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Lesbians, I Know That 'Cotton Ceiling' Guy Who Called You 'Transphobic'

Updated: Mar 12, 2023

Same old cis-het sexual predator, different wardrobe and 'identity'.

Two multiethnic lesbians cuddling in the park while one reads a book
Photo by Tim Samuel on Pexels

I'm not a lesbian, so correct me if I'm wrong, since definitions change faster than Donald Trump's excuses for stashing classified documents, but as I understand it, traditional lesbians are girls who are attracted to girls and not boys. They like girls with girl-parts, not boy parts, and most especially not a penis and testicles. They like women with women's bodies, not jawlines with a five o'clock shadow or bodies that can win the men's decathlon.

Lesbians like girls.

The 'cotton ceiling' idea, coined by a porn actress in 2015, has been popularized by a small segment of the trans movement along with certain 'allies' who aren't trans themselves, who I'll guess are almost certainly male. The 'cotton ceiling' describes lesbians who don't want to date transwomen, especially those who still retain their original equipment.

With 'cotton ceiling' complaints come the invented word 'ladydick', to gaslight people into believing some women have a penis, the way we're supposed to believe some men menstruate. Biology speaks truth to identity about who and what is under the appropriated clothing, wigs, chest scars and close-cropped haircuts.

But whatever. As J.K. Rowling famously got flamed for, "Dress however you please. Call yourself whatever you like. Sleep with any consenting adult who’ll have you. Live your best life in peace and security..."

But don't act like a sexual predator.

The wolf in she's clothing

'Cotton ceiling' complainers tend to be transwomen who 'identify' as lesbians. But calling their penis a 'ladydick' doesn't make it any more attractive, or female. A transwoman who pressures women to have sex with him isn't a lesbian, he's an entitled, abusive, privilege-entrenched cis-heteronormative man and a sexual predator.

Lesbian ladies, we cis-het females all know this guy!

He doesn't care if we're not ready for sex, maybe not yet ready to lose our virginity. He doesn't care if we're not attracted to him. His dick needs service and he's chosen one of us as the unlucky recipient to service it with one of our orifices. He will say and do whatever it takes to get us to spread our legs and if we still resist, he will pull out the big guns.

"You must be a lesbian!"

No, we protest, no we're not.

"I think you're a lesbian! Prove it! Prove you're not really into bush!"

So now, that same cis-het dude has donned a dress and inverted his hoary old line to pressure lesbians who won't ride his hot rod, either.

"You're not really a lesbian! If you are, prove it!"

Maybe lesbians should ask: If you're a transwoman identifying as a 'lesbian', why don't you hook up with other 'lesbian' transwomen? Avail yourselves of the 'mangina' in the back! Lesbian transwomen who won't date or have sex with other lesbian transwomen are, therefore, transphobic TERFs!

'Cotton ceiling' sexual predators are the same-old same-old.

It's NOT OKAY. It's abusive, entitled male privilege dressed up and with a repurposed line.

You don't have to defend yourself

People dig who they do, and are entitled to reject anyone. Not wanting to have sex with someone is the only reason you need to not have sex with that person. After all, lesbians don't want to sleep with every woman they meet. When's the last time a female lesbian accused another of not being a real lesbian because she wouldn't sleep with her?

Pressuring people to have sex: It's primarily a guy thing.

The original 'cotton ceiling' proposal posited that maybe we should challenge what we think constitutes an acceptable romantic or sex partner. That's fair, especially in these Tinder-challenging times. People can enlarge their dating pool if they open up more to others they automatically rejected - people from other cultures and religions, other races, the disabled, the age-distant, and larger people. But only if they want to. No one should force themselves to sleep with people they don't find attractive because of some 'unprogressive' or 'transphobic' B.S. guilt trip. Especially lesbians not the slightest bit interested in a penis. And an estimated 80% of transwomen (no one knows for sure) still have one.

An unfortunate reality for anyone who switches gender is they dramatically reduce their dating prospects. It may not be fair, and fat people can relate, but transgenders defy what most people find attractive in a sexually dimorphic species. 'The norm' is to find the opposite sex attractive, or the same sex if one is gay, which is thrown off kilter when someone blends sex and gender presentation. We're wired a certain way and while we're not slaves to our cavecritter legacy, you don't overcome it after only a decade of 'wokeness'.

While it's fair to challenge any of us to question our sexual preferences, sex with someone who doesn't want you is not a human right.

Sexual attraction has served the human race for millions of years, since its recursive purpose of life is its perpetuation. No god or human decreed this; mindless evolutionary biology did. We've evolved the way we have to perpetuate life, whether we individually choose to or not.

It does no good to compare us to other species who aren't sexually dimorphic. We ain't clownfish, frogs or bearded dragon lizards. I've found no mammals - our kind - who are. Maybe we'll evolve away from sexual dimorphism in the future; but don't hold your breath for this lifetime, because evolution takes a looooong time.

In the meantime, we can work around biology's limitations. Photo from Wikimedia Commons by Emily Walker in New Zealand

The role of the AGP transgender male

The dirty little not-so-secret about a fair number of transwomen is that they're autogynephilic, in which a man is aroused by looking like, dressing as, and fantasizing about being a woman. Trans-activists succeeded for awhile in making it 'taboo' or 'offensive' to mention it since people feel greater sympathy for gender dysphorics than for cis-het male sexual fetishists. AGPs have constituted a large part of the transgender population since long before gender-switching became popularized by social media.

Gay males constitute the other large chunk of traditional transgenders. Since the latter is uninterested in vagina, and in fact may have transitioned to female to make themselves more attractive to straight men, it's some of the AGPs - cis-het men - who are now preying on vulnerable and naive young lesbians.

Abusive cis-het males are calling the shots now, having successfully penetrated the trans and LGB movements and gaslit enough of them to think that transwomen are the same as women and that 'some women have penises' and that it's 'transphobic' to not want to have sex with the dick under the dress.

The well-meaning desire to be 'inclusive' is the Achilles heel of the left. It lends itself too easily to abuse via tolerance of intolerance - condemning the Christian religion, for example, for its historical poor treatment of women and religious minorities like Jews, while turning a blind eye to those same abuses in modern Islam.

Or fighting for the 'right' for people with penises - i.e, men - to invade women's safe spaces like spas, prisons, rape crisis and domestic violence shelters.

'Idiot compassion'

Another word for this over-inclusiveness is 'idiot compassion', coined by the late Tibetan Buddhist teacher Chogyam Trungpa Rinpoche and describes how compassion taken too far, enables some to walk all over others and perpetuate abuse. The left's overemphasis on inclusivity and non-offense is the idiot compassion that makes those who rail against 'misogyny' and 'patriarchy' the most easily gaslit to ignore the blatant misogyny, patriarchy, and traditional male entitlement expressed by abusers in Transworld.

Some feminists - cis and lesbian - are beginning to connect and call out classic abusive male tactics and public misogyny in dresses.

I want lesbians to know they're not alone. We straight chicks see through these opportunistic men attempting to manipulate, pressure, guilt-trip and control lesbians into giving them what they've always wanted from women and were likely unable to get when they 'identified' as men.

The backlash has begun, fueled not by 'transphobia' but by traditional feminist hostility to male abuse.

You are what you are and you're attracted to who you're attracted to. You're not 'transphobic' or a 'TERF' if you don't want to ride a penis, or date someone who simply looks like a guy inside or outside of a dress.

When he pressures you to have sex with him, he's not a she or a her. He's demonstrating he's as all-man as he always was. He's neither a woman nor a lesbian.

He's a sexual predator.

Same-old same-old.

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