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So What Happens When You Vote And Work For A Known Sexual Predator?

Cassidy Hutchinson learned the hard way.

Cassidy Hutchinson testifying for the January 6 investigation committee
By United States House Select Committee on the January 6 Attack - Public domain image from Wikimedia Commons

Let’s say Rex Heuermann, the accused in the Long Island Gilgo Beach murders arrested this summer, was out on bail and wanted to hire me for something.

I wouldn’t take the job. Even without a conviction, he’d be the diciest of bosses ever.

Danny Masterson? Wouldn’t work for him either. Even though, in both cases, I’m light-years outside their victim age demographic. How would I know Heuermann wouldn’t try to kill me? Or Masterson to rape me? I mean, these are two extremely sick individuals.

Shouldn’t it be obvious that a woman shouldn’t work for anyone with these beastly Google results? Especially when a man is super-famous, and a well-established sexual predator?

Apparently it wasn’t for Cassidy Hutchinson. She agreed to work for an infamous self-confessed pussy-grabber.

Spoiler alert, Donald Trump never tried to grab her kittykat.

But Rudy Giuliani did, during the Jan. 6 mayhem. Not to mention her titty-boo.

Thus saith one of the investigation committee’s star witnesses in her forthcoming book Enough.

As one might expect, the experience was pretty gross. Hopefully Rudy G didn’t spray—hair dye all over her.

Vote with your—kitty

Voting for sexual predators is one of many reasons why ‘rape culture’ persists. One can also vote with one’s pocketbook. Just how did R. Kelly get away with what he did for so long?

We know a fair amount of white women, and an embarrassing chunk of Hispanic women, voted for Trump in 2016. Few black women did, but their numbers doubled in 2020. And Alabamans voted for famed mall predator and teen kitty hound, Roy Moore, y’all.

I wonder if Cassidy Hutchinson voted for rape culture, too. She really shouldn’t be too surprised at what happened. She put herself in danger, old enough to consider whether Trump, or other predators in his administration, might come after her. (And they did). Instead, she seized the opportunity to work close to one of the most powerful offices in the world. I don’t know if she voted for Trump but she certainly supported him for four years. Was she ever on her guard?

There’s no excuse for Giuliani’s behavior. The guy who infamously touched his own dick thinking he was about to get lucky with a journalist in Borat’s notorious movie scene bears full responsibility for his alleged actions against Hutchinson. I guess in the heat of the moment he felt the heat of the moment and stuck his hands under her clothes. Yeah, it had to be upsetting and disgusting. I can’t remember anyone ever doing that to me, although I’ve certainly experienced my share of grope-y, leer-y men. I can imagine, and sympathize with her.

But damn, I wonder where her damn fool head was at!

She’s old enough to know she’s got to be wary of male advances. She’s in her mid-twenties, and I doubt Rudy was the first guy to seek the Holy Grail in her Victoria’s Secret.

So what did she think might happen if she was to work for a misogynist old pig like Donald Trump? His lechery, objectifying, and multiple trophy wives are legendary. She’s lucky she didn’t catch his eye. He’s been accused by a dozen women of rape, and a jury found him liable for ‘sexually abusing’ one and awarded her $5 million.

No, the worst thing Hutchinson’s copped to so far is suffering the disgusting wrinkled old-man hands of America’s former 9/11 hero and now disbarred leaky ex-lawyer. I wonder if hotcha-hotcha Hope Hicks will ever spill any stories about Trumpian or related advances. I always wondered if she was hired for her skills or her looks.

Hope Hicks looking sexy in a grey sweater with a thumbs up and shit-eating grin
By The White House - Public Domain image from Wikimedia Commons

His ex-press secretary and now Governor of Arkansas Sarah Sanders likely has zero juicy stories like Hutchinson’s. The famously fat-phobic Trump brutally fat-shamed Sanders at least once. She collaborated in her own abuse when she agreed to work for the well-established misogynist who fat-shamed beauty queen contestants who failed to score high enough on his wank-meter.

Any observant wannabe member of the Trumptourage should have recognized that she’d attract unwanted attention if she’s hot, and unwanted slurs if she’s not.

