000 years. Those of us who aren’t ‘woke’ are tired of it. We’re exhausted. And in the twentieth century we made some real advances. We were always resisted by conservatives but now so-called ‘liberal’, ‘feminist’ men and their dizzy female allies have joined them.

I’m not voting for Trump, but I’m not voting for Biden, and if Trump wins, BLAME YOURSELVES FIRST.

YOU did this.

Suck it, bitches.

And c’mere. Hold your face still for just a moment.

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