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The Illiberal Left Is Embracing Violence As Political Expression

Just like their adversaries on the right. Even I didn't think they'd embrace violent extremism this quickly. And it's gotten pretty racist.

Pro-Palestinian protestors praising hell in Trafalgar Square, London
Let your anti-Semitic freak flag fly. CC BY-SA 2.0 DEED Creative Commons image of a protest at Trafalgar Square by Alisdare Hickson on Flickr

I’ll admit, when I predicted earlier this year that the far left was showing early signs of a growing willingness to adopt violence as political expression, I didn’t expect it to take the penultimate, all-at-once giant step, like, before Thanksgiving.

An armed lefty went gunning for Brett Kavanaugh last year but lost his will to kill him. While some point to this as evidence the left isn’t as violent, it might also offer evidence it’s becoming emboldened, taking a cue from the right and embracing gun violence as political expression. Our side just isn’t very good at it. Yet. - Me, It’s Getting Hard To Tell The Left From The Right Anymore - March 2023

I thought it would be several baby steps toward standing shoulder-to-shoulder with their then-distant MAGA-capped competitors, the Jan. 6th insurrection gang, but no, it was only two—one very long stride and now, and we’re waiting with held breath, just another quick hop over the line.

The left’s incomprehensible love affair with Hamas and their deeply flawed pawns, the Palestinians, expose further its facile Holy Dogma that the world is divided into two camps, oppressors and oppressed. Ye shall know them not by the color of their hats but by their biology: White skin (the bad guys) and dark skin (the good guys).

Hamas’s little cheerleaders’ brains have been been baked with imbecilic critical race theory’s obsession with biologically-assigned power and hierarchized victimhood: The more weak-ass ‘marginalized’ groups you can self-claim, the more paradoxically powerful you are. This is why we’ve got fake racial white people - pseudo-African Americans and ‘pretendians’ like Joseph Boyden, Jordan Peterson, and Buffy Sainte-Marie, along with appropriated men and women.

The horrific support by so-called ‘social justice’ warriors for the massacre in Israel on Oct. 7 has laid bare the truth about woke ideology: It’s no better than Trumpism. And they’re every bit as vicious and racist and lacking in compassion as MAGAs.

Whether one’s sympathies lie more with Israelis or Palestinians, it should be an unequivocal no-brainer to condemn Hamas’s vicious attack on civilians, and to stay faaaaaar away from associating one’s self with this demonstrable vicious, soulless, fanatical and genocidal death cult. One with no compunction against using Gazans as human shields and locating their command center or a weapons cache under a hospital or a school because they score soooo many brownie points when Gazans die after the IDF bombs a hospital to eliminate the terrorists.

(Did Israel bomb a Gazan hospital or did Hamas do it? Was it even in Gaza? Or in 2023? Liberal media, drink the Hamas Kool-Aid!)

Mindless, witless ideologues lap it up from uncritical legacy and social media like grateful doggies, wagging their tails with gratitude.

You’d think the ‘progressives’ who claims to favor racial equality, women’s rights, LGBTQ rights, and who are fond of comparing everyone who disagrees with them to ‘Nazis’, would find fault with a terrorist group whose original charter explicitly called for the extermination of Jews and whose 2017 update sanitizes the language by fuzzing the goal of ‘eliminating Israel’. Never mind that charter or not, Hamas leadership has many times since called for the killing of Jews.

Just like, you know, the you-know-whos.

That’s how you get a young man calling to brag to his father, “I killed ten Jews today!”

Social justice warriors woke up to their inner Nazis. Pro-Palestinian protests around the United States have been peppered with violent calls to action. This has resulted in a steep rise in hate crimes against Jews and to a lesser extent, Muslims.

And speaking of Jan. 6th, the Democratic National Headquarters had to be evacuated on Nov. 15 when a rally of pro-Palestinian protesters turned ‘chaotic’ and six police officers were treated for injuries - this from a crowd of about 150.

Well, at least they didn’t try to hang the Vice President.