What did Hutchinson think, that a guy like Trump would otherwise pick a bunch of fine, upstanding, mature men who understood that the only body that’s theirs is their own? By January 6th she’d learned he’d paid off a porn star to keep mum about their sexual affair while Melania nursed his newborn son, and E. Jean Carroll was making quite public her allegations that he’d raped her in a department store.

St. Francis of Assisi he ain’t.

You’re known by the company you keep, as an old college professor of mine liked to say. Hutchinson, along with many others, enabled and collaborated with a sexual predator in an environment that not surprisingly included others.

Why did Hutchinson tolerate it? Why did she, on some level, think this was okay? Maybe her hyper-masculine he-man Master of the Universe father had something to do with it. According to Enough reviews, he once left her a ‘gift’ of two warm, bleeding deer hearts wrapped in tin foil in her mailbox. (Big surprise; her parents are divorced.) Daddy famously hated ‘wimps’ and demanded his daughter’s loyalty even as he cut her down at every turn. Maybe Trump seemed just like dear old dad, a fan of The Apprentice.

Hutchinson wasn’t, supposedly, super-right-wing, and interned for Ted Cruz’s campaign only because he was the only senator who responded to her request. Hutchinson also admired Senator John McCain, but seemed to fall down the Republican nutbag rabbit hole fairly quickly. It’s possible her political views veered more to the right after putting in time for Ted Cruz, and reinforced her armor for dealing with crazy, misogynist men (Cruz is widely disliked by most who know him).

I’ll read Hutchinson’s book when it comes out, but I’ll borrow it. She doesn’t deserve my money. Here’s why.

I acknowledge and respect that she displayed a tremendous amount of courage spilling what she observed surrounding the January 6 events. How many of us would be willing to stand up to ‘Trump world,’ and tell the truth? She begged her Trump-addled father for support, which he gave, and put herself in danger of orange revenge.

Still, she damn well owed it to the country after what she did. She supported and collaborated with his gutter administration and even was considering continuing his work at Mar-A-Lago until she realized that offer might not be forthcoming. So she didn’t learn much until she realized there was no future with him. (Her mother begged her not to go, noting that Trump would never change.)

And what did we learn from this, young lady?

We cut young people slack as adolescence lengthens with each successive generation. Millennials and now Gen Z endure perpetual childhood living with their parents, unable to find a good-paying job (defined as one you can live on) and home-owning dreams dashed, with nothing better to do than spew vinegar and venom online. It’s not all their fault; American education standards have slipped to new lows after the pandemic, diminished further by school lockouts and frazzled full-time working parents now expected to monitor whether schoolwork was getting done, and making sure Junior didn’t switch to the YouTube tab from his video class when adult supervision left the room.

Cassidy Hutchinson was young but not dumb, getting into a good if unknown university, becoming a trusted aide to Chief of Staff Mark Meadows, a man reportedly nonplussed at Capitol Hill rioters’ calls to hang Mike Pence. Trump thought he deserved it, Meadows told her, and that they were doing nothing wrong.

She must have been good with political assassination, because she was still dreaming about a job in Florida.

She endured what CNN describes oh-so-surprisingly as a primarily male environment of ‘casual sexism’ (I would have guessed ‘overt’), describing some creepy behavior from ex-House Speaker John Boehner and an attempt by Matt Gaetz to get her alone. (Kinda weird; isn’t she way too old for him?)

Hopefully she can think for herself more now, and make moral decisions based on better character rather than a plum assignment for a beyond-question psychopathic megalomaniac. Has she self-examined yet to wonder WTF was I thinking? or has she not yet clued in to the connection between misogynist, predatory behavior and ‘rape culture’, especially her own contribution to it?

I say the same for women who work for Donald Trump as I say for those who work at Hooters: No one has the right to sexually assault you, but working there gives them tacit permission. Any all-male environment should carry a heightened wariness for women, and in an unfair world they have to be prepared for the ‘cold finger up her thigh’ or the hand down her blouse.

But when she’s serving an established sexual predator, she collaborates with that misogynist culture and implicitly suggests she’s okay with it.

It’s called ‘rape culture collaboration’. It’s not just a guy thing.

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