The role of woke racism and ‘anticolonialism’

Protesters, especially on college campuses, are bleating on about ‘decolonizing’ the Gazans so they can ‘live free’ or some such bullshit. Blissfully un-self-aware how their support for burning people alive, #MeToo_UNless_UR_a_Jew, turning children into unrecognizable mounds of bleeding meat, terrorist-documented atrocities on video uploaded to Israeli families’ Facebook pages, applies a yardstick North American Indigenous might utilize against Canadians and Americans if they cadged terrorist tips from Hamas.

Colonizers, settlers and other left-wing oppressors waving their Nazi freak flags to support eliminating an Indigenous population while supporting a death cult 10,000 times more toxic than the Trumpanzee gang is about as 180-degree, anti-liberal as they can get.

The left’s New Nazis never tolerate Christofascism from America’s Bible-thumpers, but they’re all squooshy-wooshy for Islamofascism.

The Oct. 7 attack was not, as the Loony Left would have you believe, because of ‘colonization’ and ‘oppression’ and checkpoints and yaddayaddayadda. This shit has happened before, before the existence of Israel, with many strong similarities to the Oct. 7 massacre, primarily the sheer brutality and desire to inflict as much human suffering as inhumanly possible on Jews: The 1929 Hebron Massacre. Including rapes, beheadings, torture, castrations, and burning people alive, no matter the age. When Palestinians hate you, they want you to die screaming in prolonged agony.

How much can you hate another people so badly you would commit, or support the commission of, brand new Nazi-worthy atrocities like Oct. 7?

I don’t know. Ask a college student. They understand this stuff better than people with morals.

Jews, the left’s new white people, are in the left’s cross-hairs as these increasingly racist Hamas groupies and Palestinian apologists ramp up hatred that may soon expand to other white people. Woke racism plays a substantial role in uncritical support of the Islamic fanatics.

The anti-Western ‘postcolonialism’ madness has inflamed many academic departments and germinated the culture wars of the last fifteen years, particularly with the help of race-baiters like Ibram X. Kendi and Robin DiAngelo: White supremacy is everywhere, only white people can be racist because they have all the power, anyone who says otherwise is a racist.

For them, white people possess near-magical powers of domination while denying personal agency, resilience and strength for everyone else. Lord Voldeblanc vs Harry Pathetic.

In fact, Kendi believes that in order to balance the books, POC should discriminate against white people. Kendi redefines ‘antiracism’ to be, paradoxically, racist. Since the dark side of antiracism has already established appropriated innocence by stating that ‘black people can’t be racist’, it clears that path for the real agenda: Anti-white racism. Directly in contradiction to how Martin Luther King Jr. fantasized in 1963 about his four little children etc. etc.

For so-called ‘antiracists’ like Kendi, people who believe that shit are, in the parlance of King’s time, ‘chumps’.

For today’s kaffiyeh-clad protesters on North America’s college campuses, painting Jews as ‘colonizers’ ignores their indigineity to the land and that many of the Palestinians’ ancestors, coming from the historically imperialist and oppressive Islamic empire, settled and colonized the land themselves in the seventh century. Members of both groups have existed there uninterrupted for thousands of years, regardless of how or when the newer residents got there.

It ignores that non-Native Americans and Canadians, including nearly every single loudmouthed protester, regardless of color, is an eeevull colonizer who should be pushed out of North America, by their own standards, from the Pacific to the Atlantic.

Let’s repeat: Palestinians and Jews have been there in one capacity or another for 3,000 years; and they share DNA. Empty-headed college protesters, with near-zero understanding of history or other human societies, or Middle Eastern genetics, blanket-ascribe white skin color to Jews in general and darker skin color to Palestinians.

Remember, oppressors are white and oh-pressed are not in Ignorantland.

Let’s review more recent history, like why that part of the world is so jam-packed with Jews. Many of Israel’s inhabitants came from Europe in the last century, but the Middle East also pushed plenty of population there too. While Ashkenazi Jews fled post-war Europe, nearly a million Mizrahi (Middle Eastern) Jews were pushed out of their birth countries by hostile Muslim governments in Africa and Asia.

Today’s college kids know the least about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and, with the sheer arrogance of youth (I remember it well), think they know everything about it. Their puerile critical colonialism theory ignores volumes of historical data on the oppression and imperialism of Indigenous cultures and societies who dominated whoever they could. Including and especially the 1,400-year-old Islamic Empire, founded by a military commander.

For a non-magical explanation for why white Europeans emerged to dominate the world, consult the Jared Diamond book Guns, Germs and Steel: The Fates of Human Societies to understand why some human societies ‘evolved’ farther than others; and why the latter didn’t develop technologies to our level or move past hunting/gathering or farming culture. The short answer is not all human societies grew up with the same resource advantages: Early regional ‘privilege’ was accorded to those living in Mesopotamia’s Fertile Crescent, from whence white people emerged, and the fewest to the Australian Aboriginals still living in the Stone Age when Europeans landed. There simply wasn’t much to work with on a largely desert continent.

The greatest insight I received was the realization that humans from Mesopotamia to Australia were remarkably innovative no matter where they landed; they made the most of what they had and evolved and progressed as far as they could given the resources haphazard birth fate dealt them.

White people came to dominate the world not because we were the smartest but because we began with the most animal and farming resources available to us; human civilization would likely have been little different had anyone else emerged, instead, from there.

So not all Jews are white, some Palestinians are, and the Mizrahi Jews are darker overall. Yet WokeWorld identifies oppression not by the content of anyone’s character, actions or values, but by what they look like. And ignore the ones who don’t fit.

Which is how they can condemn the Trumpers as ‘Nazis’ while jumping up and down with excitement for genocide. Just like so many Germans eighty years ago.

Wokeism’s big lies and their hard-on for people who hate them

Palestinians are some of the most homophobic people on the planet, and there is no sight more ludicrous in America today than the alphabet soup gang waving their multicolored signs and flags in support of people who think nothing of decapitating a gay man.

Then there’s the classic Middle Eastern misogyny: Gazan women face not only the threat of violence from Israel but also from their own men: Patriarchal norms and intense misogyny define their lives.

Wokies who bitterly criticize conservative Christianity clearly have no idea what conservative Islam looks like, especially fuelled by the mindless violence ideology of groups like Hamas, where the noblest act one can commit is dying in the cause of killing others, especially Jews. Six dozen virgins await one in the afterlife.

It’s why the rest of us have woken up to wokeism’s Big Lies: That they’re liberal, progressive, or socially just. They’re self-boiled frogs; they slowly moved toward extremism and radicalized themselves, and they can’t even see it; they now believe their illiberal beliefs and values are progressive.

They’re not; they’re regressive. And reactionary.

They’re not antiracist; they’re racist. Not KKK, neo-Nazi, lynch all the blue-eyed white devils racist—yet. But they’re flirting with it. If those of us closer to the center, whether right-thinking righties or levelheaded lefties, challenge and stand up to these illiberals and their proto-left fascism, we can perhaps rein them in before they form their own Proud TransBoys.

They’ve got the far-right’s blueprint for violence, including a few more recent lefty-ish mass shootings from the LGBTQ set. Sure, today most mass shootings are committed by right-wingers, but remember when they were exclusively white? That was awhile ago! Eventually, mass shooters and other domestic terrorists may not be exclusively ‘cis-het’, or right-wing. Hell, lefties just cos-played Jan. 6th at Democrat Central. Don’t be too surprised if future racist murders target Jews, and not by Team MAGA.

I don’t worry about my white ass walking down the street; I live in Canada. But I wonder whether, for white Americans, the day will come that my Jewish friends in both countries now face: Fear of being identified as THAT ‘OTHER’ when you go to the grocery store and get chased out by a bunch of violent left-wing bigots.

Today the Jews, tomorrow the you’s.

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